Louie, Louie is a famous tune in the world of music. An American rhythm and blues song. Today recognized as a pop rock standard.

First recorded as a Jamaican ballad in 1956. Its lyrics written on toilet paper.

Louie, Louie was the back side B side of the first recording. The flip A side was You Are My Sunshine.

To this day, I have never heard nor was aware of Louie, Louie. I was aware and knew well the lyrics of  You Are My Sunshine. Sang it often over the years at parties, etc.

I came across a note this morning that on this day in 1965, the FBI concluded a two year investigation of the song.  The purpose: To determine if Louie, Louie’s words were pornographic. Dirty. Someone had complained.

Research indicates the words were difficult to understand. The FBI was asked to make a determination as to its pornographic quality.

The FBI Lab found the song’s words to be totally non-understandable. The FBI conclusion stated Louie, Louie’s words were “unintelligible at any speed.”

Louie, Louie is recognized as one of the most covered songs in rock and roll history.

My blog talk radio show last night. Half of it devoted to Trump. Difficult not to.

I thought things changed daily with him. New items popped up each day concerning him. My thoughts have changed. Trump moves fast. There is something new or a new position by him it seems every hour.

As a result, I never got into the Comey memorandum last night. I stopped listening to the news around 4. Had to. Otherwise, my topics, notes and flow for the show keep changing. I can only redo so many times.

In spite of my shutting down such research early, I still spent the first 15 minutes of the show discussing Trump. He has sinned in other regards.

The cry for impeachment is on many lips. My advise: Slow down! Comey’s memo and the facts surrounding it may not be enough. Give the President a couple more weeks. He will bury himself further. Then will be the time to zero in on impeachment, assuming solid grounds exist.

Ernest Hemingway. USA Today reported a new biography. Ernest Hemingway by Mary V. Dearborn. The first full fledged biography of Hemingway in 15 years.

Some suggest more books have been written about Hemingway than any other person in history. Whether a valid statement, I do not know.

The book spends a bit of time examining Hemingway’s sexual interests. One being gender switching. If true, it may answer the question as to why Hemingway had a special attraction to bi and lesbian women.

A return to American crocodiles.

Cleatus is an American crocodile. Cleatus has spent the last 14 years in the Dry Tortugas swimming in near shore waters at Fort Jefferson. Named Cleatus by National Park employees.

Since January, Cleatus has been moving inland. Closer to shore. In the area utilized by humans for swimming. He has interacted with visitors. Some even fed him.

A disaster in the making. Cleatus had to go.

Last sunday, officials captured Cleatus and delivered him to West Lake in the Southern Everglades.

I hope Cleatus will have no difficulty in adapting to his new home.

Enjoy your day!



It was back to the Lower Keys Medical Center at 8 yesterday morning for the CAT scan. Properly home medicated before hand.

I thought I would have to go through Admissions again. I had no order form this time. No papers. I felt like my grandfather when he was getting off the boat from Italy.

Not a problem. The radiologist was waiting for me at the door to the hospital. She took me by the hand and lead me to her department. Telling me I needed nothing. She was using monday’s paper work.

The whole thing took 15 minutes. The radiologist was Mechelle. I spelled it correctly. That is the way her parents spelled it. A Navy family.

I was wobbly when I got off the table. Continued to walk a bit unsteady. Into the elevator and up to the third floor. Wobbly walk continued as I entered Terri’s room.

The radiologist told me not to drive. I might feel that way. I did.

Donna a good friend. She picked me up and after returned me to my home. Donna was with Terri. The hospital is 5 minutes from my home. Donna was happy to get out of the hospital for a few minutes. She has been sleeping overnight on a chair in Terri’s room.

Terri looked terrific! She looked like death warmed over monday. The doctors still do not know why her kidneys were screwed up. A high number. Now coming down.

Her immediate problem was blood. they discovered tuesday night she was losing blood. Gave her two pints. That is why Terri was herself when I saw her.

She was hungry when she woke. First time she ate while in the hospital. She was sitting up in bed paying her bills over her cell phone when I arrived.

Don’s Place first last night. Chatted with David, Toni and Becca.

Then to the Back Door at Aqua and Mark Watson. Mark very concerned about Terri. They are close.

Quiet. Three guys in drag walked through.

