It was a tough summer weather wise. Humidity the culprit. Perspiration big time.

The weather is changing. Getting cooler. Means still warm. However, the humidity level diminishing. Temperature has dropped from low 90s to mid 80s by day. High 70s in the evening. Another month and we will not esquire air conditioning nights.

Spent some time yesterday afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. I opened with Ben Bernanke’s new book. The Courage To Act. Bernanke was Chairman of the Federal Reserve 2006-2014.

Bernanke makes mention of  something few prominent people have expressed. Especially some one was part of the banking world. He says that the financial and banking execs should have gone to jail. To jail because of their conduct leading up to and causing the 2008 recession.

His position is that fining companies does not make sense. Companies, Wall Street, banks, corporations…..are merely abstract firms. Entities. The illegalities were committed by individuals. People. CEOs and other hierarchy.

Dinner at Roostica before the show. A few words with Bobby Mongelli re the weather.

My KONK Life column this week is The Doctors Killed the President. The story of President James Garfield’s death. KONK Life hits the stands today.

Corruption exists at the highest levels. Not just in the United States. Everywhere.

John Ashe was President of the United Nations General Assembly 2013-2014. My recollection is he was U.N. representative for one or two Caribbean islands.

Ashe was criminally charged yesterday for taking $1.3 million in bribes from Chinese businessmen while he was U.N. President.

Is anyone to be trusted?

The saying is…..Thank God it’s friday! For me, it is…..Thank God it’s wednesday. My writing schedule makes friday through tuesday evening heavy research and writing days. Some call wednesday hump day. I refer to it as screw off time.

Enjoy your day!

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