I have written about the best of the best. Today, the worst of the worst. Noting however that there are many occurrences which command the designation.

A baby boy was taken from his mother at the border when he was 4 months old. He recently was returned to his mother. At the time of return, he was 18 months old.

He cannot walk or speak.

Many of those involved with border decisions have children or grandchildren. From Trump down to ICE, the Border Patrol, and independent contractors, how would they feel if such happened to one of theirs.

Kept my commitment to myself last night. Went out!

Like being reborn.

Started at the Chart Room. Tammy bartending. A personality.

Met Mary at the bar. She drank wine and I diet Pepsi. She smoked and I watched. The conversation was good, however.

Mary and I went to La Trattoria for dinner. Carrie bartending. Another woman with a great personality.

Dink was holding court at his usual corner of the bar.

Mary wanted to go to Bourbon Street to hear Bria Ansara sing. I opted out. As much as I enjoy Bria, I felt good at this point of the evening and did not want to spoil it by staying up later. So Mary headed for Bourbon Street and I to my car.

Mary emailed me this morning that Bria did not sing. She is now scheduled for tuesday night’s at the outside bar. Jeff Stone was singing inside last night.

I felt terrific when I got home. A nice feeling! A good night’s sleep followed.

I may try going out tonight. Actually will. This is a take care of Louis day. A haircut early afternoon and a manicure at 5. Then to the Chart Room. From there, I know not where.

Only in Key West. The third annual Key Lime Pie Drop takes place July 6 at the Lighthouse across from the Hemingway House on Whitehead.

July 6 my birthday, also. Perhaps I will attend to watch the drop.

Participants require a degree of engineering skill.  A 5 inch in diameter key lime pie is dropped from the top of the lighthouse. The purpose to make it hit the ground and not explode on impact.

Participants are encouraged to make some sort of container or device which will keep the pie intact when it hits the ground. The reason some degree of engineering skill helps.

Participants are encouraged to wear costumes.

The U. S. purportedly does not pay ransom to regain an American citizen being detained by a foreign nation or group. Such does not extend to municipalities at the moment. Doubt that it ever will. One life is one life. A city’s records another story.

Riviera Beach is a city 80 miles north of Miami. A hacker got access to Riviera Beach’s computer. An employee accidentally hit on a malicious email key providing the hacker with access. Riviera Beach was denied entry.

Riviera Beach has agreed to pay the hacker 65 Bitcoins to “hopefully” gain access to the data encrypted by the hacker. Sixty five Bitcoins is equivalent to $600,000 American money.

An insurance company is paying the 65 Bitcoins/$600,000 on behalf of Riviera City.

Will the payment encourage others to hack municipal systems? Probably so.

I mentioned 2 days ago that Facebook was getting into the money business. Via cryptocurrency. It expects to be ready with the system in 2020.

Instead of U.S. dollars, crypto dollars would be used. Facebook has in excess of 200 million daily users. A customer list! Additionally, several major companies have agreed to join Facebook in the venture.

Congress overnight grabbed onto what Zuckerberg intends to do. Both Houses went crazy. The House and Senate immediately scheduled hearings.

I find the speed with which each reacted amusing. The U.S. has all kinds of problems that Washington fails to work on. Comes a new financial system and they go nuts. I am particularly impressed by the Senate’s speed. They fail to do anything since the House went Democratic.

I view the Congressional hearings and the speed at which they were scheduled nothing more than political grandstanding. My admonition to Congress: Beware how you handle the matter. At a time when Trump is encouraging corporations to return to the U.S., Zuckerberg may say “up yours” and move his operation to Europe.

Venezuela is in the news again. It is reported Trump has lost patience and interest in invading Venezuela. He is frustrated. He believes John Bolton and his Director of Latin American Policy “got played.” Maduro’s purported successor Juan Guaido did not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ousting Maduro.

Trump now will have to call for the return of the 3,500 soldiers, the military equipment, and the stealth planes he sent to Columbia in preparation for an invasion that will not occur.

Enjoy your day!







  1. After evaluating the situation in Venezuela, Trump decides to not invade.
    Clearly a sign the president is Unstable!

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