Three topics of exceptional importance this morning. America failing its children, America’s growing diversity, and Humberto. The blog opens with these three. Then to some Key West items followed by a few more non-related Key West topics.

Some things escape us. We simply don’t know. One is how America is failing its children. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote an eye opening article concerning the problem which appears in this morning’s Times.

Right to it: America’s children rank #37 world wide in well being.


The U.S. provides universal health coverage for senior citizens (which is very expensive) but not for kids (which would be very cheap).

Why, you may ask. Kristof says because seniors vote and children do not.

America’s diversity is on the rise! Very soon whites will be the minority compared to the rest of the population.

The diversity is like an oncoming tide. Can’t be stopped. Will be overwhelming.

In a recent edition of the Axio Citizen newsletter, Kim Hart addressed the issue. Her observations interesting.

Since 2010, 96 percent of all U.S. counties experienced a decline in white population. The nation’s white population has grown only 0.1 percent since 2010.

The America of today is more racially diverse than at any time in history. Racial minorities more geographically dispersed.

The fastest growing racial minority groups are Hispanics and Asians. The two groups have increased 18.6 percent and 27.4 percent respectively from 2010-2018.

The next 5 years will show a decline in white population. The next 5 years, the 20 something population will be minority whites.

The 2020 election could be the last hurrah for America’s whites. If not, 2024 definitely.

A hurricane here, a hurricane there. They are coming out of Africa  too frequently this year.

Humberto of present concern. Actually should not yet be named. Still not a tropical storm.

The cone shows Humberto, in whatever force, passing right over Key West. Though not certain yet. The experts will know better over the weekend.

It also appears Humberto will hit the Bahamas first.

We can handle a tropical storm with little difficulty. Few will evacuate. Heavy rain and wind. Trees and some roof tiles down. Power interrupted for a while.

I enjoyed last night. The Sons and Daughters of Italy had a dinner at La Trattoria on the Ocean. A social gathering, no business.


Key West is hurting for money. City fathers are instituting new measures to bring in more tax revenue.

The primary reason for additional income being required is that the City has 12 new staff positions to fund and higher salaries for some who have had their job descriptions reclassified.

The money is to come from increased taxes and many additional parking meters.

$1.9 million new dollars required.

An irate citizen wrote in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice that it is wrong to raise money for new positions and increased salaries.

If taxes are to be raised, put them to good use.Where most required. Where they have been most required for years.

Like the streets.

The irate citizen said Key West streets have needed repair for years. If money is to be raised, use it to repair the streets. Key West streets resemble “third world roads.”

I agree.

Tonight, a political one. The third Democratic debate from 5-8. A long evening. I will eat it up!

Seems that lying by national leaders is not limited to the United States. Great Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused by a Court of having lied to Queen Elizabeth re a Brexit step he recommended.

Not many George Washington’s left in this world!

Eisenhower warned us. We did not heed his words. The military-industrial-complex is making a ton of many. I question whether all of the military spending is necessary.

Also, where is it going.

Last year, it was reported that a proper audit of the Defense Department could not be done. Either $300 million or $300 billion could not be accounted for. No receipts, etc. No one had any knowledge concerning the spending.

An example of whether money in some respects in being spent willy-nilly.

F-35 fighter planes.

Poland is our friend and ally. Lockheed-Martin recently received a $6.5 billion contract from Poland for F-35’s.

The U.S. supports Poland and has been engaged for many years in providing the country with dollars to be spent militarily.

The money Poland will pay Lockheed-Martin will come from U.S. tax dollars. Congress has the right to modify or block the expenditure.

Lockheed-Martin and the U.S. Defense Department have made a deal whereby the Defense Department will procure 470 new F-35’s for itself.

Tax dollars, again.

Military-industrial-complex doing well.

I wonder how closely these expenditures are scrutinized.

Enjoy your day!





  1. A government of the people, by the people, for the people, is something gone astray. We MUST find a way to return to those principals.

  2. Eisenhower – “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.”

  3. Nobama Care? How to operate. Go to the hospital when sick, they have to take care of you. Later, when the bills arrive, throw them away. The hospital will write the loss off it’s taxes. Happens every day. End of story.

    • Totally wrong and completely stupid. Looks to be written by a ill informed FOX news Syncophant who doesn’t know what healthcare even means.

      • Repeal and Replace(with something better- no less) DAY ONE.
        And what number lie would that be in the vast catalog?
        It ends in 2021 when Trump is escorted out of DC

  4. Your diversity will be overwhelming. Its you liberals not allowing enforcement of our laws and encouraging this ‘diversity’ that are to blame. You wanted it, now you’re getting it. Can’t see past the end of your noses.

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