Would you believe?

Iguanas showing up with increasing frequency in South Florida toilets. Word to the wise: Look before you sit.

Iguanas first began appearing in Florida in 1960. Sexual creatures. They have multiplied in huge numbers. Similar to pythons. And as with pythons, it is now agreed by iguana experts that they can not be eliminated. Only, contained.

How do iguanas get in the pooper? Through roof vents. Takes them into a toilet’s sewer system.

Iguanas can hold their breath a long time. They can move through 3 inch toilet pipes with no difficulty for extended periods.

However, a sewer system is a foreign habitat to an iguana. Iguanas move through the sewer system seeking a way out. The “out” is the toilet bowl.

They are regarded today as an environmental hazard. They puncture sea walls, tear up sidewalks, and carry salmonella. My experience involved them eating up my flower beds and defecating in my pool. I twice had to have my pool drained. The flowers generally had to be replaced. Both the pool emptying and flower replacement expensive.

Until recently, it was illegal to kill iguanas. A protected species. No more. Now legal to kill them.

Florida has a habit of waiting too long to permit the killing of certain species. The python and iguana being two examples.

There is a humor factor involved. Iguanas are eaten by humans in Central and South America.  An everyday food. Supposedly taste like chicken.

Geraldo Rivera is a FOX News broadcaster. Respected. He does not always sing to the same tune as other FOX broadcasters.

Re the vaccine, Geraldo recently said, “You have no rights when it comes to the vaccine.” He believes everyone should be mandated to be vaccinated.

Something I do not understand. Many elected Republican officials and their followers threaten certain elected officials and sometimes their families with death for taking anti-Trump positions. Representative Paul Gosar placed an anime video on Twitter showing him appearing to kill Representative Ocasio-Cortez and President Biden.

These things have to be against the law. There must be a multitude of laws covering such things.

Why are these people not arrested and charged?

The Trump dispute with certain National Archive documents is ongoing. Earlier this week a temporary injunction was the issue. Yesterday, the court rendered a decision permitting the injunction pending oral argument. Arguments to take place November 30.

Two and a half weeks to oral argument too long due to the nature of the case. Time is off the essence. The court feels it is fast tracking the trial. It is not.

Attorney General Garland is crawling with the Bannon matter. It is so simple. Bannon was not even a Presidential employee.

Everyone must get off their respectives asses and move like yesterday! Otherwise the January 6 insurrection leaders will not be held responsible.

Everyone involved in the insurrection MUST be punished. Otherwise, it will happen again and again till successful.

Manchin is a hero to many Republicans. Whether intentional, he does their bidding.

Ken Langone is a billionaire Republican. He has never supported Manchin personally or financially. He has announced he will be doing so. Langone is especially impressed with Mancin’s dissection of Biden’s social infrastructure plan.

Langone said, “I am going to have one of the biggest fundraisers I’ve ever had for him. He’s special. He’s precious. He’s a great American.”

I disagree with Langone. Manchin is neither special, precious, nor a great American. He has become a destroyer. His 15 minutes has turned into 15 hours.

God help us! Seriously!

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