I am tired of being sick.

Re my head, everything done yesterday in one day. Saw Dr. Norris. Needed cat scans. Got them. He called later in the afternoon. Negative.

Back of head still sore. Neck more than sore. Hurts.

Dr. Norris says all related to the fall. Will pass with time.

Thank all of you who e-mailed or called. Your concern appreciated.

One telephone call was from an old friend, Marty Leshaw. I have not seen Marty in years. He was a court stenographer in Key West for a number of years. We met at the Chart Room, became friends, and had dinner together most nights for several years.

Argued. Full time. Marty ultra-conservative. You are aware I am liberal. Must be true that opposites attract.

We talked about Che, Jean Thornton, British Peter, Vino’s new place in Hollywood. A restaurant and attached full bar. Marty said the bar the most beautiful he has ever seen. And he has seen a few!

Marty’s permanent home is Fort Lauderdale. A magnificent one on the inter-coastol. Now 81. His health good.

Yesterday was a bit nerve wrecking for me. The last thing I wanted was a brain bleed and the surgery necessary to relieve the pressure. By late afternoon after I had been made aware of the results, read some e-mails, talked to several on the phone, there  was only one thing I wanted. A drink! No, I did not do it.

Stayed in again last night. The day had exhausted me.

A couple of days ago, I wrote about two new massage parlors. Dancing Finger Massages. Preparatory to writing the blog, I googled Massage Parlors Key west.

One site came up said there were 30 Asian massage parlors in Key West. I only knew of 2. Hard to believe 30.

Skipped down the list and noted none with Asian massages in the title.

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice has an interesting comment by a local: “What’s up with all the new massage parlors?…..Are we trying to attract more NFL team owners?”

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight. Nine o’clock. Join me. I love ranting and raving about my likes and dislikes.

Some years back, I wrote a weekly column for KONK Life. One had to do with Napoleon, his defeat at Waterloo, and the reasons therefore.

Napoleon and Waterloo came to mind this morning. I noted it was on this day in 1815 that Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo.

Two reasons are given for Napoleon’s defeat. The simplest it had rained and Napoleon did not want to move his troops into battle until the ground dried.

The other is the one I support. My research Far more interesting and plausible.

The other. Napoleon had hemorrhoids. Painful. The night before the battle, his doctors overdosed him with a painkiller. The painkiller caused him to wake later than normal. His army did not go into battle without him.

Napoleon did not get to the battlefield til around 1. When he woke and before leaving for the battlefield, his doctors gave him more of the painkiller.

The painkiller was laudanum. The wonder drug of the day for pain. Laudanum was a tincture of opium containing morphine and codeine.

Napoleon had difficulty sitting on his horse. The hemorrhoids.

Napoleon would have begun the battle much earlier as such was his custom. He watched the battle from a hilltop. If he saw the enemy moving in another direction or more troops joining the opposition, he would ride over and advise his men.

Had Napoleon begun the battle in the early morning as was his custom, he would have won the battle. The opposition did not have sufficient men to successfully oppose him.

Additional troops were on their way to join the opposition. They did not arrive till late afternoon.

Because of the hemorrhoids, Napoleon was not riding around on his horse to observe troops that might be coming from another direction.

The battle turned because of the fresh troops. Within 2-3 hours, Napoleon was defeated.

In my research, I came across a Sears Catalog ad for laudanum. Apparently pharmaceutical houses in the early 1800’s were not pigs in their pricing. One ounce of Laudanum was 8 cents, 2 ounces 15 cents, 4 ounces 25 cents.

Trump sends troops everywhere and anywhere. I doubt he considers the cost involved each time he wants to scare a nation or group.

It was announced yesterday that he had ordered 1,000 additional troops to the Mideast to what he and his henchmen considered a possible war with Iran. A war that if it comes will have been fault of Trump, Pompeo and Bolton.

Several weeks ago, the U.S. was going to invade Venezuela. A Trump brilliant idea. He ordered 3,500 troops to the Columbia/Venezuela. No war. U.S. troops never crossed the border. Expensive though to transport 3,500 troops and equipment to the Venezuelan border.

Money, money, money. Money that could be spent building new roads and everything else which is needed internally by the U.S.

Another Trump announcement yesterday. Next week ICE is going after 1 million people living in the U.S. illegally. ICE’s focus will be on those who have been issued final deportation orders by federal judges, but remain at large.

Many have had children while living illegally in the U.S. All born on our shores are automatically citizens. Trump says they are going back also.

An example of his respect for law.

One million an impressive number, but a hopeless task from my point of view. Records will be skimpy, ICE will have to trace them. Such will take time. ICE will not have enough manpower to do the job. More ICE personnel will be added.

Cost again. Foolish cost.

Additionally, I fear ICE. Especially  when for whatever reason their numbers are expanded. If things go bad for Trump in the election or elsewhere, I fear ICE as a body will stand with Trump against citizens of the United States.

Facebook is getting bigger. They plan on issuing their own currency/money in 2020.

Cryptocurrency. The money will be called Libra. It will be a global digital currency.

A smart idea. Whether it will fly I do not know. What I am aware of is that Facebook has 2 billion users world wide. A good base to start from.

A group has been formed that has agreed to participate. Impressive. Uber, Lyst, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal amongst others.

Enjoy your day!






  1. Hey, why bother fixing a bridge until it actually falls down? Same as, why bother about climate change until we are all floating around like “Waterworld”?

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