On sunday morning while asleep, Terri White had a heart attack. At the moment, she is in the Key West hospital undergoing a heart catheterization. If there is a blockage, a stent will be placed.

I spoke with her earlier this morning, she sounded well. As if nothing had happened.

The lady is a trouper. Five years ago, she had her first heart attack. Then some very bad cancer which she survived. Two weeks ago, she was told she was in remission. Two years ago, she began going blind. Today, totally blind.

Terri deals with affliction..

Wife Donna was in the hospital 2 weeks ago. Pneumonia.

The girls are doing well!

Bad things happen in bunches. Even their car is sick. Donna went out to the parking lot to drive home to get something and found her car would not turn over. She had it towed to a garage this morning.

Later this morning, I am going to the hospital and leave my car with Donna.

We are constantly barraged these days with…..Plastics are no good! Not biodegradable. Screwing everything up. Super markets considering going back to paper bags. Plastic straws being replaced by paper ones. Etc.

A cure/use for plastic may have been found.

Washington State University completed a study which revealed jet fuel and diesel can be made from plastic bags and water bottles. The study involved melting plastic waste at a high temperature with activated charcoal. The result: jet fuel.

Robots continue to take over. Even to replacing police dogs.

Boston Dynamics has invented a robotic dog. Does everything, including opening doors. The robotic dog is called Spot.

Spot was introduced this past week to the public at a conference in Las Vegas.

Boston Dynamics is doing some final tweaking and expects to have Spot ready for sale in a few months.

Sexual perversity among the religious first became public about 45 years ago.

It continues.

Two stories.

The first involves an Elizabeth Presbytery priest in New Jersey. Adult men involved, not children.

The priest convinced adult men that something evil was within them. They required an exorcism. Such would allow him to remove the evil spirits from their bodies.

A significant number of men over the years subjected themselves to the exorcism. He had them completely undress. Then he performed oral sex upon them. He ingested the ejaculation which he then spit into a bag. Following the ejaculation into the bag came a tiny metal ball which he said represented the evil within the men.

Additionally, he felt it necessary to place his tongue in their mouths to determine if any evil spirits were hiding therein.

Over the years, many men submitted themselves to the procedures described.

It is claimed none of this became public to his church till April 2018. At the time, the Elizabeth Ministry began an investigation. The investigation is complete. All complaints were found to be credible.

Three complaints going back to 1999 have been reported to the police.

The pastor involved is no longer involved with ministering. All else remains in abeyance at this time.

One observation. The men involved/abused had to be wacky to a degree to submit themselves to such a situation. They were adults, not children.

The other story involves a Catholic priest in St. Louis who pled guilty this past week to  molesting 2 young boys between 1991 and 1994. The actual number of molestations involved 30 children over a period of 25 years.

The priest would dress the children like baby Jesus before molesting them. The parents and children thought nothing of it at the time. He told the parents the children would be participating in a religious pageant.

The priest began the molestations in the 1980’s. He was not caught till recently.

There is a wrong and sadness involved here. Beyond the molestations themselves. Apparently his superiors became aware. Rather than report him to the authorities, his actions were covered up.He was transferred 3 times to 3 different states to continue his work as a priest.

Benjamin Franklin a man of many deeds. One of the first things taught children in their early school years concerns Franklin and electricity. Franklin went out in a rainstorm and collected the charge in a Leydan jar. Such enabled him to demonstrate the connection between lightning and electricity.

The event occurred on this day in 1752.

On this day in 2007, the last episode of The Sopranos was aired. The show should be brought back. Many want to know what happened to the family in the diner.

A prayer for Terri.

Enjoy your day!


  1. More jet fuel? Some say jet planes are the most air polluting devices on or above the Earth. Just can’t win.

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