Key West Pride Week is coming to an end. Today and tomorrow remain. Perhaps the best of days. Today, the Key West Pride Street Fair. Tomorrow, the Key West Parade.

Both fun times.

Key West’s first Pride Parade took place in 1982. The parade was cancelled 2 days before. Many people at the time still uncomfortable with gayness. Those who cancelled the Parade said it was not necessary. Key West was accepting of gays.

If so, why did they cancel it?

A small group of gays disagreed. Without the City’s permission or a parade permit, they went ahead.

Twenty participated. Small. However, big trees from little acorns grow. It was the beginning of Key West Pride!

Still taking it slow. Only went to dinner last night. Drove up the road to Geiger Key. Enjoyed a piece of fish. Absorbed by the view and other customers.

A relaxing place to dine.

Neither booze nor cigarettes for me. A good boy was I!

The moon is a part of Mars. Donald Trump told the world it was so yesterday.

My education obviously neglected. I never knew.

We have been told an agreement has been reached with Mexico. We should be ashamed. Trump should be ashamed. It was shoved down their throats!

What choice did Mexico have? Go to war? Militarily, not a choice. A comment this morning to one of the articles compared Mexico to the U.S. militarily as an ant attacking a human.

Typical Trump approach. The bully approach. A big guy picking on a little one.

The agreement is not finalized. The tariff suspended for 90 days. Trump can do whatever he wants during the 90 days or at its end. He is holding a hammer over Mexico’s head.

You don’t treat a neighbor like that.

Mexico has agreed to send 6,000 National Guard troops to Mexico’s southern border to stop immigrants at that point. Humorous!

I am not certain Mexico is in a position to deliver the 6,000 National Guard troops.

On December 1, 2019, the newly elected President of Mexico in his inaugural address to his Congress asked that the Congress reactivate the National Guard. They did so in February. In name only. Still had to staff it, provide regulations, fund, etc.

Mexico has taken some troops from its Army and Navy to begin the process. Congress authorized 60,000 troops. Those taken from the other services obviously not sufficient. The Guard is nowhere near formalized at this point.

My impression is Mexico was pushed into agreeing to many Trump inspired items in order to avoid the tariff that was to take effect monday.

What happens in 90 days?

No blog tomorrow. I have a 9 am ultrasound scheduled of my abdomen. Precautionary, my doctor says.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I went to schedule the ultrasound tuesday. Sunday the first time they could take me. A shortage of ultra sound machinery or a shortage of technicians? Whatever, a long time to wait.

Enjoy your day!


    • …and a President that not only accepted a educational deferment(his right) but conjured up a ailment to turn tail on duty to a nation he claims to love- when that deferment expired. He will continue to dump TONS of $$$ into the military as an act of “contrition”. Flag wavers are not always patriots….some are just playing the game and vice versa.

      • …and his prenup w Marla Maples stipulated he would cut off child support if their child joined the Army or Peace Corps.

  1. I come to this blog to get away from mentions of Donaldus Rex. You talk way too much about him and politics in general.

    • Gee Jeff, apparently you haven’t been coming here for very long. Trump has been a topic here from before he ran for office. At least from the time he was ragging on our last president (Obama) for not having been born in America. And Lou’s blog has included political talk from the time he began this blog.

      I think Lou has a wonderful mix of subjects and hope he keeps things just the way they are.

    • I will disagree with you. I’m fine with it. Escaping reality will only get you 4 more of this DR’s nonsense. “Business” before pleasure.

  2. So, it is beginning to look like the most recent Mexican issue is more cynical than first believed. Apparently most of what is no being called a deal, was negotiated and settled a month or more ago including Mexico agreeing to beef up its border with Guatemala. Long before trump made his threats about tariffs. So here’s this phony creating a problem, already solved, just for the applause. My god, what a mess we a+re in.

  3. We have been told an agreement has been reached with Mexico. We should be ashamed. Trump should be ashamed. It was shoved down their throats!

    Trump threatened to close the border if Mexico did not agree to help stem the tide of arrivals. That didn’t bear fruit either. Trump is playing a PR game here, he needs to bolster his base support and hopefully regain some of the moderates he is losing. He claims a victory but the check has not been cashed, maybe not even written. Trump is all about slight of hand, The Con and always has been. If he does HALF of what President Obama did to effect a real border policy he can claim success. My guess, like most of what he does, it will be a failure. Trump dug a hole on trade with his own party, they were going to turn on him and he is desperate to save face. I’m wrong is what a man would say.

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