Syracuse won its first basketball game of the season last night. Beat New Hampshire 83-72. A first win ever for Syracuse’s new coach Adrian Autry, also. 

Syracuse began the game well. Was up 20 points in the first 10 minutes. Things got a bit heavy in the second half, however. Autry had to revert to the 2-3 zone defense in order to win. He said he began practicing it last week just in case.

Syracuse plays Canisius tomorrow night at 7. May it continue its winning ways.

First time in ages I’ve seen a Florida State action moving on a correct path. I refer to the court merger that is under consideration. Locally, the Key West area was opposed. Monroe County, also.

Florida’s Judicial Assessment Committee unanimously voted friday against the measure. The matter goes next to the Florida Supreme Court which makes its recommendation which then goes on to the State Legislature. Let’s hope neither body screws things up. I always especially worry about Florida’s Legislature.

Caught a TV show last night covering Evel Knievel’s life. Knievel was an American stunt performer. Riding a motorcycle up, up and away over nothing to something. Occasionally not making it.

In the 1970s, I had a condo at the Jockey Club in Miami. Knievel was visiting the complex. Staying on his 150 foot plus yacht. Instead of a helicopter on the back end, he had two motorcycles hanging over.

We became friends.

I received a telephone call from him one friday morning. What are you doing buddy, etc.? He told me I had 30 minutes if I was interested to pack a small bag and meet him on his boat. He was off for a few days to the Bahamas and who knew where else.

I made it in 15 minutes. It was 4 days of big time fun!

Knievel died 16 years ago.

In 1898, a Catholic missionary in Key West wrote: “There is not a town in the South where there have been so many apostasies.”

Not knowing everything, I was unfamiliar with “apostasies.” Looked it up. Also known as “apostasties.” Means the act of refusing to follow, obey, or recognize a religious truth. Sounds like a sin to me.

I find the missionary’s observation still alive and kicking re Key West. A problem, of course. It is not true. I have found in my 30 years here that Key West is a conservative community.  An excellent place to raise a family. Yes, there is that “wild” part of Duval. That’s it, however. What community does not have its purported wild area?

Today is a significant date in Russian history. The Bolshevik Revolution took place this day in 1918. The Red Russians led by Vladimir Lenin overthrew the provisional government of the White Russians led by Alexander Kerensky.

Kerensky had to flee Russia to save his life. He ultimately ended up at Columbia University teaching Russian history. Two days a week he came to Manhattan College where I was a student to share his knowledge.

I took two Russian history courses from Kerensky. How exciting it was to listen to a man who was a part of Russian history and its significant revolution.

Some Fantasy Fest data. Sixty million guests. Twenty eight misdemeanor citations issued in the Fantasy Fest zone. Most for lack of attire. Revenue generated $30 million.

The TDC investigation should be thorough. Extensive. Significant changes in the operation of the TDC are called for.

Sixty million dollars in revenue with inadequate oversight is wrong. 

The investigation should look into financial exchanges with hotels, other activities that benefit from the TDC, and any outside vendors they employed.

Findings could be significant.

Trump lost it several times on the stand yesterday. He is his own worst enemy. He repeatedly attacked  the Judge, yelled at the Judge, attacked Attorney General James and others. He rambled on failing to answer many questions. The Judge had to warm him a courtroom is  not a political arena.

Washington comments re Tuberville’s tactics are all talk and no action. The Washington cry: “Tuberville should be expelled, impeached, and tried for treason.”

But, no one does anything.

Enjoy your day!


  1. your contact with both the Russian teacher, formerly in charge of the Russian govt, and with Evel Knievel is amazing! What an interesting life you have lead.

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