A touching phrase by one of the greatest authors of all time Leo Tolstoy: “But their eyes when they met spoke fondly and kissed tenderly.”

Few authors have been held in higher esteem. Tolstoy was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature five times, the Nobel Peace Prize three times. Ironically, he never won.

His more significant works included War and Peace and Anna Karenina. Beautiful writings.

Beauty is found in many forms. Art, for example. Michelangelo a Tolstoy equal.

Today a significant one in Michelangelo history. It was on this day in 1512 the Sistine Chapel ceiling was opened to the public. One of Michelangelo’s finest, if not his finest, works.

I have had the good fortune to view the ceiling on two occasions. An experience. Truly God in His Heaven.

It took Michelangelo several years to complete the ceiling. A series of panels. Nine are devoted to Biblical history. The most famous is The Creation of Adam. The arms of God and Adam stretching toward each other. Fingers reaching to touch.

I am going to stick my neck out. I’m probably wrong. However, my gut suggests otherwise.

I think the political polls are out of line. Most elections are not close. Actually, the Democratic candidates will win a significant number by more than a hair.

How can candidates like Walker, Oz and Vance win? Doesn’t make sense. Something makes me believe Republican money controls the polls and has been dictating erroneous results this year. In the hope of subconsciously swaying the minds of voters.

I will eat humble pie when it turns out I am wrong.

Steve Thompson a lucky man. He lived in Key West through the exciting 1970’s and 1980’s . Knew everyone and everything. Richard Hatch, for example. Hatch responsible for Blue Heaven and Salute as we know them.

When I met Richard Hatch he seemed serious, and articulate, but still jolly. He lived in the back of my house and drove a Trolly.

I was surprised when he bought Blue Heaven and started to run it. Without restaurant experience, how could he have done it? His brother showed up who had been to Chefs school. From that day on, everything was cool.

They opened Salute on the beach with a parking lot.

It seemed everything was better the bigger they got. Now they have their own farm and grow their own food.

Richard has always been a nice guy and a successful dude. He said his good friend Kevin from Margaritaville helped him a lot. All of his places climbed right to the top. He and his wife ran the farm and restaurants too. They also raised a family, what else can they do?

Biden nailed the gas companies yesterday. Someone did in Citizens’ Voice this morning: “I drive up and down the Keys. Gas prices are 60-80 cents cheaper in Key Largo than in Key West. This is not right and seems like price gouging, and something needs to be done. Come on gas station owners, do what is right for the community!”

DeSantis is silent when it comes to anti-Semitism.

He knows leading the party means not offending the anti-Semites and racists of the Republican base.

Smart politics. Reflects poor character, however. It is that poor character that made it possible for Crist to make a fool out of DeSantis in the debate the other evening.

Be well.



7 comments on “THE EYES HAVE IT

  1. What kind of “humble “ pie do you like Lou?
    My wife makes great pie and will gladly make you one IF you are incorrect about elections

    • What kind of person wants to bet on bad people winning?

      A sick person whose wife makes poison pies no doubt. Don’t take this creep seriously Lou, He’ll be nowhere to be found if you are right (like the last election) and never ever humble.

      You represent hope, Steve hopes for failure!

  2. Lou, I think you have it reversed. The Dems and media are controlling the polls and are using them to influence their side. Now that the election is coming soon, they have had to adjust their polls to reflect actual numbers, so they can say that their polling is accurate. The Republicans have always been leading. A Red Wave is coming Lou. Enjoy the pie

    Polling is used to AFFECT elections, not REFLECT actual numbers.

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