Yesterday was an exceptional one weatherwise. Perfect weather. I spent the entire day outside on the deck.

Sat under the tiki hut. In a bathing suit. Computer in front of me. Researched and wrote all day. Part of the time was spent working on friday’s internet show. Periodically the heat would get to me. I would walk into the pool and spend ten minutes floating around. I enjoy placing a noodle under my arms and letting the water take me.

Topics already prepared for friday discussion include the Wisconsin Judge who struck down the State’s anti labor law, a Rhode Island distorted decision regarding gender discrimination, an example of lightning striking twice, Obama and Romney shortcomings re mortgage foreclosures and the housing market, the Chicago teacher strike, Chicago airport using goats to trim grass, man’s best friend, Bismarch, Pope John Paul I, the Vatican Bank, the Judiciary Act of 1789, some Harry Truman moments, and more.

Join me, if you can. Ten in the morning my time. Every friday. World wide.

My attorney cynicism is upon me. It concerns the Chicago teacher strike.

Yesterday the teachers announced the strike was “suspended.” Suspended does not mean over in legal vernacular. It is a pause, not an ending.

The media and Mayor Emanuel seem to view it as an end. The teachers however say they have to look at the whole agreement in writing before approving it. In the meantime, they will return to work.

What the teachers are saying in reality from my perspective is that we will work, but walk again if we do not like the printed material. Ballsy. Not proper in a matter of this nature, however.

I suspect the teachers suspended the strike to avoid the court proceeding today. The judge is not stupid. I doubt he will dismiss the case. More likely, he will adjourn the matter to a subsequent date. This keeps the pressure on the teachers not to play games down the road. Or, if he is really astute, he will hear arguments today under the theory that until the teachers say the strike is over as opposed to suspended the strike is still on.


Let’s see if I calling this one correctly.

I generally am in support of teachers. I think they are being screwed in other states. However with the Chicago strike, I believe the teachers are overplaying their hand and are wrong. It sticks in my craw that Chicgo teachers start some where in the $40,000 a year bracket. Their average/mean salary is $76,000 a year. One of the highest in the Nation. And…..only 60 percent of Chicago students graduate! The statistic does not seem a fair return for the dollars paid.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “SUSPENDED…..BEWARE

  1. Yeah Lou, that is ballsy from the Chicago teachers. I agree, being some of the highest paid in the country should come with some expectations that must not be in place.

    In Missouri, my daughter started as a high school English teacher and her starting salary was $31,000. If she is there for 10 years, gets her Master’s Degree and the current union contract for raises remains in place, she will be at $41,000, basically 1% per year. She wouldn’t reach the $70,000/yr mark until she has been there for 25+ years.

    Of course, if her students don’t do well on standardized tests or decide not to study, she’ll be fired or just not renewed.

  2. perhaps the teachers feel they are being punished for factors outside of their control. the socio economic situations of many of the students must be a major factor in their performance. Teachers can only do so much. Personally i am against this kind of incentivised system as it leads to teachers being tempted to mark generously and even falsify tests.

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