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I received an e-mail this morning from Martin Felt. Martin has lived the past 30 years in Tuscany.

Martin lived in Key West for one year in 1974. Lived for a while on Poorhouse Lane. Poorhouse is a street running perpendicular off the cemetery.

Martin mentioned that he spent time walking in  the cemetery. He also recalled taking and pumping water from a well. The well thing especially caught my interest. Comments were received a couple of days ago re Key West wells near the Casa Marina. I think from Patrick. I was not aware of well water availability in Key West up to that time.

Martin is presently involved in writing a book about his 1974 Key West experiences. Should be interesting. A different world back then.

My yesterday began with an early visit to my heart doctor, Dr. McIvor. I swear by him! A routine test. Will get the results monday. I am not concerned.

Last night was the start of the bocce season. I missed it. Too tired. I was up at 5 in the morning to get the blog out before the doctor visit. By 5 in the afternoon, I was falling asleep watching television. I was in bed and asleep at 9 for the evening.

Spoke with David this morning. Don’s Place is off to a flying start. Won all three games last night.

Heavy date(s) tonight! With lesbian wives Donna and Terri. They are taking me out to dinner. Donna is a concierge. She has a ton of Hogfish free cards.

Go Live with Key West Lou on Facebook. Off to a flying start. Three weeks so far. A learning and adjusting activity. My viewers already exceed my beloved blog dramatically. By 300-400 percent. Amazing! Mostly a different group. Interesting.

A new play opens next week at the Key West Theater. 129 Miles From Walmart. The purpose of the title is to state unequivocally there is no Walmart for 129 miles. Suggesting Key West is a different place. It is. Like nowhere else.

Sessions now Attorney General. Not even  two weeks. Doing damage already.

The transgenders one issue.

Private prisons another.

The Obama administration ordered private prisons to be phased out. Maltreated prisoners, costly, no dollar savings, etc. Yesterday, Sessions ordained private prisons would continue. His reason, the federal government would need additional jail space in the future. For what? Immigration detainees?

Interestingly, an increase in jail population occurred beginning with Reagan. Population up 78 percent under Reagan. Fifty six percent under Clinton. Thirty two percent under Bush 2.

Finally dropped under Obama. Increase limited to 5 percent.

Staying with reversals under the Trump administration, the CIA was ordered this week to halt support for anti-Assad rebels in Syria. Does this mean we are on our way to joining with Putin in support of Assad?

CPAC interesting yesterday. Bannon in the forefront. Openly expressed his view that it was not establishment change in the U.S. alone he sought, it was world wide. The guy is dangerous!

Back in November in the New York Times, Bannon was compared to Lenin. Lenin sought the overthrow of existing government. Took a while. However, his philosophy finally succeeded. Bannon wants to accomplish the same thing.

I read somewhere that Cheney was Mother Teresa compared to Bannon.

Trump is on TV speaking before CPAC as I write. He is with his own. They are cheering his every thought. He is glowing in the adulation.

Enjoy your day!




8 comments on “MARTIN FELT…..KEY WEST 1974

  1. Sessions is a danger to liberty and is a consummate hypocrite.
    Holding the line on State Rights when it suits the GOP agenda.
    And abandoning State Rights when it suits the agenda. LBGTQ
    Issues, the it’s a go with State Rights. States choosing to legalize
    recreational cannabis, no rights afforded. Of course Sessions will argue he
    is an honorable man doing his job by the letter of the law. How convenient, a federal
    law to protest us from a plant and nothing to protect the marginalized
    from discrimination. Let’s see how honorable he is when he protects
    Trump from the many investigations to come.
    The sad facts aside Sessions is bigoted and
    small minded and wrong for the job.

  2. Dons place Key West..A place for all the looser mutts to waste more time crying about their lives. What a waste of life. A Dump

    • Boudroux, I can’t agree. My visits to Don’s have been pleasurable, good conversation, nice folks, cold beer. A nice neighborhood spot.

      A shout-out to Mike and Patrick, behind the bar.

  3. Louis, you get the same hater commenters at it again. Where are all the benevolent, moral, conservative commenters on your blog. I seem to be alone in that respect. Oh, btw, did you happen to run into Milo Yiannopoulos at an Old Town resort
    this weekend? I hope so. A good dialogue between the 2 of you would have resulted.

    • You’re awful, Diana. Humorless and dull. Your Faceboook page, which you seem unable to secure, gives a lot of insight. Let me ask though: what would it take for you to drop the ultra conservative bullshit? Obviously lying doesn’t do it. So where’s the line for you? What would Trump have to do for you to stop supporting him? And the Milo thing, is that you trying to make a joke? Do you really think Lou should skulk around the Casa so he can chat it up with a former professional hate monger? These are serious questions. Please respond. While we’re at it, for sociological research purposes, could you please share your level of professional and educational achievement? Please help me understand your world view. At a glance it seems you’re a never-was. But is there more to it?

  4. By the way, Boudroux…the word is loser. Looser is used to describe something that is loose, like looser nuts can fall off the bolt.

    And I disagree about Don’s been there several times, didn’t see any “loser” mutts while there.

    You’re welcome.

  5. Over the years many commenters have been driven away. I understand why. I’ve mentioned several times that I should listen to Gary. And, I should.

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