Louie, Louie is a famous tune in the world of music. An American rhythm and blues song. Today recognized as a pop rock standard.

First recorded as a Jamaican ballad in 1956. Its lyrics written on toilet paper.

Louie, Louie was the back side B side of the first recording. The flip A side was You Are My Sunshine.

To this day, I have never heard nor was aware of Louie, Louie. I was aware and knew well the lyrics of  You Are My Sunshine. Sang it often over the years at parties, etc.

I came across a note this morning that on this day in 1965, the FBI concluded a two year investigation of the song.  The purpose: To determine if Louie, Louie’s words were pornographic. Dirty. Someone had complained.

Research indicates the words were difficult to understand. The FBI was asked to make a determination as to its pornographic quality.

The FBI Lab found the song’s words to be totally non-understandable. The FBI conclusion stated Louie, Louie’s words were “unintelligible at any speed.”

Louie, Louie is recognized as one of the most covered songs in rock and roll history.

My blog talk radio show last night. Half of it devoted to Trump. Difficult not to.

I thought things changed daily with him. New items popped up each day concerning him. My thoughts have changed. Trump moves fast. There is something new or a new position by him it seems every hour.

As a result, I never got into the Comey memorandum last night. I stopped listening to the news around 4. Had to. Otherwise, my topics, notes and flow for the show keep changing. I can only redo so many times.

In spite of my shutting down such research early, I still spent the first 15 minutes of the show discussing Trump. He has sinned in other regards.

The cry for impeachment is on many lips. My advise: Slow down! Comey’s memo and the facts surrounding it may not be enough. Give the President a couple more weeks. He will bury himself further. Then will be the time to zero in on impeachment, assuming solid grounds exist.

Ernest Hemingway. USA Today reported a new biography. Ernest Hemingway by Mary V. Dearborn. The first full fledged biography of Hemingway in 15 years.

Some suggest more books have been written about Hemingway than any other person in history. Whether a valid statement, I do not know.

The book spends a bit of time examining Hemingway’s sexual interests. One being gender switching. If true, it may answer the question as to why Hemingway had a special attraction to bi and lesbian women.

A return to American crocodiles.

Cleatus is an American crocodile. Cleatus has spent the last 14 years in the Dry Tortugas swimming in near shore waters at Fort Jefferson. Named Cleatus by National Park employees.

Since January, Cleatus has been moving inland. Closer to shore. In the area utilized by humans for swimming. He has interacted with visitors. Some even fed him.

A disaster in the making. Cleatus had to go.

Last sunday, officials captured Cleatus and delivered him to West Lake in the Southern Everglades.

I hope Cleatus will have no difficulty in adapting to his new home.

Enjoy your day!



A lovely morning! For a change!

I stepped out on the deck just as the sun rose. Beautiful!

Some rain predicted. Not much. Just heard thunder.

Sick turtles are in the right place when in the Keys. There is a turtle hospital located in Marathon. The Marathon Turtle Hospital.

Extended cold weather and high winds are not healthy for turtles. Such weather also contributes to a red tide. All dangerous to turtles. Such weather can also be potentially fatal. Can result in tissue generating tumors.

Clearwater sent 18 turtles to the Marathon Turtle Hospital recently. All sick. Only 9 survived the trip. The other 9 presently stable. They are being sent to a local hospital today to be CAT scanned to see if tumors are developing.

I know turtles live in water. Crocodiles also. I am not sure their species. Fish, mammal, what?

Anyhow, an American Crocodile was seen in Little Hamaca Park in Key West yesterday. Resting on a drainage pipe. Five to six feet long. Rob O’Neil was able to get a picture. It ran in this morning’s Key West Citizen.

The lower Keys had another sighting last year.

I am not happy even one has arrived in Key West. Where there is one, there has to be more, will be more.

An anthropologist recently told me the Keys are a croc’s home also. That we must learn to live together.

I prefer not to live with them.

At Body Owners yesterday morning for the anti-gravity treadmill. Jenny back. Good to see her. Jenny was away a few days. Her mother in law died in northern Florida. Sad, but not sad. She was 102.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for some interesting topics. Some the would you believe type. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics include a Kentucky bill requiring wife and doctor approval before Viagra can be purchased. Introduced by a female legislator. Her philosophy being if men can make laws about sex and reproductive rights for women, similar laws should be adopted for men.

Eliot Spitzer at it again. In a Plaza Hotel room registered in his name, a woman called 911. Said Spitzer was choking and hitting her. Police arrived.

Some people never learn!

Other topics include Justice Antonin Scalia, Catholic bishops not following Pope Francis’ dictates re disclosure of sex abuse, and Venezuela finally being totally out of food. And more.

Desired stone crabs last night. Went to Martin’s. Closed on Mondays.

Second choice was the new Waterfront Restaurant. My second visit. No stone crabs, of course. Enjoyed the best calamari ever! White and soaked in beer batter.

Many visit Sarabeth’s. A fine eating establishment at the corner of Simonton and Southard. Are you aware it was once a synagogue? Yes. Dedicated this date in 1908. Rodef Shalom Synagogue.

There were once three synagogues in Key West. Key West at the turn of the century (1900) was the Miami Beach of Florida. Actually, there was no Miami Beach at the time. Jewish vacationers visited Key West for their winter sojourn.


In the 1920s, Miami Beach was developed. That was the end of Key West as a vacationing place for affluent Jews. They flocked to Miami Beach. With their leaving, the need for three synagogues went also. Today, there is one synagogue in Key West.

Good morning, June.

Everyone enjoy their day!