Five in the morning. Up early. Heart test at 8:30. Blog will be short this morning.

What a game!

Syracuse over Duke by 3. A 3 pointer at the buzzer from way out. Gillon made the shot with 3 Duke players on him and 2 others nearby.

Looked to me to be the Doug Flute Hail Mary shot of basketball.

Should be enough to qualify Syracuse for the NCAA tournament.

These town halls do my heart good. Or, maybe the strain is too much.

Trump the problem. Republican Congressional persons are paying for supporting him. Trump may be destroying the country. Voters starting to realize it. Wish they had realized it would be a possibility on election day.

Sessions won! Right out the door. Reversed policy re transgenders.

Trump helping Sessions. Shows Trump’s duplicity. During the campaign, he promised to protect transgender rights. First chance Trump got, he reversed his position.

Bocce begins tonight.

Enjoy your day!



  1. It seems AG Sessions is beginning his holy-war agenda and Trump backed him up. It is reported Betsy DeVos tried to resist but Sessions won out. I’ll save that for another time.

    As long as we have such politicians that carry their religion infused values to elected civil office the rights of marginalized citizens will be in danger. As a nation we have mostly moved past the worst race-based civil rights issues. Today Americans acknowledge the injustice of that era and wonder, in a nation as great as this, how that came to be. For the LGBTQ community the battle continues. Imagine Jeff Sessions using his new found power to allow states to return to the Jim Crow era of days gone by. Many argue it is not the same, race vs gender identity etc. but that is a poor argument. Civil rights, the right to live, the right to love without harm or penalty, the right to be ourselves without fear, protection from those who would do harm, to be truly equal and enjoy in the same freedom, that must never be unilateral.

    • Exactly right and I feel the alt-right would love to return to Jim Crow where everybody knew their place in white society. There was always the ol’ hanging tree to reinforce it.

      If people are still that bigoted, myopic in their views and vindictive, we have really never progressed very far as a people. The only reason transgender people face discrimination is that they are different and a small minority. It is always easy for the bullies to pick on them and anyone else they perceive as weird and weak so they can prove their apeman superiority.

      People, especially on the fair right and left fringes, appear to have no qualms about telling people how they should look, live, believe and love. It must be as they say or the highway. Rather sad in what bills itself as the Land of the Free.

  2. You’ll find bigoted vindictive people wherever one goes. And they don’t have to be from any far right or left fringe thingy. Always been that way in some form and probably always will be,

  3. The news media is making a big deal over this trans gender thing. I believe also this should be a state issue. And, I believe this admin is working on more important things right now. But again main stream news just is compelled to cherry pick.
    Some might think this ‘trans’ thing is very important, but, most don’t.

    • The cherry picking that will be done will be at the hands of the AG to suit his party and personal bias. I expect many serious issues will be ignored at his discretion. Trans-Gender and recreational cannabis come in the top five? Really? Nothing better to do up there Jeff.
      There is no way civil rights protection should be a State Issue. I’m sure many southern states would kept the old ways without Federal intervention, remember Wallace?. All citizens should be protected, regardless of percentage or public opinion. What most people think,to what is important, isn’t the issue or the litmus test. It is a sad statement to the slow pace at which this nation evolves that constitutional amendments had to be created to afford what should be a given in America.

    • Patrick, either we are America or we are not. Constitutional protection cannot be unilateral or muddied by personal or religious bias. We’ve seen enough of that in our short history. The foundation was set long ago, walking the talk has been a much slower process. I often think of this, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I’d like to believe it was more than fluff.

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