Strange how things worked out yesterday.

I was working on a Tennessee Williams column for this week’s KONK Life. Tough to research. A lot of detail. Verification difficult and time consuming. Finally decided I could not get everything done in time to write the column today.

Went to an easier topic to research. Gertrude Bell. Bell was the female Lawrence of Arabia. She is the one who initially screwed up Iraq by having it carved out as it is. Probably more responsible than Bush 2 for what is transpiring in Iraq and the Middle East today.

When I finished researching Gertrude Bell, I had this compulsion to get back to Tennessee Williams. I did. Though it took a while, I finally had it researched. Ergo, I will be going this week with Tennessee Williams…..A Love. Gertrude Bell is on the shelf for another day.

The Tennessee Williams piece involves his relationship of 14 years with Frank Merlo. A good portion of those 14 years were spent here in Key West at 1431 Duncan Street.

Tennessee Williams and Gertrude Bell ate up much of my saturday. I was too tired to go out last night. Watched some college football and old movies on TV instead.

Oreos have been a part of my life. Love them! Hard not to eat a whole package once I get started. Many have commented over the years how difficult it was for them to stop enjoying Oreos once started. So I wrote about the new Oreo Thins yesterday.

I hit a sensitive spot. I was correct. Oreos are important to many. Received a large number of comments. All not favorable to Thins. Even those who had not yet tried them. Double sugar filling was the cry!

Buffalo’s Tom Dixon wrote. A die hard Syracuse fan, also. He advised that the freshman Syracuse quarterback was Eric Dungey. Son of Tony Dungey, former coach for Tampa Bay and Indianapolis.

Tom also suggested I not get excited. One game does not make a season. He is correct. However, hope springs eternal. We have waited so long.

There is a new video on the internet. Released today. Covers a Paris riot that occurred in July involving immigrants. Take a look. Interesting.

The Eurounion position of we must help is admirable and proper. However, the numbers coming in are so great, they may not be up to the task.

There is a school of thought that suggests some of the refugees are precursor North African and Middle East muslims intent on creating an Islamic Army to conquer Europe. Their goal to open new Islamic territories.

Don’t think me crazy. There is a world wide movement afoot by muslims to accomplish such goals. Keep ISIS, al Qaeda, and 9/11 in mind. These people are smart and compelled.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!



I write about important things. Today, Oreos. Specifically, the new Oreo Thins.

Oreos. That amazing cookie! Everyone loves Oreos! Delicious chocolate hard cake on the outside. Sweet thick white sugar inside.

Oreos recently came out with Oreo Thins. Saw it advertised on TV. Decided to buy a package. Thought I could get the same pleasure with only half the calories.

I was correct as to the calories. Wrong as to the pleasure. There was no pleasure. It tasted nothing like the Oreos I have known for years. The thin white inside taste was barely discernible. The thin chocolate wafers heavy in taste. It was as if I were eating a chocolate cookie.

Do not even try Oreo Thins. A waste of time and pleasure. It would surprise me if they were still be on the shelves in six months.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Then a bit of banking. Followed by lunch at the Marriott Beachside Beach Bar. I enjoyed my time there earlier in the week.

I was looking forward to chatting with Simon, the bartender. No Simon. Must have been his day off. No loss, however. I enjoyed the view, a cheeseburger and read the newspapers.

For whatever reason, I was tired. Went home to bed. Slept all afternoon.

Last night began with the Chart Room. I was hoping to run into Bob Dennard. Emily bartending. Her eyes much better.

Chatted with some tourists and snowbirds till Bob showed up.

Spent an interesting hour with Bob. He is much traveled. Writes about places he has visited. Especially, Asia.

Dinner was alone at the Hot Tin Roof bar. Chatted with Joseph. The place was filled by the time I left.

I understand La Te Da is entirely closed down for the month of September. Not uncommon. Many establishments close for September. The hottest month of the year and the fewest visitors.

My head is hung in shame. I knocked Syracuse’s football team yesterday. They played their first game last night against Rhode Island.

I should not have. Syracuse beat Rhode Island 47-0. A score from days of old. Unfortunately, starting quarterback Terrel Hunt hurt his ankle in the first quarter. He may not be able to play the rest of the season. A freshman, whose name escapes me, played the rest of the game. He obviously did well.

My KONK Life column Private Prisons was published this morning on E-Blast. Someone screwed up in printing the title. PRISON became PRISON’S. Nothing I can do at this point. Add it to what some perceive as my grammatically incorrect writings.

I have to write my KONK column for next week. Decided on a certain phase of Tennessee Williams’ life. He called Key West home for well over thirty years. My research not complete. There are certain facts I have to verify. Impossible for me to write the column today.

At this moment on saturday morning, I have no idea what the subject matter will be of the column I am to write this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!


Bocce last night! We were vanquished. Won 1, lost 2. To a better team. However, we gave them a fight in 2 of the games. In addition to which, we had a good time! Both teams.

The team record is now 9-3. The team that beat us 11-1. Not bad.

Bocce brings me to something I have known, for some reason forgot, and hit me again last night. While playing bocce and looking at the 50 other people playing. Key West is where adults become children again. Especially those in retirement. We regress back to the days of our youth.

Key West is bocce, golf, tennis, beach volleyball, hanging out in friendly bars and restaurants, making believe, costume dressing for the slightest reason, painting, writing, and daydreaming. Especially the daydreaming. Nothing like sitting under a palm tree on the beach with the vast expanse of the ocean in front and letting your mind go.

Everything that is done is done with the same zest and enjoyment as when one was young. Remember?

Dressing is also a regression. Shorts and a tee shirt. Even for the ladies, though I must admit that some days the ladies enjoy dressing a bit more. I love it when they wear long. Sultry and beautiful.

Diana Nyad two years ago swam from Havana to Key West. A first! She has since become an integral part of our community. She loves us and we love her.

Now comes Ben Hooper. His game plan is to swim from Africa to Brazil. A bit of a long trip. He is spending a month in Key West training. We have it all. Calm seas, rough seas, and sharks. He is training six days a week at the Community College lagoon.

He says the trip will take three months. He will be in and out of the water. Twelve hours a day in, the remainder in a boat. It is described as an assisted swim as opposed to the one Nyad accomplished. Of course, she only had to swim 90 miles rather than almost 2,000.

I admire Hooper. I also think he is crazy. What he is attempting is not my cup of tea.

I love Oreos. Who does not! I mention Oreos for two reasons. The first is that the cookie was introduced on this day in 1912. The second has to do with my diet.

I am now at 36 pounds lost. Stalemated again! Just as at 27 and 30 pounds.

My Louis conceived diet includes Oreos. For real! Not to pig out on. One to four a day. Some days not at all.

When I started  this diet, 20 pounds was my goal. I then extended it to 30. Now 40. I suspect I will continue to lose even after I reach 40 and end the formal diet. The reason simple. For the first time in my life, I believe I have truly changed my eating habits. We shall see.

My doctors are thrilled with my weight loss. The diet also when it has been explained to them.

If all works out, I may write a book titled The Key West Diet. Has to be a best seller!

I received a comment to this blog on WordPress today. From a Sharon in Oklahoma. I am not sure yet who she is. I suspect a love from long ago. It would be nice.

Enjoy your day!