A weather man I am not. Yet I know what happens in upstate New York and Key West based on years of experience. Experience acquired by living in each area for decades.

Key West weather today 72-78. The 72 at the moment is cold. Cold for Key Westers who are accustomed to mid 80’s. Fortunately, snow will not fall. Has snow ever fallen in Key West?

Buffalo, on the other hand, is in for what has already been predicted to be an “historic storm.” Four to five feet of snow. Temperature 27-35 degrees.

Four to five feet a crippling storm. Does not necessarily mean a suffering one for most.

I spent 60 plus years residing in Utica. On the same line as Buffalo. Less than 200 miles separating the two communities. Yearly “major” snow storms generally 1-2 feet. Occasionally, the mother of all storms. Three feet plus. A few really big ones over the years. Could have been 5 feet or better.

I never minded the big storms. Meant everything closed down. Roads impassable. No one could get to work. No one could get anywhere. Everyone home confined. It was a time when families got to know each other again over a three day period. I loved it! Especially when the kids were small.

I had several law offices. One located in Buffalo. A big storm hit. My staff “lived” in the offices for 3 days. Slept on desks and the floor. Somehow were able to get food from here and there.

One concluding observation. When it is “very” cold in Buffalo and upstate New York, it is cold in Key West. Look at Key West’s temperature for today and compare it to Buffalo’s.

Being Catholic has/had its disadvantages.

There was once a time when it was a sin to eat meat on friday. I started doing Confession around 6 years of age. Many a saturday this little boy stood in line waiting to go to confession. Sweating, nervous. I had sinned. Ate meat on friday. Probably a bologna sandwich.

On this day in 1966 U.S. Catholic bishops did away with the rule meat could not be eaten on fridays, except during Lent. When they did, I was in my early 30’s so it made no difference. I did not eat meat on fridays. Probably because I would be embarrassed to confess that as an adult I had committed such a stupid minor sin.

Felt sorry for Lori yesterday. As she was cutting my hair, I asked how her leg was. Lori is a runner. Five to seven miles a day. She had complained to me two weeks earlier her leg was bothering her.

Turns out she has a torn meniscus. No running for six months. Tear small so no surgery. I feel sorry for Lori. I have known her for a quarter century. She has always been a runner.

On the way to Harpoon Harry’s for lunch, I ran into Aaron Wechter. I have not seen Aaron in quite a while. My first real male friend when I arrived in Key West years ago. It was good to run into him. I enjoyed our chat.

Aaron is a very busy man. An extremely busy Notary Public. He marries people. The biggest and best “marrying man” in Key West.

Big day tomorrow at Hogfish! Bobby and Michelle Mongelli are celebrating the 20th anniversary of opening what has become one of the most famous eateries in the Keys. Hogfish.

Festivities begin “around 4 o’clock.”

Syracuse plays football against Wake Forest tomorrow at 8 pm. Syracuse 6-4, Wake Forest 6-4. Syracuse has lost its last 4 games, Wake Forest its last 3.

I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen.

A lot of crazy people in this world. You don’t need me to tell you.

On this day in 1978, the Jonestown deaths occurred. Nine hundred eighteen cult murders and suicides. All promoted by cult leader Jimmy Jones.

Jones had formed a haven for his followers in Jonestown, Guyana.

The cult members are said to have “drunk the Kool-Aid.” All but 2 died from cyanide poisoning which was either drunk or injected. Some are reported to have consumed the cyanide against their will.

Enjoy your day! Eat bologna, don’t drink Jonestown Kool-Aid!



  1. When the Jonestown deaths occurred in 1978, I was mystified how that could have happened to Americans. Since Trump and his Republican followers these last few years, I have come to understand it completely.

    • Hi Terry, or is it Patrick? always hard to figure out who who you are trying to be at any given time.

      20 years is a long time for any restaurant in Key West. It seems to me that’s about as long as it was since you were thrown out (actually, asked not to ever return) to Two Friends, wasn’t it?

      Good riddance!

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