The best part of my yesterday was dinner last night with Mike and Tina. Key West friends I have not seen in several months. We had dinner at Deuces Off The Hook Grill.

Mike and Tina are world travelers. They fly worldwide doing business for their clients. They related to me a recent family trip to Italy. Tina was born in Italy. They went back to visit her Mom. Mike took his parents along. A good time was had by all! They did some traveling. Visited Switzerland. They were away a whole month.

Tina told an interesting story. They were somewhere in Italy and there was a traffic screw up. The Italians were blaming the Americans….They did not know how to drive. The mob was unaware Tina was born Italian and understood the language. She got out of the car and ripped them new butt holes.

An ugly american? I think not.

I was hurt. They have not ordered my book The World Upside Down. I hope they will now. Speaking of buying the book, Billy Schott wrote that he and Cindy received their copy from yesterday.

On the way home, I stopped at Don’s Place. Good company. Stan, Clara, Hershel, Erika, and Stan and Hershel’s sister who has just moved to Key West.

I spent most of my day at the computer. Researching further the farm bill. I will be writing the KONK Life column later this morning. Read the article! It is revealing! You will be shocked at who eats off the law.

Tonight, tonight…..Syracuse basketball. At 6, Syracuse plays Clemson. Syracuse is undefeated, Clemson has lost 6 games. I will be watching the game at Lukas’ Sports Pub. Syracuse fans join me!

I worry about every game at this point. Someone is going to beat Syracuse. Could be any team on the right night.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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