Lovely and historic Curry Mansion on Caroline Street is being purchased by the Spottswood family. Wonderful that a local prominent family is purchasing the Inn.

The Amsterdam family has owned the Mansion since 1973. It is fortunate one local family got together with another to arrange the purchase. The Curry tradition will live on.

Trip advisor announced that Key West and Miami are among the top 10 winter destinations for Americans. Actually, the two cities are in the top 5.

An interesting side note. Key West has also become a favorite vacation location in recent years in the summer. Hard to understand. The heat/humidity is heavy and hurricanes always a threat.

Today is Veterans’ Day. A day we remember all those who have been part of the military. A special Thank You for Your Service Day.

Key West’s parade is at 4.

Over the years, I have found small town parades for whatever the reason the best. Such will be today’s parade.

I marched in several big parades in New York City while in the ROTC. Fifth Avenue. A long hike. I was especially thrilled when we marched past St.Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cardinal seated in front of the large center doors. A sharp “eyes right!” Always a thrill.

Surprise! It was announced yesterday that the U.S. and China had entered an agreement to combat climate change.

The U.S. and China are the world’s two biggest producers of carbon dioxide. The climate battle will only work if the U.S. and China work together.

The announcement was unexpected. Few details are available.

Manchin is on the move again. He continues to be a thorn in the side of not only Biden, but also the American people.

His word does not appear to be his bond. House progressives voted for the infrastructure bill based on the oral representation that moderates in the House and Senate would vote for the social infrastructure bill.

Manchin says he may not. He claims the issue should wait till next year. He is concerned about inflation. He is also concerned about more pressing issues. What? There is none more pressing than social infrastructure. Though I will concede there are other bills equally important. Voting for example.

A person is only as good as his/her word. Obviously Manchin cannot be relied upon.

Manchin’s day will come. A day when all those he has screwed with will dump on him. Deservedly so.

I watched the Kyle Rittenhouse trial off and on yesterday.

Some observations.

The judge is a whack. It happens. I know from experience.

The prosecutor is terrible. It is reported he is experienced. He may have had a lot of trials. Such does not make him necessarily good. He is one of the worst cross examiners I have seen.

Rittenhouse made an excellent witness. He even cried. Heavy sobbing hard to breath tears. Will not hurt him with the jury.

General Electric was founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison. It will soon cease to exist as General Electric.

It has been announced GE will split into 3 separate companies: Aviation, health and energy. The division will take place over the next 2 years.

I could not understand the reason for the split, except that GE’s long term growth looked rocky and it was best to do the split.

A Texas federal court rendered its decision yesterday re the Texas school mask mandate ban. The judge ruled against Governor Abbot and the Texas ban. The court held the ban violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Have to move. A haircut at noon.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Hey Lou, judge Schroeder was appointed by a democrat governor and has been re-elected to the judgeship ever since in what is a mostly democrat leaning district (Obama won kenosha by double digits). Can you explain why, in your opinion as an attorney, the judge is a whack?
    Kind of a broad statement to make without any specifics.

    • What does how judge Schroeder having to have been appointed by a Democrat have do do or not do with him being a whack? Or, are you just trying to start a fight, as usual?

  2. Lou’s lifetime of experiences as a lawyer facing various and numerous judges certainly qualifies him for his comments.

    But then I guess your many years as a political troll qualifies you to ask stupid questions like you always try to do!

  3. Donald Trump has asked and gotten “a brief pause in the production” of documents relating to the January 6th insurrection, because he claims he “will suffer irreparable injury” if the documents are released.

    That sure sounds to me like an admission of quilt by him.

    …and btw, wasn’t this already asked and denied?

        • No it doesn’t, you are delusional. It causes me, and probably everybody else to dismiss you and whatever you are saying. Thinking you are clever is your greatest shortcoming, but please don’t listen to me or anyone else, you are doing more harm to yourself as is, than anyone could do against you.

        • Your definition of “Obvious Truths” can only be described as a dishonest way of using what are really “Obvious Lies” as a way to try and distort the truth.

    • “I hope the Asian food isn’t coming … isn’t on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor,” Judge Bruce Schroeder said as the court was preparing to adjourn for lunch, evidently referring to the supply-chain backlog at the California port.

  4. I see where Republicans are eating themselves. Those Republicans who voted for the infostructure bill that Biden got pazzed, are now getting death threats – all from REPUBLICANS.


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