I begin with the Chicago teacher strike this morning.

I suggested yesterday that everyone be aware of the legal distinction between suspended and ended. Since the union had merely suspended the strike, I advised the lawsuit by the City would remain alive. At immediate issue was yesterday’s hearing. Emanuel had brought a lawsuit against the uniion to have the strike declared illegal. A hearing was scheduled for yesterday.

My question was would happen to the hearing and lawsuit in view of the suspended outcome.

My answer was to the effect that the lawsuit would remain alive and the hearing be placed in a position to be rescheduled. I was correct. The hearing was cancelled, the City’s Complaint left pending. Which means the lawsuit is alive and upon a brief notice, such as three days, the hearing can be rescheduled. It is the court’s hammer over the union’s head. Approve the contract in a timely fashion or the lawsuit will proceed in a legal fashion.

I had lamb chops for lunch. Purchased from Publix a couple of days ago. Four rib chops. $15 a pound. I had a pound. I prepared the lamb chops.

In Armogos, I had lamb chops almost every evening. Thinner than those I ate yesterday. Ten served with every order. Absolutely delicious! Much better than the Publix ones. The cost was 8 euros/$10. Cooked for me, not by me. More and better chops than at Publix at a cheaper price.

What a difference 5,000 miles makes!

Spent my afternoon researching and writing.

Sloan arrived a bit after 5. We spent a couple of hours working the the photo arrangement. What a job!

Stopped at Don’s Place after the Sloan visit. Chatted quite a while with Don at the bar.

A couple came in as I was leaving. Friends of Don. William and Missa. Vacationing in Key West from Guyana.

Guyana originally was British Guiana. Gained independence and became Guyana. I am spelling the two names correctly. Guyana is located on the northern shore of South America. A tiny nation.

William is a golfer. Played with Don and the group yesterday morning. He won $6.

Wiklliam is a 3 handicap. I made him aware I was a 35. I told him to give me 2 strokes a hole and I would play him for money. He said ok. Such bravado on my part. He would whip my ass! Besides being a poor golfer, I have not played in over a year.

William and Missa appeared to be nice people. Hope I run into them again.

Dined alone later at Outback. Wanted a prime rib. No prime rib. Had a rib eye steak instead. I am being true to the Atkins diet.

The Boulevard construction is a pain. State doing the job. Two years construction contemplated.

The State has been at it over a month now. A big job. Not that many workers. I do not understand what is going on. A multimillion dollar job and only a handful of people working at it each day. Progress is at a snail’s pace.

My other criticism is why the job is not being run 24 hours a day. At nightime with lights.

Several years ago, US 1 was under major constructuon from the Boulevard north. Twenty four hours a day. Lights at night.

I am running late. As usual. I have a haircut appointment with Lori at 10. Have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!

In armogos


  1. Hi Lou
    nice to meet you the other night. been reading your blog and love the every day observations of what is going on in key west and the wider world. i’m a six handicap btw . not sure i will see three but hope to see you again on the links

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