I met my new heart doctor Steven Rowe and certain members of his staff yesterday. I was concerned. Not with my health, but the doctor. Just the way I am when I meet a new physician who is assuming responsibility for my health.

Dr. Rowe passed with flying colors. I left with a comfortable feeling.

The two members of his staff who were part of the examination process also scored well.

The first was Natalie. She took preliminary information and ran some tests on me. A charming personality. I felt comfortable almost immediately.

I asked her name. Natalie. Hit me like a bolt of lightning. I had not heard that name in years.

Natalie was my first love. She became a nun.

April also attended me. She appears to be the Doctor’s right hand person. Knowledgeable. She is the go to person if I have a problem.

I hope I have no need for Dr. Rowe for anything serious for many years to come. I would not be happy with anything more than periodic examinations. I am only 86.

Bill Gates is the fourth richest man in the world. The father of Microsoft. Now retired.

Gates recently announced smallpox would be the next pandemic. He advised “tens of billions of dollars” will be needed for research and development to prepare for the attack.

A federal judge ruled yesterday that certain of Trump’s records in the National Archive were subject to the January 6 Committee’s subpoena.

The records must be provided by friday. It is expected Trump will appeal.

The judge’s opinion read in part: “The court holds that the public interest lies in permitting – not enjoining – the combined will of the legislative and executive branches to study the events that led to January 6.”

I hope a “fast track” system is found to move the appeal swiftly. Trump’s game is to delay, not arrive at the truth.

I have mentioned several times speed is of the essence. The 2022 elections are only a year away. The January 6 Committee’s decision must be available several months before.

Not only must the courts move their respective asses, so too must Merrick Garland and the Justice Department. A lot of investigation and research is not required in determining if a subpoena is proper and must be respected.

Keep in mind, Justice delayed is Justice denied. Time is extremely important in the January 6 investigation.

Books are being published by many concerning Trump. The frequency is like a new book a day.

One of the most recent became public news this weekend. Its name escapes me. Revealed an interesting story re Trump.

It was January 20. Trump was on U.S. One being flown to Florida as Biden was being sworn in.

Trump was on the phone with the head of the NRP. His disposition could be described as “pissed.”

He was ranting and raving to the NRP head that he was going to start his own party. He was unhappy the Republican Party had not supported him better in the election. It was their fault he lost.

The NRP head was telling Trump such would not be good for the Party nor him. Trump said he knew and didn’t care.

Another call came later in the day. The Party head told Trump that if he proceeded to split and form his own party, two things would happen.

The Party had been paying Trump’s voluminous bills in all the lawsuits beginning with election day. There was an agreement they would be paid. I suspect it involves the 63 cases Trump lost and many more. It has been estimated the legal bills are in excess of $100 million.

They would then become Trump’s responsibility.

The other had to do with the 40 million Republican Party e-mails that the NRP had given permission to Trump to sell to whoever in whatever portions. Estimated value to Trump of another $100 million. He would no longer be permitted to do so.

Trump backed down.

So much conversation re Trump running for President in 2024. I don’t see it. Everyone seems to forget there are 4 different investigations that will probably end up in charges against Trump. Trump will be too busy running from one court to another.

The four prosecutions under preparation involve the U.S. Attorney in New York City, the Manhattan District Attorney, a District Attorney in Georgia, and a U.S. Attorney in Washington,. D.C.

“Dr. Livingston I presume.”

Henry M. Stanley was a journalist-explorer. David Livingston was a doctor who had gone to Africa many years before to help the natives and had not been heard from since.

Stanley’s quest was to find Dr, Livingston, assuming he was alive.

The two met near Lake Tanganyika in central Africa. It was at that precise moment that Stanley said, “Dr. Livingston I presume.”

The Key West Airport has many deficiencies. Many describe it as a “mess.” Too much business for too small an airport.

Someone wrote in today’s Citizens’ Voice: “Seven flights departing in 42 minutes on Sunday. The airport is a complete disaster; it’s too crowded, people sitting on stairs, entry ways, etc. This is unsafe and unacceptable.”

Plans for renovations to the Airport are underway.

One of Key West’s finest events is the Christmas Parade. Aptly described as the best little city big time parade anywhere.

It is scheduled for December 4.

The last parade was 2019. COVID interrupted the parade.

All of Key West turns out for the parade. The parade itself miles long. The people standing curbside to watch equally long. Fifteen to twenty Santa  Clauses.

Highly recommended. Don’t miss it.

Syracuse played the first game of the official season last night against Lafayette. Syracuse won 97-63. The teams not in the same league. Syracuse far and away the best last night.

I was impressed. My sense is this is the year for Syracuse to have its finest team in years. Talent both on the floor and on the bench.

May the good Lord shine on the team!

Enjoy your day!


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