Syracuse played its first game in the ACC tournament yesterday. Destroyed Florida State 96-57.

What a game! The basket was 3 feet wide. Everything Syracuse threw up went in. Syracuse’s defense spectacular also.

Syracuse’s best game of the season!

Calamity also attended the game. Resulted in Syracuse suffering a big time loss.

Buddy Boeheim has been suspended for today’s game.

Buddy and Florida State’s Wyatt Wilkes were grasping for the ball. Arms flying. Suddenly Buddy punched Wyatt in the stomach. No question a punch. Wyatt went down

The punch could be described as intentional or inadvertent. Looked intentional. Not the way Buddy plays the game, however.

The referees did not see it. The game went on.

However league officials viewed the incident after the game. Concluded the punch was a “flagrant act.” Suspended Buddy for today’s game.

Dad Jim saw it as inadvertent, as did Buddy. Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton also. Wyatt agreed with them. He said he took 30 hard punches during the season and this was not like any of them.

Today’s game going to be interesting. Syracuse’s opponent Duke. Number 1 seed. Destroyed Syracuse in a late season game last week. Actually shamed Syracuse.

Going to be interesting to see how Syracuse plays without Buddy in the line up. Perhaps an advantage. Every opponent works their defense around Buddy. Without Buddy, Duke will have to alter its defense for today.

Probably won’t make any difference. However, you never know.

Russia bombed a maternity and children’s hospital in Mariupol Bombed the hell out of it. Seventeen injured, including new borns.

Videos show the devastation. Including a two story crater.

Russia at first denied the bombing. Then denied it was a hospital. Claimed it was occupied by Ukrainian soldiers.

How sick can sick be? Putin is fighting the war beyond normal extremes. The world must stop him. His brutality uncalled for.

A tough decision for the free world as to what to do. Nuclear war could be the next step. Everyone seeking to avoid it.

The solution beyond my pay grade. However is not as regards world leaders. Especially the U.S.

Great Britain should be ashamed. Definitely Boris Johnson.

Johnson speaks with the bravado of a Donald Trump. He the hero. Is doing everything that can be done. Perhaps even more whatever the situation.

Not correct. He is assisting with regard to the Ukraine problem. However, minimally.

His words empty.

Johnson forgets how the U.S. assisted Great Britain in the late 1930’s into 1942. Recall lend lease.

If the U.S. had not assisted Great Britain, Germany would have defeated Britain early on. Instead, Great Britain survived and went on to victory.

Time for Johnson and Great Britain to reciprocate by helping the Ukraine. And not with empty words!

Florida always seems to be behind when it comes to eliminating invasive species.

The Burmese python the perfect example.

Florida did not concern itself for years. Suddenly said we have a problem! At the time it was estimated there were one million pythons and growing at a rapid pace. Pythons are sexually active.

Ten years ago, Florida suddenly became concerned: We have a problem!

Several methods were invoked to destroy the pythons. All failed.

Florida finally admitted it could not eliminate the pythons. Merely control their numbers.

Florida failed in controlling their numbers.

A new attempt has been announced. Going to go after the pythons by air. A study is underway to determine if drones would be effective in identifying a python’s location and then assist in killing the python.

Good luck! Too many, too late.

A couple of years ago it was announced iguanas were a similar problem. Iguanas had taken over South Florida. Florida clamoring we must do something.

Same result. Too many. Florida wildlife officials still scratching their heads as to a solution.

So much for today. Another doctor visit later this morning.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Florida officials are too busy pazzing laws telling people what thy can think and what they can do or not do, to worry about controlling or eliminating invasive species. Florida’s government is a mess right now.

  2. Facts – Trump says the U.S. should not have been buying Russian oil, but imports increased 39% during his four years, after dropping 22% over Obama’s two terms.

      • No, it is true. Russian oil imports increased from 142.0 million barrels in 2017, his first year in office, to 197.7 million barrels in 2020 — an increase of 39%.

        Russian oil went from 205.5 million barrels in 2009, predecessor Barack Obama’s first year, to 161.3 million barrels in 2016, his eighth and final year in office — a decrease of 22%.

        This according to many sources, including that from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Trump reduced our depenantt with the Saudi’s and gave it to his fried Putin, contrary to what he is now trying to claim!

      • How can you tell of an imposter is posting using my JUSTSAYING handle? They are PRO Trump— something I will never be.

        • I wondered if that was you – sure didn’t seem like you – probably that S*ndy creep, or maybe that other pompous guy! they always think they are so clever/

          • Sadly, it has happened before and will likely happen again. Some people lack originality, even when being azzholes.

            FDJT Fired Donald J Trump.

  3. North Korea tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile system in two launches Feb. 26 and March 4, a senior Biden administration official said Thursday, calling it a “serious escalation.”

  4. Facts – Republican Rep. Madison Cawthron N/C.) broke from his party’s support for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and told supporters the embattled leader is a “thug,”

  5. How can you tell of an imposter is posting using my JUSTSAYING handle? They are PRO Trump, something I will never be.

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