The best pre-packaged baked goods in America are Entenmann’s. Without question.

Sold exclusively in supermarkets.

The last of the Entenmann entrepreneurs was Charles Entenmann who died February 24 at age 92.

A family business which began in 1898 in Brooklyn. Grandfather Entenmann was a German immigrant who started the business. He would deliver his baked goods to homes in a horse drawn wagon.

The business moved to Bay Shore, Long Island, in 1900. The same delivery format used. With a noteworthy addition. The business’ clientele. Like the Morgans and Vanderbilts.

When grandfather passed on, Charles father and mother ran the business. Father Entenmann passed on.

In 1951, Charles, his mother and two brothers decided to start supplying supermarkets with their baked goods. At the same time introducing “see through” packaging.

The quality and packaging lured customers to supermarket shelves. Business boomed big time.

A huge baking facility was built on 5 acres in Bay Shore. Later expanded to 14 acres.

The company was sold in 1978 to Warner-Lambert for $233 million. It has exchanged hands several times since. It is presently owned by Bunter Bakeries USA.

Charles was the last of the Entenmann dynasty to head the business.

Charles and his family preceding him all did a top notch job in planning and running the business. Otherwise, none of us would enjoy the great baked goods we consume.

Guy Reffitt can best be described as a smart ass, a know it all.

Reffitt was one of the “leaders” on site January 6. A member of the “Three Percenters,” a Texas militia, and supporter of Donald Trump.

Tuesday he was found guilty in federal court in Washington, D.C., of 5 felonies. A jury trial. In fact, the first trial of any of the January 6 perpetrators.

The jury deliberated less than 4 hours.

He faces up to 60 years in jail.

Many witnesses testified against him. Including his son who turned him in and a daughter who testified against him in a pre-trial hearing.

Following the decision, Reffitt said it was not over yet. My sense is he was referring to another insurrection being necessary and would be the result of actions by those of his muster.

Mrs. Reffitt was obviously distressed. She warned others charged not to plead guilty. To do as her husband had done: Fight on.

I read somewhere this morning that Putin is the “new coronavirus.” Sounds fitting.

The Ukraine needs planes. The Poland deal died over the weekend following Putin’s threat warning Poland there would be “consequences” if Poland proceeded with the plan.

Poland immediately backed down.

Poland’s suggestion is the entire of NATO take the position the U.S. and others wanted Poland to take.

My admonition: Work it out folks! Too many people dying, too many people with homes destroyed, too many Ukraine women and children leaving the Ukraine for the safety of another nation, etc.

Never have I seen what in effect is a worldwide retaliation as is occurring against Russia. More and more corporations doing business with Russia cutting their ties. Sanctions galore being imposed.

Three of the most recent are McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Starbucks. McDonald’s is closing 860 restaurants. Starbucks 100 coffee shops.

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  1. It is not just Guy Reffitt and the member of the “Three Percenters,” the Texas militia, who support Donald Trump and the Republicans party. Three Neo-Nazis, Jonathan Frost, Christopher Cook and Jackson Sawall, also all strong vocal supporters of Donald Trump, have plead guilty in a plot to attack US power grids.

    This is today’s Republican party.

    • Annie, this is NOT the Repubican party- just a small number of far right people- just like the Democratic Party has some far left people.

      • No Ron, that’s not true, and that’s the problem. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of these far right thugs and weirdos attend Trump’s rally’s.

        Millions of Americans are voting for Trump agreeing with his message. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions are greeting the disgruntled truckers as it wiggles along it’s way to the capitol to disrupt.

        Millions of people agreed with the capitol riots when they happened.

        Let’s not forget that this last go around, the Republican party ran without any platform what’s so ever – they couldn’t be bothered to even put forward an agenda.

        This IS today’s Republican party.

        • There’s something interesting there! Millions of far right thugs for Trump. How did Biden win again? Americans suffered thru months and months of Democratic trash burning cities and peoples businesses down. What has been done about that? Who has gone jail? You throw nasty barbs. People were killed, lost everything, they torched police stations and federal courthouses.

          • First of all, Biden won because he had more votes. Millions of far right thugs for Trump were not enough to win the election, BUT THEY WERE ENOUGH TO ILLUSTRATE WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT A “few” NUT CASES (comprehension please!)

            Second of all, much, if not all, of the destruction in our cities was done by “Todays” Republicans, sometimes directly Charlotte and church burnings, and sometimes by false flags where “antifa” was blamed, Minneapolis, Portland, Austin, etc.

            The point is, Today’s Republicans are the problem, and to deny that is the essence of Rubublicns today!

            • You really drink the kool-aid! It must make you feel really superior to spout those lies. Those were far right on Jan 6 and the facts are the democratic trash burned down the cites. Facts are facts. Why are they not in jail? Name me facts that Biden done for us. I’m open to anyone that puts America first. Open borders, buying oil from other countries doesn’t help us. The trash talk and lies are doing nothing but putting people against each other. Facts and truth are two different things.

              • Check your facts before you accuse others of not having facts. Check, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Portland and Austin. Check who was arrested and virtually all the convictions were proud boys, Oath keepers and other right wing wacko’s.

                But that’s not the argument or the post Annie was answering. That post was about who Republicans are now. You are trying to change that subject, probably because you can’t dispute it.

                Given what EVERYBODY knew about Trump going into the 2020 election and you voted for him anyhow, you are either a supporter of his deplorable deviance, in denial, or just stupid. In ALL cases this is what the Republican party is today.

                … or, you could just be lying, which adds azzhole to that list.

                • Your the the foul mouth azzhole, you don’t know anything about me! What was said was wrong. Y’all can bully people everyday for their opinions to make you feel superior. By the way for all of you azzholes. Didn’t vote for Trump, but don’t worry, when Biden/Harris are done with us all there will be nothing left of any of us!

                  • Always with denial, eh?

                    Always somebody else,”it’s not us – it’s Antifa”

                    They were just peaceful tourists wanting to visit the Capitol building

                    It’s all Biden’s fault.

                    Covid is just a hoax

                    There is NO climate change

                    …good lord lady, you sure want to wiggle out of anything, don’t you? Wake up and take some responsibility, there IS a problem, a BIG problem, on the right side of the isle.

                  • Actually, we know quite a bit about you, Southern Lady – You are an insufferable and pompous pazzive aggressive libertarian, who likes to change the subject when the topic no longer suits your intensions. We also know you are no “Southern Lady”

  2. It’s apparent that Putin is initiating a ‘scorched earth” policy in Ukraine. Reminds me of Hitler ordering the destruction of Paris, but his generals refused !!!!!!

  3. Lots of debate here about who is responsible. But let’s step back and look at the metrics. High Crime rates, highest inflation since 80’s, record high fuel prices, world peace, energy independence, stock market. The only positive is no mean tweets.

    There you go. Facts only please.

    • Bobby K – The “facts” as you quote them are basically generalities, true of the period from say 1960 to the 1980’s. Those “facts” can probably be applied to just about any period in time. Those are the facts too.

      It seems to me that you have really said nothing – what is your point?

      What do you mean to say when you say “The only positive is no mean tweets.” It seems to me that we have had nothing BUT “mean tweets” in the period from the 80’s until now.

      Your post seems to lack clarity and purpose, except your observation about “who is responsible” which, is a valid question, in that we all learn from our mistakes.

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