Colin Powell died yesterday. He was 84. He passed on from COVID-19 complications.

Simply stated, without question, he was a great American. A recognition few Americans can validly claim.

Powell was of Jamaican ancestry. He was born in Harlem. Grew up in the South Bronx. Attended City College of New York, a poor boy’s school.

While in college, he was a member of the U.S. Army ROTC. Rose to be its top gun in his senior year when he was Colonel of the ROTC.

Powell went directly into service following graduation.  Eventually ended up in the Army’s hierarchy. He was a 4 star general, led allied troops in the Gulf War. He served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, National Security Adviser, and Secretary of State.

Powell received his two vaccinations. Nevertheless died from COVID complications. Early reports as to the cause of his death indicate he had serious other illnesses which affected his immunity system regardless of the shots. One was cancer.

He came from nothing and made it to the highest echelons of his world! The U.S. was lucky to have had him as one of its leaders.

The supply chain continues to break down. Each day. Problems ahead.

It is suggested that Christmas toy and gift buying begin now. It is anticipated little will be left on the shelves in December.

Heating bills will have shoot up. The U.S. Energy Information System claims heating bills will be up 30 percent and more by Christmas in comparison to the same time last year.

Supply chain’s will continue to be messed up.

The government is needed to solve the problem. It must step in like yesterday.

The primary cause can be seen in media pictures. The numerous cargo ships in Los Angeles and Savannah waiting to be unloaded.

Americans are concerned. They have begun experiencing the adverse conditions arising from supply chain problems. At the moment, in the supermarkets where the shelves are slowly emptying not to be refilled.

A recent study recognizes 85 percent of Americans are aware and concerned. Forty nine percent are very concerned. Eleven percent not concerned. Sixty two percent said they are already noticing shortages of basic items in stores. Sixty five percent believe the federal government should step in now and take action. Eleven percent were not sure.

History will remember Joe Manchin. Not gloriously as it will Colin Powell. Rather as a pompous political hack who did not care he was depriving the American people and his President of what was needed in these times.

One of the worse anti positions held by Manchin involves climate control. Today’s news suggests he wants the whole section on climate control removed from the social infrastructure bill.

Why? It does not make sense when one considers the natural disasters the U.S. continues to suffer.

Manchin’s background provides significant answers. He was Governor of West Virginia. At one time a/the top coal producing state. While Senator these past 11 years, West Virginia has become less and less a coal mining state. The out of state industries West Virginia supported saw the light ten years ago and have been working at reducing the use of fossil fuels. Successfully.

The number of West Virginians actually working in the coal mines is around 10,000. Overall persons involved in West Virginia’s coal business another 20,000. The people of West Virginia saw the light long ago and moved into other businesses.

One did not. Joe Manchin. He still fights the battle he did 10-20 years ago. A battle already lost.

Manchin has financial ties to the coal industry. In 1988, Manchin founded two coal companies. One Enersystems. His son now runs the company. Financial disclosure documents reveal Manchin received $492,000 in dividends from Enersystems last year.

To be noted also is that Manchin is a top recipient of donations from oil, gas, and coal mining industries.

The media has failed in sufficiently reporting Manchin’s coal industry involvements. Since he is ruining Biden’s plan to help the downtrodden and those in need of assistance, they should be engaged in such reporting. People have a right to know.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Biden and his wife disregarding DC mask mandate while walking through restaurant this weekend. Rules for thee but not for me!!

    • Yeah, and they always made fun of Donald Trump for only eating at McDonalds, like there was something soooooo, wrong about that., especially compared to not wearing a mask.

  2. Just so we are clear, it was Colin Powell who lied to Congress about weapons of mazz destruction and then to the deaths of thousands of US solders.

    • Yes, the same Colin Powell who later claimed he was lied to by the Bush/Cheney administration about the intelligence regarding those things.

      Probably should have listened to Joe Wilson and the New York Times.

  3. Lou- I have been reading your posts for 12 years- ever since i began spending winters in Key West and while i disagree with your viewpoint more than i agree- i like to read viewpoints of others to hopefully balance my thoughts. Your thoughts today about supply chain demonstrate how I think differently than you and many so called progressives. It especially hit me how spoiled we are as Americans when the front page of the Wall Street Journal showed an Afghanistan mother whose three year old daughter will be taken as payment if her mother (who makes 70 cents a day) cannot repay a $550 loan.
    We do NOT have shortage of goods and food and will not have in future. While ships are backed up with goods- we have plenty- just not always every choice that we have become so used too. Your plea to have government step in is where we really disagree as that will just add costs and complications
    Consumers can buy the tan sofa instead of the gray one until flow of goods normalizes. While we need government for many things in our lives- we do not need it for every situation when we do not get everything we DESIRE but not really need.

  4. Boy, you sure seem to ramble with out much of a point. Can we azzume you are just another Biden supporter trying to make it look like everything is good now that Trump is gone?

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