The best predictor of voting behavior is voting behavior. Democrats won in every significant state except one yesterday. Key win states included Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. Republicans only Mississippi. Each state competitive races.

There is a message. Democratic crepe hangers chill out! Especially former leaders. Polls have been inaccurate in many respects the past several years. Votes count, not polls. 

Biden’s way is the way. He keeps calm and carries on.

Syracuse/Canisius tonight at 7. ACC Network Xtra, if you can get it. Syracuse a 13 point favorite.

How much Harry Truman was loved in Key West. On this day in 1948, the President arrived for vacation and was greeted by a crowd of 25,000. They lined his route from Boca Chica to the Little White House.

The GOP debate tonight. Again, Trump will not be participating.

Consensus seems to be Trump did himself more harm than good in electing to testify in the New York City civil fraud case. His testimony was botched. He compromised his chances of limiting damages on appeal. Perhaps even created a bumpier road for himself in his criminal cases.

Love olive oil! The Italian in me.

Unfortunately, the global price of olive oil has risen 32 percent since May, at which time it had already hit a 26 year peak. Cause: Extreme heat, wildfires, and drought. Cut harvest yields.

Tuberville finally placed under pressure by his fellow Republicans yesterday. He says he will review his options.

Trump loyalists planning martial law for the first full day Trump is in office if he is reelected: “Going full blown Nazi!” They would do so by invoking the Insurrection Act.

Crazy, crazies!

Grandson Robert Malcom wrote re rivalry yesterday in Nole Gameday: “Hurricanes HC Mario Cristobal Discusses Matchup against FSU, Importance of In-State Rivalry.”

Enjoy your day!

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