Many strange things occur in the woods and mangroves in the lower Keys.

Several animals and birds appeared recently at the end of Boca Chica Road. Washed up on the beach. Headless.

Three goats, five adult chickens, six baby chickens, two pigeons.

Suspicion is they are the result of a religious ceremony. Called Santeria.

A touch of Africa in the Florida Keys.

Lunched at Mangrove Mama’s yesterday. A pleasant experience. Sat outside with a cool breeze blowing through. The best, the lobster reuben I ate. Wow!

My first stop last night was Don’s Place. Looking for Don, David, Stan and Clare. We occasionally do the VFW wednesday nights.

Don’s Place was empty at 6:30. Only three persons at the bar. No one I was looking for.

I was alone.

Took a chance. Headed to Tavern ‘n Town. I was shocked! There were seats at the bar and in the restaurant. Not packed at all. Sat at the bar, read the newspapers and enjoyed a piece of salmon.

Various staff members said it was the first slow night since before Christmas. I believe them. I have stayed away for a month because there was no room at the inn.

Two nights ago, I met Scott and Veronica at Outback.  Newly weds. Relatively speaking. Two years.

Scott runs a scooter and bike business. Veronica is at Hard Rock Cafe.

The scooter/bike business is called Conch Scooters. Quite an operation. A delivery business. You telephone and Scott delivers. Where ever you are.

Conch Scooters can be reached at 305-747-8953.

Remember the Wal-Mart that was going g to be constructed on Rockland Key? Now uncertain. It has been reported there is a 50/50 chance of the project proceeding.

A proposal was submitted by the developers. The County countered with some concerns. Like traffic and affordable housing. The County continues to wait for a resolution of their concerns.

A shame if it does not proceed. Keys residents are simple living people. The weather dictating how we live. Shorts, T-shirts, sandals,etc. Nothing fancy. Even at a black tie event, you will find guests in a sport shirt and shorts. The men. Ladies tend to dress for these events.

Wal-Mart perfect for our way of life!

Please excuse how I reference the following. The word is stupid! The Citizens’ Voice this morning contains a comment re traffic congestion. Key West’s streets being at capacity use.

The comment was: “We’re only at capacity if everyone drives alone.” Alone! Key West is not a major highway. It is a small island 1.5 x 4 miles. Car sharing is not the remedy. Not even practical. The solution, I do not know. I would suggest fewer people visiting our island. Any more and Key West is going to sink into the ocean.

Traffic is only the first indication of a problem. More will naturally follow. Like sewage and water.

Everyone is on Trump’s back. Romney tonight. Yesterday, an article in USA TODAY. The article by Matt Krantz. He briefly discussed Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. The Atlantic City casino that sought bankruptcy protection.

Part of Krantz’s comments: “Trump had been chairman of the board in the late 1990s, owned 41% of the company in 1999 and drew a $1 million-a year salary. But investors did not do so well. Investors who bought the stock when the company went public in 1995 lost 87% of their money by 1999.”

My foot getting better. Not there yet. I miss the anti-gtravity treadmill.

Enjoy your day!


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