How many movies have you watched over the course of your lifetime? How much pleasure have you derived because of motion pictures?

Today is significant in the history of the movies. On this day in 1927, The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson made its debut. A talking movie! Revolutionary!.

Many thought talking movies would not last. How wrong they were. History was made that day.

Yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. I keep upping the speed. A little at a time. Yesterday left me tired.

Drove to Cuban Queen for coffee and the newspapers.

Then home to work on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Great topics! Lots happening.

I will be discussing the recent New York Daily News article suggesting the government list the NRA as a terrorist organization, 16 Eurounion nations opting out of GMOs, Russian Navy on the way to Syria, Saudi Arabia hiring significantly more Washington lobbying and public relation firms, Denmark and sex, plus more.

Show time 9. Length one half hour. Fast moving. Enjoyable.

Tavern ‘n Town last night.

The place more and more becoming a locals hangout. Especially the bar. Last night, I ran into Charlie, Stevie, and Eduardo. Also Valerie from Vinos and Susie from Estate Sales.

I mentioned yesterday I thought Key West restaurant business was down re food sales. Comments received interesting. Everyone thought I was correct. Hotels and alcohol expensive. Choices have to be made. People are cutting back on food.

South Carolina rain scary. Up to two feet in some areas. The rain storm has been referred to as the 1,000 year storm.

Global warming?

Sex. A wonderful thing! Nothing better!

Not always available.

A new solution? I ask with a question mark.

Robots. A company has invented a humanoid machine. The humanoid machine is designed to understand feelings and emotions. Some think it has sexual possibilities. The manufacturer says no. With tongue in cheek? Time will tell.

Cost of a humanoid $2,000.

Today is local election day for the City of Key West. Three city commission and three utility board seats on the ballot.

Key West has early voting. The early voting numbers down roughly 50 percent from 2013. Only 529 as opposed to a little over 1,000 two years ago.

Enjoy your day!



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