The modern world moves in strange ways.

Paris and Berlin have a common problem. Men peeing in the streets. Big time! The ladies not at all.

Arrests, fines, etc. have not solved the problem.

Paris’ solution unusual. Public urinals on the streets. Strictly for men. Open and exposed. A bright red metal box 2′ x 3′ sitting on a pole. A large opening on one side. A man steps up to the box, pulls out his private, and excretes into the hole.

These boxes are on public streets. In full view of everyone. No privacy involved. Near popular tourist spots. One sits near Notre Dame Cathedral. Several along the Seine. One near a school.

Twenty two erected so far. All eco-friendly. No odor. Straw inside. The straw periodically removed and used for compost.

Again, not for the ladies. As to #2, a private commode still required.

Berlin liked the idea of what Paris was doing. The Germans came up with their own way, however. A study undertaken. Now complete. The study requires gender equality. Neutral toilets for public use.

Men peeing in the streets the problem again.

The Berlin plan requires the construction of small buildings to be used as public toilets. With an unusual twist.

Receptacles common for male peeing use hang on a wall. Some run from chest height to the floor. Others chest height to just above the knees. A man stands before the receptacle, pulls out his private and goes.

The smaller of the receptacles to be used in the new public facility. The bottom lip will extend out a bit more than normal.

Men and women alike will use the receptacle. The men in the usual fashion. Women standing in front of the receptacle, lifting their dresses or dropping their pants, followed by their panties. The women will pee standing up as the men do.

For the other type excretion, a commode required. Somewhere else. The new gender compliant facility only for peeing.

Would you believe?

The subject was the opening topic in my podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. More interesting than Donald Trump.

Another topic involved Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Hell hath no fury like as a woman scorned. A woman rejected in love can be angry and dangerous.

Omarosa and Trump together a long time. Fifteen years. Omarosa black. He a racist. Strange that whatever the relationship, it lasted that long.

She appears to have tapes. For everything. Trump is a womanizer and misogynist. My gut tells me they must have had sex. Embarrassing for the President if such is the case and reflected on a tape or two.

Yesterday, Omarosa dropped a bomb. Claimed Trump knew about the Hillary e-mails before they were even leaked by Wikileaks. Such would mean Trump was aware of their existence via a Russia connection.

Omarosa has appeared before Mueller. When asked if she had a tape re the e-mails, she said she could not respond.

I spent yesterday afternoon preparing for last night’s show. Cupboard bare again. I did not feel like going to Publix for food at lunch time. Ergo, drank 2 Dr. Atkins 15 gram protein shakes. One for breakfast, the other for lunch.

By dinner time, I was famished. Did not realize how much. Went to Roostica. Ordered the 3 meatball over polenta appetizer. Always cognizant of my diet.

I devoured the food with a speed that shocked me. I was ravenous. Still hungry. Ordered brushetta. Swiftly put that down.

Not a smart way to eat. Do not plan on doing it again.

Thought overall I would lose a pound. Instead, gained a pound.

Key West icon and legend David Wolkowsky requires mention. On this date in 1978, he bought the Kress Building on Duval for $210,000. Soon thereafter became Fast Buck Freddie’s.

David built a penthouse home for himself on the roof of the building. Absolutely magnificent! I have attended several parties there.

David still throws large parties on the roof. More intimate ones at his home in the Casa Marina Flagler area. David will be 99 years old on August 25. I will be attending a birthday party for him at his Flagler  Street home.

The Woodstock Festival opened this day in 1969. On Max Yasgur’s farm in Bethel, N.Y. Two hundred thousand were expected. Close to a half million showed up.

A raucous three day event. Will forever be known as the perfect example of America’s 1960’s youth counterculture.

Big name musical entertainers appeared. The likes of Airplane, Who, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, and Arlo Guthrie. Last but not least, Key West’s Larry Smith and Christine Cordone.

Those were the days….

In  a recent column in the Washington Post, George Will wrote an interesting statement. Short but to the point: “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

Enjoy your day!



I was doing a bit of shopping yesterday at Publix. There was a big woman in the aisle with me. She had two tiny dogs on leashes. Both wearing red vests. We moved into the next aisle. I paid no particular attention to her or her dogs. All of a sudden, the loudspeaker said there was a small dog wearing a red vest at the check out counter. The woman went flying by me yelling in a panic…..I am coming darling!

This was not the first time I had seen a dog in Publix. Many times. All sizes.

Key West is dog friendly. Very. Our four legged friends are welcome in many bars, restaurants and stores. First State Bank keeps dog biscuits on the counter. Dogs even have their own beach. Properly called Dog Beach. It sits next door to Louie’s Back Yard. Used daily by dogs for sun and bathing.

My yesterday began with a manicure and pedicure with Tammy. Crowded. All women and me.

Last night the bar at Hogfish. Chatted with various fishermen. The real kind. They have been working the shrimp boats and other type vessels for many years. Some as much as 25. Most are bearded. Some missing a tooth or two. Their faces tanned and haggard. Good company!

The morning news tells us of the man who attacked a TSA agent in the security area yesterday at the New Orleans Airport. He was waving a machete and sprayed one agent’s face with wasp killer. He was shot. Three times. Lived. Now in the hospital.

Frankie and Sandy were in the New Orleans Airport yesterday. They own and operate Frankie the Plumber. Frankie is my former bocce partner. Their plans were to spend a couple of days in New Orleans and then enjoy a two week Caribbean cruise.

If Frankie and Sandy were there at the time of the incident, they should have been ok. They would have been downstairs waiting for their bags and not upstairs where the attack occurred.

Some 30 years ago, I was in Italy for a month with my wife, children and parents. When leaving, we checked our bags and had our tickets reviewed at a particular counter. The next day, several terrorists shot up the same counter we were at the day before, plus two others.

You never know.

The following episode bears out that remark.

My friend Anna from Novara telephoned yesterday to tell me about the Tunisia ISIS attack at a museum in Tunis. Twenty tree killed. Four were Italians. One of the Italians lived near her, though she did not know him personally.

She told me however that my friends Germana and Mini knew the man and his wife. Germana and Mini are the couple that own what may be the biggest rice fields in northern Italy, a golf course, and live in a castle. I mentioned them when I visited Novara.

The dead man was Francisco Caldara. Sixty four. He was with his wife Sonia Reddi who was wounded. They were on a cruise. Tunis was a stopping place so they could visit the museum which apparently is world famous.

Anna told me that later in the day, the ISIS terrorists Twittered the world that they are on an Italian crusade and would soon arrive in Italy.

Our world gets smaller and smaller.

Enjoy your day!