It happened again last night! Syracuse won a squeaker in the last few seconds. It was Syracuse over North Carolina State by one point. 56-55.

Tough on the heart!

Too many close games this season. Extremely close. I think there have been eight close games. All eight could have gone the other way and Syracuse would not even be ranked.

Whatever, we are 25-0. There has to be a message in that number of wins and no defeats. Could it be…..Team of destiny?

It was a screwed up basketball day yesterday. The game was scheduled for 3. I was at the Sports Pub at 3. No game. No one could figure out why. I headed over to Don’s Place to see if he had the game. No game. Toni figured it out using her I phone. The game had been pushed up to 7 because the North Carolina State team had just arrived. They were supposed to have  come in the night before.

I returned to the Sports Pub for the 7 o’clock tip off. Still could not get the game. John Lukas spent a good 15 minutes on the phone with his provider. They knew from nothing. No game continued.

John happened to mention there was a way to bring in whatever national channel was carrying the game. He did not know how. He needed a TV/computer guru. A lovely blond spoke up and said she understood what had to be done. She did. Five minutes later we were watching the game.

The lovely lady was Keegan from Rochester. A die hard Syracuse fan, she was enjoying the game with Jeremy. Also at Keegan’s table were Jackie and Bard. I assume from Rochester or Syracuse. All family.

I love Jackie! When I introduced myself, she said…..I read your blog every day! Thank you, Jackie! It was a pleasure meeting you. Hope we run into each other again soon.

I mentioned I had recently published my first book. Keegan was interested in the title, how to obtain it, etc. I told her it would be in the blog in the morning. The book is titled The World Upside Down. Available on and Though I used both Key West Lou and Louis Petrone as my names, the book sellers are using Louis Petrone as the author. Tie it in with the book’s name when searching.

My good friends Dan and Lisa were sitting with me for the game. Dan and I seemed to be moaning in unison. The games are not getting any easier. Dan and Lisa have house guests. Dave and Karyn from Auburn or Baldwinsville. I am not sure which. Born and raised in one and now live in the other. Wherever Dave and Karyn are from, they were nice people. I suspect we will all be together for the Boston College game Wednesday night.

I stopped at Don’s place on the way home. Don’s place had the game. They watched it on ESPNews. Don does not have the basketball package, John does. You figure it.

It was hip, hip, hooray! The bar knows I am a Syracuse fanatic. I sat a while and had a drink with Stan and Clara.

When I was driving into Key West for the 7 o’clock game, there was a sight to behold! I came in via the North Roosevelt Boulevard. Palm trees had been planted along the way. About every 40 feet. Tall and straight. Strange palms. The scene beautiful! Made me think the aggravation has been worth it.

I have to get out of my home later this morning for several hours. The realtor is having another open house. I will be taking my computer with me. I have to write this week’s KONK Life column. Either at the bar at Don’s Place or the Plantation Coffee House.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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