The world supply of water is insufficient. A fact well known for years. Man is doing his best to develop means to avoid a life and death crisis.

Sand is important to man’s existence. Primarily for new construction (making of concrete) and the replenishment of shorelines where sand has been depleted because of storms.

Sand is gold. A natural resource. Only so much. Non-renewable. Presently in short supply. In researching the sand problem, I came across a comment that was right on: Sand Shortage – A Shore Thing!

The primary source of sand is river beds. The world presently uses 50 billion tons of sand a year. Twice the amount produced by all river beds. Clear evidence the world is running out of sand.

Forget desert sand. Too fine for any uses.

Where does all the sand go? What are its uses that take so many tons?

Cities are exploding world wide. More and more people moving to cities. More and more construction required to accommodate them. The U.S. a major real estate developer and user of sand. China way ahead of the U.S. From 2011-2013, China used as much sand for construction purposes as the U.S. had in all of the 20th century.

Fracking in recent years in the U.S. has increased the amount of sand used by the U.S.

Ninety percent of the world’s beaches have shrunk an average of 40 meters over the past 10 years, requiring sand to replenish them.

India a most interesting place. Sand a hot commodity. The field taken over by organized crime. Known as the Sand Mafia. Sells sand on the black market.

India’s Sand Mafia as well organized as a central American drug cartel. They employ 75,000 persons to dive for river sand. The 75,000 work a 12 hour day. Each dives up to 200 times a day. Drivers are paid a miniscule $15 per boat load.

Other sources for usable sand must be discovered.

Initiation of wars in Africa and the Middle East under consideration. To the victor goes the spoils. The excellent sand in those two areas will belong to the victor.

Man has to figure out how to use desert sand. How to treat and develop it so it will be the same quality and intensity as river bed sand.

Recycled glass a possibility. Glass is basically made from sand.

Transportation of sand from Mars to be used on Earth. It has already been determined that Mars has large supplies of blue sand usable for Earth construction.

Recent volcanoes a tragedy. However a benefit in the making. Black sand a result. A volcano’s emissions when dried become weathered fragments of volcanic glass.

Finally all else failing, construct buildings from wood rather than concrete.

Keep in mind that sand is a non-renewable natural resource. Once used, gone forever.

Man is not going to stop constructing concrete buildings. The U.S., China, etc. will continue to do so big time. Until there is no more usuable sand.

Those who have the wisdom to get into alternative building sources are likely to be the billionaires of tomorrow.


Several of us were at the Chart Room at 5 yesterday to visit with Che. An old friend, Chart Room cohort, one who has an empty hole in the bar awaiting his ashes, a first class debater in any friendly argument, a man soon to be 84.

The meeting had been arranged by Jean Thornton. Che has become a recluse in recent months. His health failing. He would not open his door if someone knocked. We wanted to visit with him.

No Che. Failed to appear. Probably decided he simply did not want to do it. No problem. Che has earned the right to call them as he sees them.

We sat at the round table and enjoyed ourselves. Jean, David, Cori, Nic, Captain Frank, Valerie, Lisa, and Louis. Later, Quincy Perkins showed up.

Jean made a batch of deviled eggs and brought them for all to enjoy.

Later, Jean and I had dinner together at Hot Tin Roof. Sheila bartending.

Jean and I are a match. We get along well. I consider her a benefactor. Escaped Irma by staying at her home in Birmingham for 12 days.

The Ocean Key House pier was severely damaged by Irma. The contractor waited six months to get back to Ocean Key that he could not do the job for the price bid. Another company has stepped in. They are swiftly working. A huge crane, huge wood posts, etc. I understand the entire pier is going to be redone in concrete.

My sunday afternoon was spent writing this week’s KONK Life column. Sit At Attention Or Die. A Kim/Trump tale. Mostly, Kim. It hits the stands wednesday evening.

The article was well researched and wrote swiftly. I had time left over. Skimmed the internet a bit to determine what the following week’s article will be.

Came up with the subject! Sand! The world is running out of sand. A black market has developed. I did some preliminary research. Interesting.

What a difference 100 years make! Price of Key West Hotel rooms.

In 1914, the Panama Hotel was located at the corner of Eaton and Elizabeth Streets. A new hotel. Running water in each room. A big deal! Rates $1.00, $1.50, and $2.00.

A sad situation. Paul Donnelly was the Key West Citizen Controller. In a management restructuring in March, Paul was one of the those let go.

Paul got in trouble last thursday in Plainview, Michigan. He robbed a bank. Walked up to a teller, handed her a note saying this is a robbery and my bag contains a bomb.

Paul walked out with $4,700. Eight hours later, he was arrested without incident.

Paul was in Plainview visiting relatives. The relatives claim Paul was suicidal, the bank robbery a call for help, he was fighting alcoholism, the sudden loss of his job had affected him, and he had recurring problems from a brain tumor.

Several years ago, I wrote a KONK Life article re Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. The Waterloo battle was waged this day in 1815.

I discovered in my research at the time that the popular reason for Napoleon’s defeat was not correct. It was not the genius of the Duke of Wellington, though his military prowess probably did make some contribution.

Napoleon had hemorrhoids. They were extremely painful the night before. He doped himself with some narcotic that evening and in the late morning when he woke to kill the pain. He overslept. Did not get to the battlefield till just before noon. The battle had started in the early morning.

He could not sit comfortably on his horse. As a result, he did not move around the battlefield to personally view and assess conditions.

The battle was lost early evening.

My research clearly indicated it was the hemorrhoids that did him in.

The immigration children problem disturbs me as it must most of you. Children separated from parents. Sort of a Sophie’s choice, though not as final.

Totally un-American. Not what good people do. I am ashamed my country is doing this.

The problem has to be resolved like yesterday. Realistically, by the end of this week.

How would Trump have felt if his three oldest when young were taken from him and his wife in a fashion similar to what is occurring at the borders? Or, Barron today?

Cock fighting in the lower Keys was a big deal back when. Perhaps even today. I recall a few years ago a group was arrested for involvement with cock fighting.

BOB reports British Peter had a cock fighting experience.

The time would have been the mid 1990’s. Peter was driving cab for a living. New to the job. Got a call asking if he would go to Rockland Key to pick up a fare. Peter jumped at the chance. The fare $17 plus tip.

He picked up 3 young boys each with a paper bag on a side road off US 1. They asked to be taken to Bahama Village. Made sure they had money to pay. Started up and reached the intersection with US 1.

All of a sudden, a huge truck was behind the cab. Lights glaring, horn blowing, and the driver waving out the window. Peter had no idea what was going on. He immediately called for help. The Sheriff’s Department arrived in 2 minutes.

The guy in the tuck ran to the cab. The boys jumped out and ran onto US 1 emptying their bags as they ran. They assumed the chickens would run into the woods. Not so. The chickens were fighters. They engaged in a mammoth cock fight on US 1 in front of the Sheriff Deputies.

The guy in the truck was arrested. The kids taken into custody. The chickens collected.

A problem arose. The Sheriff/County had no place to keep the chickens pending trial. Evidence. They solved the problem in Key West fashion. The chickens were turned over to the now defendant truck driver who they assumed knew how to safeguard them.

BOB does not tell  us how the case ended. Was there a trial? Were the chickens produced? I doubt it. These chickens were lucky if they saw the light of day following the incident.

The situation bothered Peter. He put a sign in his cab: No Rockland County trips, no Rockland County residents.

Dueling Bartenders tonight.

Enjoy your day!