Parking is a gigantic problem during Fantasy Fest. Does not exist. Lucky to find a spot 8-10 blocks away. To visit Back Door, I park in the public lot behind the new fire station. Not last night. Signs all over the place…..No Parking.

A pain in the ass. Obviously the City is preparing to use the lot for the remainder of Fantasy Fest for something else. Probably the buses bringing in out of town tourists who come in for a day from Miami. Typical City Commission attitude. Screw the locals!

I finally found a spot on the street after driving around a few minutes. City meter. $2 an hour. Same as in the parking lot. Much less convenient, however.

Then to Tavern ‘n Town for something to eat. Quiet. Every one downtown.

Soup and an appetizer. Followed by Key Lime pie. I had not had a piece in a while.

Michael entertaining. He took a long break and we chatted at the bar. Presidential politics.

Two guys sat next to me for a drink. We talked constantly. Primarily, Presidential politics.

One of the men was Bill Glowka from the Mecca, California area. A CPA. He was all aglow telling me about his participation with Galilee Center in California. He is a board member. The organization assists the needy.

Take a look at their website. An interesting operation. www.galileecenter.org.

I have begun asking people who they favor for President. Seems more Trump than Hillary. Many not voting. Several doing write ins.

The Trump supporters are middle aged men with out a college education. Blue collar workers. The women decidedly for Hillary. Those not voting think both are so bad that neither is worth their vote.

William Hackley has been writing the past several days of his hunting exploits. Must be the way food was put on the table in 1855. He generally shot ducks, teal and goose.

I finally get my flu shot today. Later than normal. I totally recommend the flu shot. Started 16 years ago. No flu since then. Prior to that time, I was good for three attacks a year.

USA Today ran an article yesterday saying that women will earn as much as men in 170 years. Don’t buy it! Today’s women will not stand for it. Equality will be achieved in the next decade.

Enjoy your day!



Many strange things occur in the woods and mangroves in the lower Keys.

Several animals and birds appeared recently at the end of Boca Chica Road. Washed up on the beach. Headless.

Three goats, five adult chickens, six baby chickens, two pigeons.

Suspicion is they are the result of a religious ceremony. Called Santeria.

A touch of Africa in the Florida Keys.

Lunched at Mangrove Mama’s yesterday. A pleasant experience. Sat outside with a cool breeze blowing through. The best, the lobster reuben I ate. Wow!

My first stop last night was Don’s Place. Looking for Don, David, Stan and Clare. We occasionally do the VFW wednesday nights.

Don’s Place was empty at 6:30. Only three persons at the bar. No one I was looking for.

I was alone.

Took a chance. Headed to Tavern ‘n Town. I was shocked! There were seats at the bar and in the restaurant. Not packed at all. Sat at the bar, read the newspapers and enjoyed a piece of salmon.

Various staff members said it was the first slow night since before Christmas. I believe them. I have stayed away for a month because there was no room at the inn.

Two nights ago, I met Scott and Veronica at Outback.  Newly weds. Relatively speaking. Two years.

Scott runs a scooter and bike business. Veronica is at Hard Rock Cafe.

The scooter/bike business is called Conch Scooters. Quite an operation. A delivery business. You telephone and Scott delivers. Where ever you are.

Conch Scooters can be reached at 305-747-8953.

Remember the Wal-Mart that was going g to be constructed on Rockland Key? Now uncertain. It has been reported there is a 50/50 chance of the project proceeding.

A proposal was submitted by the developers. The County countered with some concerns. Like traffic and affordable housing. The County continues to wait for a resolution of their concerns.

A shame if it does not proceed. Keys residents are simple living people. The weather dictating how we live. Shorts, T-shirts, sandals,etc. Nothing fancy. Even at a black tie event, you will find guests in a sport shirt and shorts. The men. Ladies tend to dress for these events.

Wal-Mart perfect for our way of life!

Please excuse how I reference the following. The word is stupid! The Citizens’ Voice this morning contains a comment re traffic congestion. Key West’s streets being at capacity use.

The comment was: “We’re only at capacity if everyone drives alone.” Alone! Key West is not a major highway. It is a small island 1.5 x 4 miles. Car sharing is not the remedy. Not even practical. The solution, I do not know. I would suggest fewer people visiting our island. Any more and Key West is going to sink into the ocean.

