Kermit Key Lime Pie sits on the corner across from Conch Republic. Carpenter the owner has stood out side on the sidewalk in front of the store for 27 years. Clothe in lime colored chef attire including a chef’s cap. Always holding a key lime pie in his hand, encouraging people to enter his store.

He is a mainstay in Key West. An icon. Everyone knows him and his store.

Someone complained he was blocking the sidewalk. After 27 years! Codes served a citation or order prohibiting him from standing outside any more.

Carpenter told his story on Facebook. Many of his friends wrote in support of his being permitted to continue doing what he had done for 27 years. Some who were aware contacted their City Commissioners expressing their feelings.

His “eviction” did not last long. Assistant City Manager Greg Veliz reversed the citation/order.

Justice was done!

If you have never visited  Key West Lime Pie, do so. The store has a feeling of intimacy. Many tasteful goodies are sold besides key lime pie. Most items for sale are available for a free taste treat. Can’t beat that.

The highlight of my day yesterday was a call from Jean Thornton. She is home in Birmingham at the moment. Hearing from Jean makes for a happy day!

Jean will return to Key West for 2 weeks in the middle of July. She and Joe will be spending the month of August touring Europe. Good for them!

The United States, Europe and Asia are experiencing a measles epidemic. The U.S. has in excess of 1,000 cases reported. The Philippines over 33,000 with 400 of that number dead.

Measles today, yellow fever yesterday.

On this day in 1865, the vessel Adventure put into Key West. Yellow fever was aboard. Four of the crew sick.

They were taken to the Marine Hospital. The disease spread to U.S. Army soldiers stationed in Key West. Three hundred thirty one additional cases of yellow fever. Seventy one died.

I could not find the numbers for the Key West population itself.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the 27 year old newly elected Democratic Congress person from New York City. She has garnered public attention from day one. She calls them as she sees them. No timid individual is she.

I view her as a breath of fresh air.

She complained the other day that the detention centers along the southwest border where children are held are “exactly” like concentration camps.

ICE and other officials involved with the centers denied the charge.

It is time for the public to know the truth. The press and public officials are denied entry to the detention centers. Open the doors! Let the press and government people in to see. Then the public will know who speaks truth.

Trump tells us his administration is transparent. Prove it in this instance.

I spoke yesterday of Trump’s ordering ICE to begin locating and taking into custody aliens illegally in the U.S. I thought Trump mentioned 1 million of them. I was incorrect. The number he keeps mentioning is “in the millions.”

I wrote yesterday that ICE was not equipped nor had the resources to accomplish the “1 million” million task. No preparation for such a major undertaking.

I was correct.

This morning’s news reports ICE was caught by surprise. The President never made them aware. ICE indicated they do not have the resources for such an undertaking.

Trump shooting from the hip again. Not consulting with his hands on people to determine if his plan was feasible.

Staying with Trump for a moment. His plan tossing of the U.S. agreement with Iran is showing it was not the wisest course to take. Trump now finds himself cornered. He has been blowing hot air at Iran. As have Pompeo and Bolton.

Trump is at the put up or shut up stage. He has let go the winds of war. Iran says in effect come on, we’ll take you on.

The solution from Trump’s perspective is for Iran to agree to not making nuclear weapons. The nuclear portion was the primary reason Trump dumped the Iranian agreement.

Trump is cornered. No war if Iran agrees not to test for or make nuclear weapons.

The next couple of weeks will tell if war is to occur.

Trump did something again without thinking and set the U.S. on a course to war.

He looks like an ass. He is probably the only one who does not know it.

Recall a month ago, Trump was going to invade Venezuela for humanitarian reasons. He sent 3,500 troops, equipment and stealth planes to the Columbia border with Venezuela. Ready to go!

The humanitarian comment was not the real reason. Trump wanted Venezuela’s oil.

Nothing happened.

In the meantime, Russia sent troops to Venezuela. Boots on the ground in Venezuela. Also, planes. China reported it was supporting whatever Russia did.

Putin wants the oil, also.

After releasing the winds of war for a few days, Trump never proceeded with his plan for the invasion.

I wrote the reason why there was no invasion was that Trump had learned that the U.S.’s super dooper stealth planes were of no value. Venezuela had a new radar and missile system that in effect made the stealth planes visible. It was claimed the missile system would destroy 85 percent of the stealth planes the first time they flew over.

I suggested at the time that China probably developed the new anti-stealth radar system. China is way ahead of the U.S. in military readiness contrary to what Trump tells us.

We heard nothing about the fallibility of the stealth planes.

Yesterday, China announced it had developed a new radar system that made stealth planes ineffective.

I promised myself to go out tonight. I have not been out since last wednesday or thursday. Have not shaved in that interval also. Look like a bum!

Enjoy your day!

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