Too much heart ache lately. Harvey, Irma, Maria, Puerto Rico, and Las Vegas. Time for a change of pace. Something light. A bit of love.

Some enchanted evening…..Opening words to Some Enchanted Evening. Uplifting.

Heard the song sung for the first time in years monday at Dueling Bartenders. Tom Luna singing as only he can.

Some Enchanted Evening opened on Broadway in 1949. An immediate hit. Starred Enzio Pinza and Mary Martin. Pinza sang Some Enchanted Evening.

The movie was not produced till nine years later. Pinza dead by that time. Rossano Brazzi starred in the movie version.

Rogers and Hammerstein wrote the music and lyrics.

I was in my first year of high school when the musical opened on Broadway. My second year of law school when the movie came out. Danced lovingly to some Enchanted Evening during the time frame and since. Unfortunately, rarely these days.

My podcast last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Primary topics Key West post Irma and Puerto Rico. Lambasted Trump re his Puerto Rico visit earlier in the day. He deserved it.

Blog Talk Radio produces the podcast. They offer it to advertisers with the representation: “Always an interesting perspective on everyday issues.” I try.

Stopped for a drink at Don’s Place late monday afternoon. Missy bartending. Enjoyed our conversation. She stayed for Irma. Her home small, but between 2 large concrete buildings. Her home equipped with all kind of helpful items. Like a generator that can run forever. She had stored fuel in anticipation. Ergo, her refrigerator and air conditioning worked.

Irma a tough time for her!

Stopped at Walgreens yesterday. Picked up 5 prescriptions. All generic. $194. Something wrong! Expensive! My acid reflux pill the killer.

Ran into David scootering out of The Gardens. His mobile home destroyed by Irma. FEMA putting him up for a time. List of FEMA provided hotels/motels included The Gardens.

David had never heard of The Gardens. The finest and most expensive hotel in Key West. Kate Miano’s wonder!

I told David to stay at The Gardens, if he could. I had to convince him.

Yesterday, he told me the place was terrific! He was in a cottage, had a suite, etc.

I have been trying to reach Dr. Langley’s office. I am changing primary care physicians. I had been telephoning to ask that my records be e-mailed to the new doctor. Phone never working.

Receptionist told me everything was still down with them. Wi-fi and telephone. Could not e-mail. She would print out my records and I will pick them up today.

Comcast’s record generally leaves much to be desired. Someone recently told me of an obituary they read where an elderly woman had passed away. The obituary reflected that her life was a happy one, except for three things. One of the three was Comcast!

Key West’s Irma recovery a day at the time. A little better each day. We will return in full force by Fantasy Fest.

I knock the Key West City Commission frequently. Incompetents at governing. They finally did something correctly, however.

It was announced that because of damages and repair costs due to Irma, the 3-5 percent real property tax increase contemplated was being rolled back. Means no tax increase for the upcoming year.

Governor Rick Scott has become my favorite political person due to his handling of Irma. He continues to be concerned and active.

Governor Scott will be in Key West tomorrow morning. The Marriott Beachside at 10:30. He is giving an Irma update. Open to the public.

Trump’s Puerto Rico visit yesterday a disgrace. I won’t bother you with the details. They are being reported all over TV and the internet.

Bottom line remains the same…..Trump is lacking sympathy and only cares about his image which he generally projects erroneously.

I am thrilled!

Parking in Key West a pain! Especially for those living outside its boundary lines. City issued parking permits are available to residents only.

I recently moved. My former residence was 2.5 miles outside Key West. Key West parking was not easy. My new residence is located on the Golf Course.

Turns out a portion of the Golf Course is a part of Key West. I live in that area!

I received a new card telling me I was henceforth to vote in Key West. Aroused my curiosity as to parking. Checked it out. Yes, I am entitled to a parking permit. Whoopee! Whoopee tells you how difficult it is to park in Key West.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Patrick – “there are none so blind as those who will not see.” Trump eventually “rushed” into Puerto Rico, after a couple of weeks, which included a weekend of golf. I see the death toll there has now more than doubled, by most credible accounts, since you repeatedly proclaimed that it had NOT risen at all and they were only faking, or at least overestimating their cries for help. It was you who said, why bother helping them until they help themselves, after all, you kept saying that there’d been NO additional deaths since we began our inadequate initial help. How wrong YOU were then and how wrong you still are. Cruz was right, Trump was wrong and so were YOU!

    Once again – Why should anyone take you seriously on anything?

