Where do I begin…..

I have been doing this blog 15 years. At the beginning, it was difficult to come up with topics I thought people might be interested in/enjoy. Today, no problem!

Tons of topics, issues.

I blame/give credit to Trump. No question, he knows how to create news. Which means my research time has become longer as have the blogs.

Some days there is so much news that It is difficult for me to organize the blog. Those days I do what has become known as a Morning Stew. Write from my notes in the order of the notes. Helter-skelter.

Today #19 in the Morning Stew series.

The “failure” of Trump’s secret meeting at Camp David with the Taliban and the President of Afghanistan a good thing. Nothing of value would have come of it.

From what I understand, the meeting began a week before as a thought in Trump’s mind. He dealt with the Taliban. Ignored the government of Afghanistan. Got both to agree to attend the meeting. We all know what happened and as a result the meeting was cancelled by Trump.

A couple of background facts.

The Taliban were already preaching to their people the “peace meeting” was at the request to the Americans. A Taliban victory. The Americans had capitulated. The Taliban had defeated the “invaders” after 18 years of war. The Americans were leaving Afghanistan “in shame.”

Women’s rights. Always an issue in the Islamic world. The Taliban were willing to agree to deal with women consistent with “Islamic values.”

Not much of a guaranty.

Since the war began in 2001, women in the cities have become modernized. They are allowed to leave their homes, work. No no’s before.

Today’s Afghan women fear a return to the old days. Women being stoned to death, banned from school, and prohibited from being out in public places. Plus, the burqa. Would have to be worn again covering everything but the eyes.

Everyone came out ahead by the meeting being called off. Trump did not have it organized properly. A meeting to end an 18 year old war cannot be arranged and negotiated in a week or two’s time.

The Afghan President had nothing to agree to. Within months, he would have been out. Probably dead.

Trump’s short lived “victory” gone within months. A Kim Jung Un type victory.

Someone referred to Trump as a deal breaker, not a deal maker. True.

Another that Trump put things together on the spur of the moment. True. Not a winning technique.

September 9, 1964 a big day for Key West. As were the two days following.

The Beatles were flying to a concert in Jacksonville. Hurricane Dora forced their plane to land in Key West. Spent 2 days at the Key West Motel on South Roosevelt Boulevard.

Key West went crazy.

The Beatles made good use of the motel’s pool.

People started filling small bottles with the pool water the Beatles had swum in.

The fans were entitled to the indulgence. The Beatles are one of history’s great musical combinations. Brought joy to many.

Jean and Joe Thornton have returned. Concluding a one month European vacation. Not to Key West yet. Got back to Birmingham a few days ago.

Yesterday Hurricane Gabrielle was thought might be a danger to south Florida. Keys included. No more. Gabrielle made a very sharp turn north and then west. It is expected to make landfall in Ireland and the UK in a few days.

Humberto could be a problem. Meteorologists are waiting for it to form.

The possible impeachment of Trump a growing thing. A little bit more each day. Now a smoking gun. Soon to be an arsenal.

Trump is a mean man. The Bahamas are hurting big time. It will take years for certain parts of the Bahamas to return. In the meantime, its people have been crushed.

Miami is only 50 miles away. The Bahamas are closer to Miami than Key West is to Cuba. Many are leaving the Bahamas for the United States. Makes sense. An emergency situation. Take them in!

Trump was quoted as saying in the September 4 Washington Post, “…..the federal government must not forget about our neighbors, just 50 miles from Miami.”

As with everything else, Trump’s position was short lived.

Trump will not permit entry into the U.S. by any Bahamians not having proper papers. He said some are criminals, bad people, etc. He will allow no one in who is not properly vetted.

He shames out nation, he shames our people.

A thought to be shared. Most Bahamians are people of color.

Dinner with Terri last night at Antonia’s. She wanted to skip Aqua.

Good time! Nicolle bartending.

The streets of Key West are quiet. Dead a better description. Off season. However, Antonia’s had an excellent crowd. Strange.

I have been doing Antonia’s for 25 years. Everything the same today as then. With 2 exceptions.

Bread and cookies. Back then, I suspect the bread was fresh baked in house. Doubt it is today. Not as good. Also, at the end of the meal, a small plate of house baked cookies were brought to the table. Free. An assortment. Delicious. No more cookies.

I am not complaining. Though I really miss the cookies.

Trump reminds me of two children’s rhyme characters.

Little Jack Horner. Trump thinks he always does good. In those instances he brings to mind…..Little Jack Horner sat in the corner, eating his pumpkin pie. He stuck in his thumb, pulled out a plumb and said, “Oh, what a good boy am I!”

And then there is Humpty Dumpty. Both Trump and Humpty physically the same.

When Trump falls, and he is going to, the rhyme will have proven itself…..Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty took a great fall. All the king’s horsemen and all the king’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

So it will be.

Two years ago today, a time of major consequence for Key West and the lower keys. Irma made landfall.

Projected as a category 5, it hit Key West as a 1. However 16 miles up the road, it landed on Cudjoe Key as a category 4. And was a 4-5 for the next 60-70 miles up the keys. Major devastation. Bahamas type.

Irma will be with us forever. Can not be forgotten.

Pouring big time at the moment. Weather forecasted to be heavy rain and wind over the weekend.

Father Trump has made and continues to make a big deal out of the Alabama thing. He screwed up and cannot admit he made a mistake. That simple. Would not have been a big deal. He has made it a big deal.

I suspect that as the House proceeds with impeachment, Wilbur Mills telling NOAA to change what had been said will be a big deal.

Daughter Ivanka getting into the picture.

Ivanka is visiting Alabama today or next tuesday. I could not figure out what tuesday from the way it was reported.

The question was asked somewhere this morning whether she would be surveying the hurricane damage there.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

Going to be an interesting evening. So much to talk about. Just as there is so much to write about this morning.

Big Pine took a heavy hit from Irma. A category 4. Some areas still recovering. Trump has failed to provide necessary monies to assist. As he has failed with other areas hit by other hurricanes.

The minor children of Big Pine recall not what Trump did. They recall the assistance the Bahamas provided. Seven children ages 5-10 sold lemonade over the weekend. To raise money to help the people of the Bahamas who had helped them. Note that 5 of the children lost their homes.

The children raised a little over $650. The money has already been sent to the Bahamas.

Another group has not forgotten. The Key  West Sunrise Rotary. They sent a check for $25,000.

I still have pages more. Blog long enough. I will cover some of the topics tonight and write about the others tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. I remember eating at Antonia’s back in the late 90’s and I too remember how I always thought their bread was especially good. I’m pretty sure it was made for them, like so many other restaurants on the island at that time, at Cole’s Peace Bakery when they were on Eaton Street (I think it was), before it was sold and moved to where it is now in the Restaurant Store.

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