Good bye Top Ten! Syracuse lost again yesterday. To Pitt. 65-55.

Syracuse is decimating itself. One of its stars has been out for several games for academic reasons. Another had knee surgery this week and is on crutches. Syracuse was only 7 deep at the beginning of the season. It is now 0 deep. Down realistically to 5 active players. The last statement is not precisely correct. Down to 3. Two of the presnt starters are not ready for the big time yet.

I feel sorry for Boeheim and the team. Hopes were bright at the beginning of the season. But a team needs its horses if it is going to win. This year’s scenario is like last year’s when Melo was lost at March Madness time.

It is going to be a long season!

I researched and wrote in the afternoon.

Last night was fun. Jenna and I went out.

The first stop was St. Paul’s Church. Elizabeth von Trapp was performing. Excellent!

Recall Sound of Music. The Captain and wife were her grandparents. Her father the oldest son.

In between songs, she shed some light on the realities of what the family went through when it escaped Austria and Hitler.

One was that her father was not a teen ager at the time. He was 21. When the family arrived in the United States, he was 23.

The family was escaping the Nazis. But it was not as described in the musical or movie. In both instances, the family snuck out of the house in the dark of night. They had to cross the mountains in the distance to get to a safe haven.

Elizabeth said no way! Over the mountains led directly to Germany. Instead, her grandfather locked the door to their home and the family calmly walked to the train station where they took the train to Italy.

The family was singing in the United States. They had two years of performances booked. All of a sudden, the US government feared they might be spies. They were placed on Ellis Island for three days. Three days of hearings.

Grandmother was confident. While the hearing was going on in a room, she had the family in the hall way singing and practicing. Three days later, the family was found sinless and permitted to remain in the United States.

It was an experience hearing Elizabeth. Her family is a part of our memories and history.

The show was over early. Jenna and I headed over to Hot Tin Roof. Last evening at Hot Tin Roof was one of the most enjoyable I have experienced in a long time.

We sat, drank and picked on food. Like sataki, hot shrimp and mashed potatoes. Yes, mashed potatoes. Jenna likes mashed potatoes. Actually, the mashed potatoes were unusually good.

The conversation was pleasant. A multitude of items discussed.

Big day today! Not Super Bowl. It is son in law Corey’s 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Corey! The best son in law a wife’s father could have.

The event is being celebrated with a special dinner this evening. Corey’s parents are in town for the event.

After the Corey festivities have concluded, I plan on stopping at Don’s Place to watch what is left of the Super Bowl game. The place will be crowded.

Was Peter correct in identifying Chelsea Clinton at the beach the other day? I suspect so. Though no one actually seems to know. Some one thought that she was in Key West to interview a Key West figure for NBC. All mysterious and strange. My gut feeling is that she really is in town and is being secreted for some reason. Perhaps privacy?

Paul of Peter, Paul and Mary is in Key West also. He will be attending Larry Smith’s special show tomorrow night at the Wine Galley.

Sloan is due here in an hour. We have work to do.

Enjoy your Sunday!








  1. Happened across the game and watched. Pitt played inspired; in the last five, they were unlike the previous 35. And, as usual, foul shots mattered — Pitt made theirs; Cuse didn’t.

    Liked the Von trap story. People here think it can’t happen here.

    Enjoy your family and friends. You’re a wealthy man.


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