Pleasant morning yesterday. The anti-gravity treadmill to start. Then the Cuban Coffee House for lunch. I am becoming a regular customer. The reason, parking. The public parking lot behind Antonia’s has reopened. Cuban Coffee Queen part way up the alley leading to Duval.

Peter Diamond was walking by. He came over and sat with me. I enjoyed a long conversation with him. Peter is popular in the Key West music world. He performs weekly at Little Palm Island, the Gardens, and Grunts. Married to Holly. A unique personality. Currently in Connecticut visiting family.

My afternoon was spent doing background research for one of the books I never seem to complete.

Last night was Sloppy Joe’s!

I am in Sloppy Joe’s 2-3 nights a week. I never mention it because it is merely a walk through. There is never a bar spot available to me. There was not one last night either. However, a tall table was empty against the wall beneath the large photo of Hemingway.

It has been well over a year since I ate at Sloppy Joe’s. Not gourmet cooking/dining. Food good for the soul, however. I enjoyed french fries buried in a red sauce with melted mozzarella on top. Delicious!

My diet is out the window.

The visit gave me time to observe the tourists. Primarily tourists at Sloppy Joe’s. Drinking and dancing. The drinking I can handle, the dancing I cannot. It’s the music. Not for me.

Key West born Manuel “Pete” Fernandez was an ace during the Korean War. He is credited with 14.5 kills. The third highest number of kills of any ace.

Fernandez’s time in Key West was limited to the few years following his birth. The family moved to Miami where Fernandez was educated. He grew up in a working class environment.

His grandparents emigrated from Spain. First to Cuba. Later to the United States. Fernandez is remembered as the Hispanic ace and Latino fighter ace.

I heard from a blog reader who lives in Athens. An American expatriate. E-mailed me. He was aware from my blogs of my love for and interest in Greece. Recently, I have been telling people to vacation there this summer. A cheap vacation. The dollar stronger than the euro. Greek’s economic problems make for an inexpensive trip.

He wrote not to be concerned re the Eurobank problem. He believes it will be worked out. Consistent with my recollection of Greek thinking. They let nothing bother them. Kumbaya all the time.

He also wrote Athens was filled with tourists. The cheapest Athens has been in years.

Athens has a special place in my heart. Hard to describe. Everything there. New and old. Plus, the people themselves. A joy!

It is back to the heart doctor this morning for two tests. I remembered to fast this time. Then a haircut with Lori. Between the doctor and haircut, I plan on breakfasting at the Cuban Coffee Queen.

Enjoy your day!



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