I’m in the mood for a Morning Stew. Here is #12. Topics as they appear in my notes without any specific order.

Tariff war with Mexico? We still do not know. I suspect Trump’s I want to show the world how tough I am will prevail. He will force at least the first 5 percent tariff to be imposed monday.

What consistently bothers me re the southern border problem is Trump created it. True, the U.S. has had border problems for years. But we dealt with them. Trump permitted the problem to get out of hand so he could get his wall.

The migrant problem has reached previously unimaginable proportions since Trump got involved. An added expense. He has to save somewhere. He has come up with another plan that will hurt big time the migrant children.

Undocumented migrant children are living in shelters across the U.S. The government number of children is 13,000. I do not believe it. Significantly more.

I recently read somewhere that the May numbers alone are 57,000. The numbers represent those traveling alone, without parents.

Trump has advised that education services, legal services, and recreation will no longer be provided. Too expensive. The program is running dangerously low on money.

Joe Phillips stopped by yesterday. He is repair man #1. I had a hose problem. He purchased the parts and remedied the problem quickly.

I was tired in the afternoon. Took a 2 hour nap.

Last night, the Blue Macaw. Needed to get out. Still not in a hurry to do so.

Enjoyed a drink (diet Pepsi) and chatted with tourists.

The Blue Macaw has been sold. The new owners are doing a bit of remodeling. I noticed a new bar top.

Pope Francis has to be a man of strength. God has to be holding him up. He is in the middle of 2 warring factions in the Vatican. Homosexual cardinals who hide their homosexuality and homosexual cardinals who openly admit to it.

Francis was the compromise choice when elected. He was straight.

Francis’ goal is to reform the interior life of the Church. He is having a difficult time!

The first major sea battle of World War II was Midway. It may have been the biggest of the War. It was the most important.

The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor 6 months earlier. The U.S. was not prepared for War. The U.S. was taking a hell of a beating in the Pacific.

The Battle of Midway was a 4 day sea and air battle. The Battle ended on this day in 1942. The U.S. the unquestionable victor. Sunk 4 Japanese carriers as opposed to their sinking only 1 of the U.S. The U.S. won the air battles also. Significantly more Japanese than U.S. planes shot down.

The U.S. win proved the Japanese navy was not invincible.

Interesting. AXIOS is advertising a show it is sponsoring on HBO at 6 sunday evening. It will provide an exclusive tour of Steve Bannon’s new populism school located in an Italian monastery.

I saw the advertisement this morning on the internet.

Bannon’s Italian school is not going to open. At least not at the monastery.

It was reported last week that the monastery owners had called off the contract. The rent had to be guaranteed. Bannon provided a letter from a Norwegian bank guaranteeing the rental payments. Like $110,000 per month. Turns out the letter of guaranty was a fraud. It was signed by someone who had not worked at the bank for years.

Recall Bannon is growing in influence at the Vatican. He sides with the conservative Cardinals. He wants them to overthrow Francis and replace him with a conservative leader. Failing, he threatens to build another Vatican outside the walls of the present one and staff it with conservatives.

All is well that ends well.

The Key West Express is a boat that travels between Fort Myers and Key West. The crew and passengers had an exciting time recently.

A mayday call had gone out. The power boat Ohana was burning 24 miles off Marco Island. The Key West Express was only 10-15 minutes away. It effected the rescue.

When it arrived, the boat was engulfed in flames. The 2 owners were in a dingy holding their 2 dogs.

As they climbed onto the Express, the passengers cheered them.

Today is National Donut Day. A free donut at the following stores: DuckDonuts, Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme. There are more though I am not sure who they are.

Krispy Kreme’s goal is to give away free 1 million donuts today. If successful, they promise to do it again later in the month.

Rachel Palms is a 47 year old woman whose story is both bad and good.

She had been having terrible headaches, hallucinations, all kinds of mental problems.

She was diagnosed as having brain cancer.

She underwent brain surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami. No brain cancer, no tumor. Instead the doctors found a tapeworm. It was small and encapsulated in an egg shell.

Rachel is thrilled that it was not brain cancer. She will not be required to go through chemo, radiation, and whatever she would have had to do had it been cancer. On the other hand, a tapeworm?

A measles update. The number of U.S. cases exceeds 1,000 and growing. An epidemic. The Philippines has 33,000. All because some parents did not want their children vaccinated or a vaccine was not available in the country where the child lived.

I close with a problem I am well familiar. Oder Americans falling down. Brain injuries and hip fractures common.

I was required to do 6 months physiotherapy some 8 years ago because of the frequency of my falls. I had to learn how to walk and do steps again. I still occasionally fall. However, much less.

Doctors believe the problem exists because older people live longer, live longer independently, and many live longer with chronic conditions.

Enjoy your day!

9 comments on “MORNING STEW #12

  1. Illegal Immigration at the Southern (Mexican) border. Every president has had to deal with it. Now it’s the current president’s turn. Like every commander in chief, he will make some right decisions and some that may not be correct.
    If you were president what would you do?

    • I’ll take a stab at that. I know what I wouldn’t do…. vilify and demonize a race of people to effect a border policy. Sure sounds like what Hitler did to get his public to hate people of Jewish blood. I remember every word Trump uttered. Trump used racism and fear to stoke his base, the Deplorables. Obama, while not perfect in his policy, deported more that most without any of that nonsense.
      America is about opportunity and people will come…. not all have the privileged path of his In-Laws….you know chain migration. A policy he also claims to detest.

      • So , you really didn’t take a stab at it. You just criticized Trump.
        How about offering your expert opinion on how you would handle the border, since that was the subject posed by previous post

        • A lot to criticize with Trump. The problem at the border is we have no idea what EXACTLY the problem is and what is just BS he’s created. Contrary to your response, “JustSaying” DID offer a concrete answer as to what he/she would do to help solve the problem. I think your comment is off base and probably only meant to pick a fight.

    • Because you are wasting your time and just hardening your enemies. A real fisherman knows trolling isn’t fishing, it’s cheating!

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