As with many people, I spent COVID confined to my home. After almost 2 years of home confinement, I found it difficult to go out. Even though it was ok. I had become accustomed to staying in. Finally broke through and began. One night a week turned into two, two into three, etc.

Discovered new places to greet and meet. For whatever reason, avoided Duval. Then began hitting La Te Da. The far quiet end of Duval.

Finally made mid Duval saturday night. Antonia’s! One of my favorite dining spots pre-Covid. Walked in. Bar full. TK bartending. Had not seen TK in 3-4 years. He gave me a hi Louis and said you’ll have a seat in 3 minutes. I did. Two persons were leaving. 

As I was sitting, Joe Thornton came up and gave me a hug and hello. Followed by Jean. They had just finished dinner at a table. They joined me for a drink at the bar.

My meal was outstanding. Fettucine with a clam sauce. Oil. Clams tiny. Outstanding. One of the finest meals I have had in recent months.

The interior of the restaurant has been updated. Lovely!

Simply stated, I enjoyed.

Last night was sunday. I went over to Brady’s for dinner and some pro football watching. Sat next to Patrick. A first time meeting. Great con- versation. Patrick is a 60 year old construction worker erecting a building at the Navy base. He has been here for one year. Married, a couple of kids already college graduated. A daughter getting her Masters.

Resides in Brooklyn. Gets back to wife and family as often as possible.

We talked as only New York City persons can. Recall I went to college and did much business in New York City in the last 25 years of my practice.

Enjoyed my time with Patrick. Hope we run into each other again.

As I write, Trump is testifying in the New York City civil trial. Should be interesting. Can’t wait to learn how he did. Read a couple of articles earlier this morning that Trump hopes he may get the judge to throw him in jail overnight for contempt. He believes it will help his case on appeal and in the election.

The man has no shame! Other people would be ashamed to spend any time in jail, let alone be indicted.

The Syracuse basketball season opens officially tonight. Against New Hampshire. Seven o’clock. Hope I can get it on TV.

Syracuse has a new coach. Adrian Autry. Syracuse a 14.5 point favorite.

I hope the basketball season is better than the football one has been.

New House Speaker Johnson accused Biden in the past of bribery when he was Vice-President. House impeachment is now in his hands. Word is he will proceed hard against Biden.

Beware of Johnson. He is Trump in disguise.

Newest trend: No clothing allowed party. Same as a party with clothes. No sex. Not a swinging event. Children allowed.

Some things are too much, even for me.

I enjoy frozen cooked chicken. Especially Tyson Foods frozen chicken products.

Into each life a little rain must fall. Tyson has issued a warning and is doing a recall on 29,819 pounds of fully cooked breaded chicken pattys which it produced 9/5/23. Small metal parts have been discovered, The chicken comes in 24 ounce plastic bags containing “Fully Cooked Fun Nuggets Breaded Shaped Chicken Patties.”

An important day in American history. On this day in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th Presidnet of the United States.

How long will the people of the United States have to put up with Judge Aileen Cannon who is handling the Mar-a-Lago documents case in federal court in Florida?

Her errors of judgement affect us all. Trump is entitled to a fair trial and an impartial judge. He has neither. Everything going his way (generally when it shouldn’t) is not fair. His judge is biased. In his favor. Not “blind” as judges/justice are/is supposed to be.

Grandson Robert had another article published in Nole GameDay on November 4: “Florida State Fans and Former Players React to 24-7 Win Over Pitt.”

Enjoy your day!


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