Recall Trump’s words during the campaign…..We are going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.

Government contract notices listed on a federal website ask for proposals for construction of the wall by March 29. The wall to be 30 feet high.

Trump’s budget as sent to Congress requests monies this year. Tax dollar monies to commence construction of the wall. Described as a down payment. $2.6 billion.

Allocated between a pedestrian wall and vehicle barrier. Broken down, $6.5 million a mile for the pedestrian fence and $1.8 million a mile for the vehicle barrier.

Estimated cost for the entire project vary depending who is being asked. Anywhere from $12-21 billion.

I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Trump has changed his tune. We are going to build and pay for it and then pursue Mexico for reimbursement.

Good luck!

The Syracuse basketball season ended yesterday. Syracuse lost to Ole Miss 85-80. I’m glad it’s over. Most of the games were painful to watch.

I watched yesterday’s game. Same story. We did not have it together. Took forever to make the first three pointer. Defense not what it should have been. Etc.

Villanova lost! Wow! Winner of the Final Four last year. Number 1 seed overall this year. Wisconsin beat Villanova 65-62. Such is the beauty of the NCAA Tournament. You never know when a lesser team is going to be up enough to beat a favorite.

Villanova was my choice for #1. Saw the team as the big winner.

Dee took me to dinner last night at Berlin’s. Two pound Maine lobsters. Delicious!!!

Dee just returned from Bali. Interesting stories to tell.

The William Hackley saga continues. His 8 day clock was not working. Would run down before 8 days up and was not keeping accurate time. He brought it to be repaired.

The verbiage immediately brought to mind 5 Day Deodorant Pads. Such was the name of a deodorant that hit the market in the early 1950s. Small circular pads soaked with deodorant.

I was in high school when 5 Day became popular. Used it. Did I use a deodorant before? Don’t recall. I do not think many, if any, used deodorant till the early 1950s.

Did we all have body odor before deodorant became popular? I do not recall.

Another interesting question was whether people did not daily bathe back then. Otherwise, why the 5 Day name? My mother made sure I took a bath every day. We did not have a shower.

The Studios of Key West has an interesting show scheduled for 8 tonight. I hope to make it.

It will be a reading and discussion of Tennessee Williams’ love letters.

Williams was gay. Had several lovers over the years. One was Frank Merlo. I wrote a column for KONK Life two years ago re the relationship. I thought Merlo to be the greatest love of Williams’ life. Williams wrote his best works during the 14 years they lived together in Williams’ Key West home and a New York City apartment.

The greatest love theory was mine. I am curious what I will hear this evening.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services announced that the recent battle with screwworms has been won. The flesh eating maggot problem eradicated.  Florida’s deer population, among others, saved. Especially the little deer living in Big Pine and on Little Deer Key.

Credit be given where credit due, Florida is on top these things.

Two significant Key West events March 25.

The last season tour of the Key West Cemetery. Three separate tours that day. Make a reservation. Always crowded. Attend if you never have. The history of Key West reflected on the stones. Also, some interesting quips by the deceased. My favorite is…..I told you I was sick.

Equality Florida is having its 20th Annual Gala. From 5:30 to 8:00. At the Gardens Hotel. A perfect venue for the event.

Equality Florida is Florida’s largest and most powerful gay rights organization.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Louis, there are too many events going on in Key West tonight – you going to hear gay love letters read, me to watch a fashion show at Southernmost House to raise money for locals who can’t pay their bills.

  2. Louis, I’ll start being nice in the comments if you censor Diana . For real though, what do you see in this chick. I mean, “gay love letters.” Help me understand her redemptive qualities.

    • Should not beat up Diana re gay love letters. I may have misinformed her. I was under the impression that the show His Words and Letters were letters between Williams and Merlo. Merlo is considered Williams’ greatest love. A 14 year relationship. Williams did his best work during those years. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Rose Tattoo, and Night of the Iguana. I discovered during the show last night that much of it concerned the Williams/Merlo relationship. However the letters were written by Williams to his friend Maria Britneva. Maria was in love with Williams. A love that had no physical connection. Williams would write of his love and problems with Merlo to Maria.

  3. Right… she is in love with britbart and the loon rush. Funny she had no response for the billions we have to pay for dumps stupid wall. Good grief!
    Do you not care that they can now dump untreated chemicals into our waterways Diana ???

  4. And if locals can’t afford to live in key west they are free to move to a more affordable location (basically anywhere other than key west)!

  5. Louis, it is not interesting to me that lefty hater Steve understand me. As long as Louis understands me, then that is all that matters. Anomous is included with Steve. Let’s hope that we get more lefty haters to comment bc these 2 are old stuff. haha

    • I asked because I’m trying to practice empathy, Diana. I know you’re unfamiliar with the concept, so allow me. It’s that thing where you go out of your way to try to understand other peoples’ world views, so that judgments can be tempered with the understanding that not everyone thinks the same way. And your response: “Lefty haters…haha.” You make me sad.

  6. “I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Trump has changed his tune. We are going to build and pay for it and then pursue Mexico for reimbursement.”

    The wall is an idiotic boondoggle that even if built will one day be breached again just like the Berlin wall when sanity rules the world again. The only good thing is it will make the price of concrete soar and enrichen a few insider contractors who probably golf at Mar-a-Lago. It will be curious to see who does all the massive labor for this wall.

    I find it rather hilarious that where Ronnie Reagan demanded the Soviets tear down their wall Trump is building a massive new one. I wonder will Bannon demand it have machine gun towers and spotlights? Makes you wonder if one day they could turn it all north to keep people from fleeing?

    And of course, Mexico will never pay for it. The Republicans and their crazy platform never for a moment believed it would be paid for m Mexico but it sounded good at their loud rallies of woe. The first months have been a blur of broken promises.

  7. Louis, I, as Maria with Tennessee Williams, have loved men without a physical love connection. There are many types of love that humans share. We evolved into a most miraculous species.

  8. So, Williams was gay. Most know that. If he wrote letters to his male lovers wouldn’t they be considered love letters. Therefore they would be gay love letters wouldn’t they. Or do we have to be so politically or socially correct these days to call them just plain ole letters, or love letters.

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