September 11, 2001 is as imbedded in Amercan minds as December 7, 1941. Neither will be forgotten. As long as America exists, its people will remember.

9/11 affected us all. Even those not in New York City.

I was sitting in my office with some clients. I was interrupted with a phone call. The person at the other end told me to turn on the TV.

There it was. Tower #1 burning.

Later that day, my Congressman Sherry Boehlert telephoned from Washington. His words of wisdom: We will never be the same…..The world has changed.

He was correct. Nothing has been the same since.

I suffered an immediate disaster. My clients were primarily corporations outside upstate New York. I served as their counsel for any problems they had upstate.

Excellent clients to have. Enjoyable legal work. They paid. On time!

Getting paid on time ended on 9/11 for 2 months.

The corporate clients did not know what was going to happen. They began protecting themselves financially. None paid their bills for the next 2 months.

It was not easy. The work went on in spite of the pay lagging behind.

Many who were in New York City that day could not wait to get out.

A young lawyer worked near the Twin Towers. When the rumbling began, he got out of his office and ran. He told me he just kept running. The smoke was thick. There was crap in the air.

He ran till he reached the Brooklyn Bridge. Then ran across.

He, his wife and 3 children lived in New Jersey. All he could think of was moving. If it happened once, it could happen again. He had to protect his family.

He began looking for work far from New York City. I ended up hiring him. He moved everyone to Utica immediately.

He was an excellent lawyer. He worked in my firm for several years till he joined another attorney in a community about 50 miles away as a partner.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. So much material! Trump’s fault. He had an exceptionally busy week screwing things up.

Key West is having financial problems. Taxes going up. Parking permits being doubled in cost. New parking meters being installed.

One of the places for new parking meters is Smathers Beach. When I first arrived in Key West, they were there. Then at some point in time, they disappeared. I paid no attention. I was happy I could park for nothing.

Key West has announced they are lining Smathers Beach again with parking meters. Not sure how much per hour to park. If like the rest of Key West where metered, $4-4.50 per hour with a 4 hour limit.

Someone advised in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice that Key West could not legally do it. Smathers is on South Roosevelt Boulevard, a county road. Does not belong to Key West.


If anyone knows the correct situation, please let me know.

The Key West Library opened April 8, 1892 at 700 Fleming Street. Still there.

It was south Florida’s first public library.

A comfortable reading room. Walk in, sit and read the newspapers. I have not done so frequently. Other than a very infrequent stop for newspaper reading and an occasional lecture, I do not even think about going. The reason parking. As with most places in Key West, parking is a pain in the ass.

Yesterday, I learned that I was wrong. I was driving on the side street next to the library. Lo and behold, there is a huge parking lot behind the library. I shall be visiting more often.

I have felt guilty this past year that I spend so little time at the library. My book Irma and Me is on the shelves of the library. A big deal! At least from my perspective.

I shall let you know when I go and how I felt after leaving.

Special event this evening. The Sons and Daughters of Italy are having a dinner meeting at La Trattoria Beachside. Good food and company. I look forward to it.

Samantha Power. She was on 2 different TV talk shows 2 days in a row. An impressive woman. Her intelligence obvious. Her humility also.

She is pedaling her most recent book….. The Education of An Idealist: A Memoir. More importantly, her background. An immigrant. Born in Ireland. Today an academic, author and diplomat.

Now 48, married, mother of 2, she has served on the White House Obama team, spent 4 years as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N, won a Pulitzer Prize for a previous book, etc.

I enjoyed watching her speak. Now I have another book to read. You might want to, also.

Trump fired John Bolton. Bolton said he retired. Whatever, it is one of the rare times Trump has done something correctly.

Bolton has been National Security Adviser for 17 months. A mistake that Trump took him on board. A warmonger. He has tried for 17 months to draw the U.S. into wars all over the world.

In those 17 months the number of additional U.S. troops deployed worldwide has increased, with the U.S. consistently threatening war everywhere. He brought the U.S. within minutes of bombing Iran.

I apologize for the manner I am going to express myself. However, good riddance to bad rubbish.

We worry about plastic straws screwing up the oceans and reefs of the world. The problem may be more extensive.

A recently released study suggests an apolyothic problem. The Study: Detection of Various Microplastics in Human Stool. The study was limited. Only 8 persons. However selected from all parts of the world.

None was sample free. All had microplastics in their bodies.

Further studies obviously required. How are human organs being affected? We must know.

The ocean is one of the ways the microplastics are transported. Another wind. The Arctic is significantly contaminated.

Very interesting. Worthy of significant concern and further investigation.

Trump is correct when he says more people are making more money than ever before. He fails to tells us however that the percentage of health uninsured Americans has risen in the past decade.

The primary cause are the cuts that have been made in the Affordable Care Act by Trump. Amazing! More people making more money, yet more people lacking in health insurance.

Congratulations, Donald! You kicked Obama in the ass each time you did something to diminish the Affordable Care Act. You also kicked the American people in the ass.

Enjoy your day!






    • Trump said he was going to replace Obamacare with something better. What he did instead was make the existing Health care worse without ANY attempt at making it or something else as good or better. No attempt whatsoever. We’ve been had!

        • Not really, but it does show, once again, that Sharpie Don didn’t do what he said he was going to do and is more interested in revenge on Obama than he is in Making America Great Again.

          • The superior Obama hurt Donny’s feelings at the WHCD and that was the beginning of – erase all things Obama. Trump is that petty and insane. Kim Jung has nothing on him except the absolute power Trump craves. The good news, it appears America and some GOP soldiers are waking up.

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