  2. Geez, why respond to such idiotic remarks. Still having reading comphrension issues I see.
    I don’t want you taking me seriously, you wouldn’t understand.
    The confirmed death toll is the confirmed death toll. Can’t argue with that. It was pretty much guaranteed to rise as people were being found. People were not dying because of our President. People died because of the weather and poor infrastructure. It was inevitable more dead would be found as the island opened up.
    The help/supplies are there, has been there, and doing what they can.
    Friends have family living on that island. All that can be done is being done. The local union leader is ranting and furious that Americans are there working while he wants his union members to stay away until wages increase. That comes from friends family members caught in the middle of this. Mayor Cruz and the union leader need to get what is coming to them.

      • 15,000+ Americans on the island working. 2/3 to 3/4 of the hospitals working, about the same number of stores. Supplies and fuel being delivered. It was taking 4000 gallons/day running the containers because most local drivers would not go to work. Infrastructure repairs will take years because of 2 hurricanes and previous neglect. Weather and geographical location makes this different than Florida and Texas. My statements are correct. I suggest you find better news sources.

        • NO SIR – don’t NOW distort what were THEN your deplorable attacks on the people of Puerto Rico at the TIME of their most need. Sure things have now improved, but not because of your actions or help. It was because Mayor Cruz (and others) spoke up, endured Trump’s incredibly petty outbursts, which forced attention to the problem, that anything finally happened – and NOW you want to change your tune, site current facts and gloss over your BS of the time. Now you want to play nice?

          You sir are a bully and a cheap suit !

          • Play nice, not interested.
            Once again. Reading comphrension issues pop up, its a problem with you isn’t it.
            I’ve done nothing for those in PR, never said differently [except to promptly pay my taxes]. People in PR are in need, never said they weren’t. Those there that are able to work need to go to work. My facts have been current. The BS is not from me. I think mayor Cruz is on her way out, her chances for governor are over. I wish you could be more creative with your attempts at character assassination.

  3. Of the people here complaining about what is not being done for the hurricane victims, I have to ask what they have done. I think I know the answer so there is no need for a response.

    • I’ll take the bait, Patrick. I cannot physically help anyone both due to my own health and location. So I donated money to the relief efforts in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the USVI. I would hope ALL patriotic Americans join me in supporting our fellow citizens.
      The Government cannot nor should not be expected to do it all.

      And remember it is still TAX deductible so that should give you Libertarians out there a wedgie!

      From the tone of your post and as it is without any special fonts, I assume you have also generously supported hurricane relief efforts, especially in your ravaged home state.

      • Its good that you did something to help. I had to return north for some treatments but am heading back soon to continue.
        Don’t know about the crack over tax deductions, even those of your party are probably eligible to take advantage of it. I’ve not given that any thought.

        • Once again with the assumptions Patrick. Just because I comment sensibly does not mean I belong to any political party. Both parties seem pretty corrupt, useless and in need of changing to me.

          • I didn’t make any assumptions. I believe You have mentioned before you are a proud liberal but I don’t care if you belong to any ‘party’ or not. I’m not going to agree with your ‘sensibly’ comment, but, I agree all parties are in need of change and I believe change means something different to each of us.

    • Patrick you arrogant SOB – throwing out some cheap challenge with a not so hidden ‘political’ agenda and then trying to limit any response with a gratuitous self important “I think I know the answer so there is no need for a response” is soooooo little girl of you, I am ashamed to even acknowledge your doing so.

      and I will by tell you what “I” did NOT do, during the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. I, like so many others, including Lou, did not make up stories accusing the suffering people of Puerto Rico of “not doing enough” themselves, kicking them when they are down – nor did I dedicate any Golf game/tournament/match to them by giving them a trophy !

      You own your actions on this and should at least shut up about it rather then try and change your story, then dribble out further innuendos or other dispersions.

    • Still “blocked” I see by some coward who forgets the First Amendment. You might as well give up fool as I will always post, I have been dealing with computers since 1978.

  4. Michael – I agree with you that this Patrick person is a bully, classically so. But no good argument you can make, especially anything based on facts or good reasoning, will stop his tantrums. He will just change his facts or divert the topic to something he feels is a mor winning tactic, like suggesting YOU misunderstood HIM. He finds this fourum a good place to test himself and will Always try and one up anybody who disagrees with him. Truth be damned. His worst enemy is no one challenging him. If it is any comfort to you. I can assure you his personal life is a mess, although I would bet he is in denial about that too. Go your own way and forget about him.

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