Three Washington observations.

The first involves Merrick Garland’s appointment of a special counsel to pursue Trump matters involving Mar-a-Lago documents and January 6. Absolutely unnecessary!

Respectfully, Garland should get off his ass and complete the Trump investigations. There has been more than sufficient time to decide whether to indict. As far as I am concerned, Garland is avoiding his responsibility.

The Attorney General staff is sufficiently large for all Trump matters to have been completely investigated by this time.

I saw something like this coming when Garland was appointed. I said then in a lengthy blog and have mentioned several times since that a judge does not make a good prosecutor. Especially a judge of 20 years.

My opinion at the time and to this day is judges are too intent on minute detail to perform the prosecutorial function. They are concerned with crossing every t and dotting every i. No criminal case is perfect. As no defense is. There are problems with every portion. A prosecutor assembles the facts and law available and makes a decision as to whether go ahead. He has a case or doesn’t.

Garland is incapable of so doing. His mind is judicially trained. Rigidly so.

Not knocking the man. Merely saying what is.

A special counsel is only going to contribute to more delay. Provide Trump with new reasons to run to court. Trump is going to teflon himself out of an indictment.

The new House leadership a disgrace. Un-American. Instead of legislating matters of value to the American people, their obvious intent is to investigate/impeach Democratic leaders. Appeal only to MAGA supporters.

I believe their conduct will make their majority control short lived. The clear message from the American people in the mid-terms was stop screwing around, we want things done that will help us. There are more such thinking Republicans than MAGAs. The end result will be the Democrats regaining control of the House in 2024.

Finally and on a positive note, America lauds Nancy Pelosi. As she moves into the sunset, she leaves behind a Speaker record never to be paralleled. She was that good.

The only persons disparaging her are the MAGA Republicans. They know not better. Probably each is quietly aware they are inadequate in comparison.

I agree it is time for new blood on the Democratic side. Fresh new ideas. America will benefit.

The Republicans should try it. They have many young people in their ranks. The problem is they are as a whole generally whacked out. They drink Trump’s special brand of Kool Aid and dance to his tune.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Lou, good blog today, well thought thru.

    My observation is that Merrick Garland is a troubled centrist and appointed a special council at the recommendation of the Democratic congress leadership, as a way of continuing the “Cheney” hearings in the public eye that will no doubt be stopped by the new Republican congress, so that they can finally get back to hearings on the Benghazi and Hunter Biden issues and scuttle any focus on Republican wrong doing.

  2. Good observation Ted. Trump accusations can now continue for a long time. Perhaps that is indeed the plan… drag it out through the next election cycle.

    However, It’s my opinion that since he is clearly a “crook” (Jan 6, stolen clas$ified documents, etc.), The Donald should be languishing in a federal prison during the next election cycle.

    • Trump accusations will indeed likely continue for a long time, without any help (or interest) by Democrats or political maneuvering. Just as they do for Nixon and other bad people. Trump’s legacy is destined for all time, as is Hitler’s and Gadddafi.

      But Trump’s drag on Republican politics will perhaps significantly diminish or stop from our daily grind when Trump is either properly punished or dead, but even then not completely (like say Jim Jones) because of the love and appreciation so many people have for him, THEY are the ones that will keep him alive and in politics for the rest of us.

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