A special day. Not just in American history. World wide.

The bikini made its debut this day in 1946. Seventy one years old and still going strong! If anything, skimpier.

The bikini was introduced in Paris. The United States had tested an atomic bomb the week before on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. The bikini was named after the blast.

Must be something right about the bathing suit to have survived so long. Men without question derive pleasure from the voyeur perspective. Women because of comfort? Do they enjoy showing off a bit? I have never been able to figure it out. Whatever, stay with it ladies!

Spent the Fourth emptying moving boxes. About 50 percent done.

Took a few hours off in the afternoon. My podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Show not developed. I needed to prepare.

Did the show at 9. Excellent material. Easy to come by. Trump a writer’s dream.

The topic however that interested me the most had to do with plastic bottles.

In the United States alone, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute. A number! Works out to 480 billion a day.

A disposal problem. Some recycled. Too many to recycle all. Others end up in waterways and landfills.

England may have found the solution. Plastic bags their problem. England taxed plastic bag usage 5 pounds per bag. Close to $5 a bag American money.

Plastic bag usage dropped 85 percent the first year.

Never got to see the fireworks. I was doing my show at the time. could hear the boom booms, however. One after another.

Enjoy you day!

3 comments on “THE BIKINI IS BORN

  1. The plastic issue has been addressed in California. First, they charge a 5 cent “deposit” on the small bottles like the 16-20oz water bottles. More for the large ones like the 2L Coke bottles. They have state controlled places where you turn them in. Now, people scrounge through trash cans for bottles to turn in. Me… I just save them up from Florida and take them back to California once a year. Pays for my trip.

    As for the plastic bags, they too are banned in California grocery stores. Instead of giving away the cheapies, the stores now sell “bio-friendly” plastic bags for 10 cents each. Stores must be making a killing. Bags still ending up in the dump.

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