Some consider stone crabs the finest meal in the world. I am one of them. Many the time I have opined that were I to be executed tomorrow, stone crabs would be my last meal.

The season opened October 15. We’re into it! The season runs to May 1. Enjoy stone crabs as often as you can during the season. A meal you cannot get enough of!

Two stories involving ant-vaccine happenings. From my perspective, nothing to be proud of.

An anti-vaccine rally was held this past weekend in New York City. Thousands attended. The protesters were loud in crying out for “health freedom.”

I continue failing to understand why so many are opposed to the one thing that can protect them from the virus.

The featured speaker was Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. A vigorous opponent of vaccines.

Junior is not his father! Kennedy Sr. would have been out beating the bushes encouraging people to be vaccinated.

Another anti group involves a private Miami school.

The Centner Academy. Three hundred students. Pre-K to 8th grade. Three campuses.

Centner was founded by two wealthy parents.

Centner has issued two pronouncements.

The first that the school will not employ anyone who has been vaccinated. The second that any children who would henceforth be vaccinated would be required to be kept home for 30 days.

Requiring children to be kept home promotes a “false claim.” It is impossible for the vaccine to transmit “bad things” from one child to another. It is well known that the vaccines contain no live viruses and are not infectious.

It has become impossible for a day to go by without mentioning Joe Manchin.

T. J. Kirkpatrick in a New York Times Opinion piece yesterday described Manchin: “He is the face of utter folly.”

The title of Kirkpatrick’s article: History Will Not Be Kind to Senator Joe Manchin.

West Virginia is in tough shape financially. The coal mines have been terminally ill for years. Only a small number continue working beneath the ground in the mines.

The reason simply is that industries saw the handwriting on the wall and years ago began moving from coal to non fossil energy sources. The demand for coal has dropped dramatically.

Sixty thousand have left West Virginia in the past 5 years. One unhappy resident still remaining said, “We want Joe Manchin… go big and bold and to deliver for West Virginia.” Noting Manchin was not going to achieve the delivery goal if he depended on coal.

Manchin’s popularity has diminished in recent years. He won his present Senate seat in 2018 by a mere 3 percentage points.

Some think 2024 will be his political demise. I hope so. He deserves no better. He is on the road to defeat because of his present pig headed stances.

Today, tuesday. My blog talk radio show tonight at 9 my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I will rant and rave.

I love doing the show! Join me.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I agree with you Lou, on the Stone Crab thing. A Stone Crab meal is sublime. But why is it kept a secret in Key West, of all places.

    Sure, if you are a local you know about it and where to go for that if you have a craving, but as a tourist tho Key West, I can’t remember the last time I saw it on ANY menu while there. Nothing like Key Lime pie, which you can get anywhere, same with Lobster and other local fish. Is there even a Stone Crab Festival?

    Sure it’s expensive, but so are steaks in Omaha and what isn’t expensive in Key West?

    Stone Crab is pretty close to unique in the Keys and I think Key West is missing the boat on this onw!

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