It was 218 BC. The Punic War. Hannibal on one side, the Romans on the other.

Winter was coming. Hannibal and his men had to be at a certain spot come spring. The Romans the same spot. Victory for several reasons depended who got there first.

The Romans were certain to be their first, unless Hannibal could find a way. The Alps lie between Hannibal and the spot.

Hannibal’s soldiers numbered in the thousands. Exact number unknown. Hannibal also used African battle elephants. He had 37 with him.

The solution a simple one. Hannibal and has large army had to cross the alps before winter set in. An impossible feat.

Historians report Hannibal said, “I will either find a way or make one.”

It took a combination of the two for Hannibal to make it. And make it he did!

His crossing the Alps is considered one of the most celebrated achievements of any military force in ancient warfare. He got there way ahead of the Romans. By so doing it placed the Romans in a position where they were unable in a timely fashion raise the army needed to confront Hannibal.

The size of Hannibal’s army at the beginning is unknown. The number who made it across the Alps with Hannibal is known: 26,000.

The elephants did not fare as well. Only one of the 37 that began the trek survived.

Key West and the price of gasoline.

After my doctor visit yesterday, I drove around Key West checking gas prices. For 2 months a gallon of gas had remained steady at $4.25. I figured based on the news I would be looking at $5 plus a gallon.

No way. Surprisingly so.

Half the stations were $4.45 a gallon. Only a $.20 increase. The others had varying numbers up to $4.60.

Two intersections in Key West have major oil company stations across the street from each other. One at each intersection had $4.45. The other side $4.55 and $4.60.

Shades of what is to come?

Surprising there were so many $4.45 ones. Doubt it is going to last.

Texas Governor Abbott reminds me of Putin. One achieves his goals via legislation. The other military force.

Abbott’s most recent “disgrace” involves medical care for transgender youth. Abbott has decreed it “child abuse.”

Late last month, Abbott issued an order to investigate parents for child abuse if they obtained certain medical care for their transgender children.

The order promptly kicked off an investigation by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. A Houston hospital immediately restricted its care of transgender children.

A concern has risen that Abbott’s way will swiftly be copycatted by other states.

The Major League Baseball lockout threat is ended. MLB and the Union struck a deal.

A full season of play will begin April 7.

Syracuse basketball is over for the season. Duke beat Syracuse yesterday 88-79.

Duke was close to losing with 3 minutes to play 79-78.

Syracuse reverted to the way it had played most of the season. Lost the close ones or blew big leads and lost. Duke scored 10 points in the last 3 minutes. Syracuse zero.

Some observations.

Syracuse played without Buddy Boeheim who had been suspended for the game. Seemed to make no difference. Syracuse had other great players as I have been advising all season. They stood up to the task before them.

Jimmy Boeheim, the other Boeheim, led the team in scoring with 28 points.

The team overall played an excellent game.

Now for what may bring a deluge of adverse comments.

I believe the coach, not the players, in college basketball make the difference. Especially in the last minute or two of a game.

Boeheim has been coaching 46 years. He has won many many games with plays he directed in the last minute or two.

Respectfully, Boeheim did not have it this season. Roughly 10 games were lost because Syracuse could not hold onto leads in the last minutes of a game.

Such does not mean Boeheim Is done. He had a bad year. Happens to everyone, especially after 46 years. I am confident he will be back next year in good stead.

Boeheim genius was evident at the beginning of the game. Syracuse is a zone defense team. Always has been. Boeheim started the game with Syracuse playing man to man.

Since Syracuse will not be playing further, my interest in March Madness will be minimal. That’s the way it goes.

Enjoy your day!


4 comments on “HANNIBAL

  1. Seems that Republican Governors, like Abbott and DeSantis are not held to the same standards as the Democrats. These guys are demanding all kinds of mandates and laws, trampling on any number of “Freedoms” and their supporters are not only fine with that but are cheering them on.

    Talk about hypocrisy?

  2. Why is it some of those trucks in the grievance convoy going slowly on the beltway around Washington have the Russian “Z” painted on them. Isn’t that a pro Russian thing?

  3. Get ready for fuel prices going much higher — the price of NOT doing business with Putin and that is just fine with me.

    FDJT- Fired Donald J Trump

    • World War II had high fuel prices AND fuel rationing. We may need to similarly sacrifice to avoid WW III, although I doubt Republicans would be onboard with that.

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