A new football season. A new Syracuse team.

Syracuse lost yesterday to Penn State 23-17. I was not disappointed in Syracuse’s performance. I would rather the team had won. Syracuse played well. They could have, might have, won.

Syracuse is still a rebuilding team. They are working towards being what they once were. A great team. Oh, so long ago. It is coming, however. The team I saw play yesterday was the best I have seen in years. Everything is a step at a time. In this instance, a year at a time.

After the game, I headed down to Duval. Brewfest!

I walked Duval a few blocks. The streets were jammed with people. Stands selling beer.

I stopped into three places. Sloppy Joe’s, Smokin’ Tuna, and Captain Tony’s. Enjoyed the people and a beer at each place.

David frost died yesterday. He was 74. British. A talented journalist, broadcaster, and media personality. His Richard Nixon interviews represented his best work. Each show was dramatic and thrilling. Frost will be best remembered for the Nixon interviews.

We are in the middle of the Labor Day weekend. Labor Day used to be a big deal. Labor itself was big. I remember as a youngster the parades. Huge. Everyone marching. Everyone excited.

As labor’s influence and strength have diminished over the years, so too has interest in Labor Day as a time to remember labor’s achievements. Today, it is a time for cook outs and partying. The successes of labor are forgotten and buried in the closet.

Enjoy your holiday Sunday!


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