I was doing research re the Copa fire which occurred on August 3, 1995. The research took me back to the Key West Lou blog of the same date. Titled Miss Key West 1940. Interesting what a skip back in time reveals.

Three things I found that are worthy of repetition today. None have anything to do with the Copa fire.

A quote from the Key West Weekly: “You’ve been kicked out of Don’s Place for a dress code violation.” Impossible. Never would happen! Unless you arrived in suit and tie.

Hello Donald, David, Elizabeth and all my friends. I have not seen you in a while.

Another item referred to Miss Key West 1940. A picture of Gloria June Suarez the beauty queen accompanied the article. A lovely young lady!

The article mentioned that Gloria was born and raised in Key West. She was 90 years old on the day the picture and article were run.

Hemingway completed A Farewell to Arms while living in Key West. A good portion of the book takes place on the Italian side of Lake Maggiore. The lake lies between Italy and Switzerland.

I have been fortunate to visit Lake Maggiore several times. Beautiful! Old towns sitting on the water. Unquestionably romantic. The hotels anciently majestic.

Hemingway had a favorite bar. In one of the hotels whose name I cannot recall. I mention in my blog of August 3, 1995 my visit to the bar: “I drank in Hemingway’s favorite hotel/bar. Like going to Church.”

It was like going to Church!

Now for the Copa fire that started the research.

The Copa was a remodeled theater on Duval. It opened in 1912 for the showing of motion pictures and stage productions. In the 1970’s became an x-rated movie house. In the 1980’s, a gay night club. A hit with the gay community. The place to be.

An historical note of interest, Thomas Edison had a reserved seat while he was in Key West. He was here for long intervals during World War I assisting the government in developing naval defense explosives.

On this day in 1995, the fire broke out. The worst Key West fire in 75 years. Totally destroyed the Copa.

The Copa was rebuilt. Reopened as the Copa. Failed to succeed, however. The magic was gone.

The spiny lobster season begins tusday August 6. Runs through March 31, 2020.

The season is not expected to be a good one. Lobster fishermen are concerned.

The reason, the trade war with China. China is the Keys’ biggest customer. It is anticipated the trade war will will significantly hurt their pocket books. The Chinese government is telling its spiny lobster purchasers doing business with the U.S. not to buy.

Ninety percent of the U.S. catch comes from Monroe County. A $35 million a year business.

Once again, thank you Donald Trump. Your words during the 2016 campaign still ring in my ears: I know trade wars!…..I understand trade wars!…..I win trade wars!

This morning’s KONK Life runs an August 3, 1945 photo of the several ladies who operated the National Airlines ticket office in Key West. It was located on Southard Street at the time.

National Airlines was born in 1934. Met its demise in 1980. Its main office was the Miami International Airport.

In 1980, Pan Am bought National Airlines. National became part of Pan Am in every respect. In 1991, Pan Am went bust.

Some time later, National’s “Sun King” logo was sold to Southeast Airlines, a low cost airline at the time.

Must have rained big time thursday night. When I was out and about during the day yesterday, many streets and sidewalks were still flooded.

I never heard the storm.

The weather report indicates a tropical storm over Florida this weekend. Big time rain.

It is well known movie star Robert De Niro is not a fan of Donald Trump. De Niro recently appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show.

De Niro’s comments on the show re Trump are self explanatory: He is a “total loser”……”a disappointed Don”…..”a dumbbell.”

Another De Niro comment: “Even a gangster has morals.”

I have been house bound evenings since monday. Obvious if you were to see me. A heavy beard. The last time I shaved was sunday.

Tonight, a shave and out!

Enjoy your day!




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