My time in Paradise being infringed upon. Too many doctor visits. Guess it goes with the turf. Turf referring to the aging process.

I had a scheduled heart doctor appointment at 9 in the morning. Blood work and an echo test. To be followed up tuesday with a CAT scan.

Then immediately to my primary care physician. My sciatica came back late the night before. Pain! Though better yesterday morning. Not bad enough for a steroid shot. I am on 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen 3 xs a day. Works well. Pain has become almost non-existent.

I had an 11:30 hair appointment with Lori. Had an hour to kill. Skipped breakfast because of the blood work. Stopped at Cuban Coffee Queen for a Cuban cheese toast and Cuban coffee.

Distinguished myself at Cuban Coffee Queen. Knocked over my large coffee. Made a real mess. Table top and floor. The staff was nice about it. Moved me to another table and replenished my coffee free.

Then to some pleasant time with Lori. She just returned from a houseboat trip in Utah. A grand canyon type trip. Told me all about it.

I read somewhere that Backspace had become a writers hangout. I was anxious to meet some writers. I know only a few. There are many in Key West.

Backspace is the new restaurant that replaced Finnegan’s Wake.

A magnificent remodeling job! Does not look like Finnegan’s inside at all. Everything opened up. A large bar and restaurant. The restaurant opens to the outside in back for dining also.

I was not thrilled.

There was next to no one. I asked Ben the bartender if writers met there. He did not know what I was talking about. Menu prices staggering. Hot Tin Roof prices. I was in a constant battle with the little ants running around on the bar. One I had to pick out of my food. Received two bites on my right arm while there.

Too much staff for not enough customers. No one in authority to oversee things.

I did not want to spend $30 plus for an entre. My stomach wanted a bit more than one of the $15 appetizers. The cheapest entre was a cheeseburger, which I ordered. $15.

There is a locals discount.

The cheeseburger was outstanding! For real! Great taste!

Would I try it again? Yes. Probably order an appetizer. I think it is worthy of another try. The place only recently opened. I consider last night Backspace’s shakedown cruise.

Two escapees in upstate New York still on the loose. The female employee who apparently fell in love with one of them in trouble. Jail time trouble. People in the area concerned for their safety.

Some 3o odd years ago, then Governor Mario Cuomo wanted to help the upstate economy. He had jails built all over. Several in the Utica area. In a place called Marcy. A suburb of Utica.

Everyone was thrilled. Jobs! Good jobs! The thrill died when David Berkowitz was sent to the psychiatric center that was part of the complex. Berkowitz was a notorious serial killer. Also known as Son of Sam.

The locals were up in arms! Suppose he escapes? He should not be there. He is a danger to us.

The State transferred Berkowitz after two months.

Anna takes the train to Milan frequently. Especially now that the World’s Fair is there. The train ride to the Fair twenty minutes. Yesterday, an event occurred on the train that Anna takes. One that makes several round trips a day. Fortunately, Anna was not on the train.

A group of 4-6 black men became upset with the ticket inspector. One of them jumped up, took out a machete and chopped the guy’s arm off. Left it barely hanging. Then turned around and sliced the machete into another train employee’s head.

The men are on the loose. They have been described as Central Americans. No one is certain yet.

The train company said it would not operate any more trains unless the government provided soldiers for protection. It took less than 24 hours for Army soldiers to start riding the trains.

The ticket inspector’s arm was reattached during surgery. Both injured men on the critical list.

I take the same train when in Novara. I love going to Milan. A cosmopolitan city.

I recall a few years ago being on the train. Returning from Milan. There were eight black men sitting nearby. Dressed strangely. Sort of Arabic. We were the only ones in the car. They appeared intimidating.

Somehow we got into a conversation. I am easy going. Talk with everyone. Two of them could speak a bit of English.

They confided they were from North Africa and trying to get to Sweden. I sensed they were in Italy illegally. Happy that they finally had made it to northern Italy. In the next few days, they would be in Switzerland. Then Sweden.

Sweden was their destination because Sweden welcomed immigrants from Africa. Provided them with food and money to get them going. It has been that way in Sweden for six years.

Sweden’s social fiber is now broken. A good deed with bad results. Too many immigrants. Not enough jobs. Costly to maintain the immigrants.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Sweden’s social fiber is now broken. A good deed with bad results. Too many immigrants. Not enough jobs. Costly to maintain the immigrants.
    end quote

    Gee, I wonder if there is a lesson to be learned.

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