The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, Yankee Doodle Dandy, This Land Is My Land, etc. Bands will be playing such music through out the United States today. The birthday of the United States!

Most awesome will be the Boston Pops on the Charles River and A Capitol Fourth on Washington’s Capitol Lawn. Both available on TV tonight.

Fireworks included!

Key West fireworks will be off the White House Pier. Shot out over the ocean.

July 4 celebrate’s America’s birth date. Two hundred forty one years ago. July 4, 1776. The day recognized as the one where the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

The new nation’s population a mere 2.5 million.Native Americans excluded in the count. Today in the area of 350 million.

We have always celebrated.

On this day in 1778, George Washington and his troops were at Ross Hall, New Jersey. Washington recognized the day and its importance. He ordered a double ration of rum for his men and an artillery salute.

Big last night! Dueling Bartenders at Aqua. Terri White guest performer.

Two great renditions. Terri singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Rick Night and Day.

Joseph aka John the Baptist arrived assisted by his long pole.Randy Roberts at the bar joining in the singing. Tom and Rick the Dueling Bartenders.

Everyone joined in for God Bless America. Kate Smith’s voice missing.

Sally from Hot Dog Church showed up. A lovely woman.

Comcast in my new home in the early afternoon. I now have TV, wi fi and a land line.

Comcast never gets it right. I am missing the movie channels on my bedroom TV. Will call in today and probably will have to wait five days for a technician to come over.

Not complaining. At least, I have everything else. I will survive.

Still unpacking boxes. It’s like one step forward, two steps backward. Barbara keeps running to Home Depot to buy something else. The living room is as full this morning as it was yesterday morning.

Barbara cleaned the strawberries. Delicious!

She felt biscuits and whipped cream were needed. Off to Publix.

In the middle of this mess, Barbara baked the biscuits. We stood and enjoyed. No place to sit. No room. Not even on the floor.

Today committed to more unpacking. Hope Barbara does not decide we should have a standing prime rib dinner.

Enjoy your day!





  1. I think Terri singing Somewhere over the Rainbow bow would be fondly remembered for life. Its one of my favorites and sing it often.

  2. Diana, I’m breaking my own rule about commenting this one time. Louis is a dear friend and I keep up with him via his blog and ,more infrequently, phone calls. He has never mentioned you to me directly, but I can tell by following the comments that you and I wouldn’t get along. You seem like, to quote your dear leader, a nasty woman.

  3. Barbara, I believe that this is fake news. Not the real Barbara. You and I did meet in person about 3 years ago at the Chart Room bar. I found you to be a lovely person. Keep blog commenting however. You must enjoy our Louis’ blog too as so many of us do.

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