Traffic is only the first indication of a problem. More will naturally follow. Like sewage and water.

Everyone is on Trump’s back. Romney tonight. Yesterday, an article in USA TODAY. The article by Matt Krantz. He briefly discussed Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. The Atlantic City casino that sought bankruptcy protection.

Part of Krantz’s comments: “Trump had been chairman of the board in the late 1990s, owned 41% of the company in 1999 and drew a $1 million-a year salary. But investors did not do so well. Investors who bought the stock when the company went public in 1995 lost 87% of their money by 1999.”

My foot getting better. Not there yet. I miss the anti-gtravity treadmill.

Enjoy your day!



I have seen this before in Key West. Never mentioned it, however. Rain, no rain, and then rain again!

It poured big time around 6 last night for an hour. Heavy stuff. I was driving up Flagler. All of a sudden, no rain. The roadway was bone dry for about a half mile. Then, the storm again.

Not uncommon. I have seen it rain on one block and not on the other. Even across the street once. Lisa will occasionally call and say watch out, it’s raining. What rain? No rain in Key Haven.

My day yesterday started with the anti-gravity treadmill. Love it! I am still taking steroids. Today, the last day. I hope the problem is resolved. I am concerned the pain may return.

Then to the Conch Coffee Queen for Cuban cheese toast and cold Cuban caramel coffee. Read the newspapers. An ad for a painting grabbed my eye. I was shocked.

It was a 4 inch x 4 inch ad on the bottom right hand corner of the first page of the Life Section of USA today. For an oil by Jean-Paul Cassigneul, a French painter. No price listed.

Cassigneul is a contemporary  by reason of age. We were both born in 1935.

I bought a Cassigneul around 1970. Cheap. My recollection $200. Liked the work. He painted women. All beautiful, tall and slender. All from another era.

I never bought anymore because he was basically an unknown. Not any longer apparently!

My problem is I have to go back and find the painting. I did nor bring it to Key West. It is stored somewhere in Utica. I have no idea as to its value.

These happenings are unusual. They do happen, however. Many years ago, I purchased a small watercolor in a tiny shop on Route 20 in upstate New York. For $40. I never liked it. Always wondered why I bought it.

Two years after purchasing the painting (I cannot recall the artist’s name), I gave it to a doctor friend as a birthday gift. Several years later, he sold it for $14,000. The painter had become somewhat popular.

Oh, the pain!

Don’s Place first last night. I wanted to see David. David is captain of our bocce team. Bocce begins a week from thursday. The team will be shorthanded the first evening. Don is on vacation somewhere up north at his lakeside home, Stan and Claire are going to be in Michigan City.  There will only be 5 of us.

I was curious as to David’s plan re allocating team members. I should not have been concerned. He had it all worked out.

Had a drink with Grant before leaving.

Decided to try Sq. 1 again. The paper noted Sq. 1 was providing a 25 percent discount to locals. A light dinner at the bar. The meal inexpensive. I like the setting. I am not sure yet the food moves me. The issue is selection, not preparation.

There is no honor among thieves. Or is it, there is honor among thieves? I do not know. Not important. I merely want to note that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been arrested for securities fraud. So many State politicians arrested in recent years. Most convicted.

Then there are those Congresspersons who obviously dance to the tune of the rich. Not proper.

My KONK Life column which hits the stands tomorrow analyzes the issue. I call it The Stealing of America.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9 my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Topics include the Federal judge in the NFL/Brady matter big time out of line, see Planned Parenthood videos before commenting, Lois Lener and immunity, Big Latch On month, the rich taking over America, and more.

I am not a religious man. I believe, but do not actively practice my faith. I am a fallen away Catholic. I preface what is to come because I do not wish to give the impression I am a church going Christian. Especially, a Bible totting one.

I would further preface my comments with the fact I have many friends of different faiths or no faith. Non-Catholic Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and atheists.

Somewhere in my readings yesterday, I came across the statement…..Lord, I am tired. I was at the moment. I googled the phrase to see what would come up. Jesus was tired and Jesus wanted to help people rest.

John 4:6 makes reference to Jesus being tired…..”Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about noon.”

Matthew 11:28…..”Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I especially like the Matthew quote.

Enjoy your day!