Puerto Rico and Las Vegas are tragedies. Of the highest order. Each approached differently by President Trump.

Trump visits Puerto Rico today. Two weeks post Maria. Trump visits Las Vegas tomorrow. Two days post the shooting.

Trump mentioned yesterday he might remain in Las Vegas more than one day.

Re Puerto Rico, Trump announced early on: “We have it under really great control.” San Juan’s Mayor Cruz contradicted him. No way, she said. Trump referred to those complaining as “politically motivated ingrates.”

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures and videos of Puerto Rico show the horrific damage clearly. Three million four hundred thousand American citizens suffering.

The question arises as to why help for Puerto Rico has been so slow.

J.T. Thompson wrote a Letter to the Editor which appeared in this morning’s KONK Life. Thompson’s letter responded directly to the question

I paraphrase.

Harvey headed to Texas. The White House relaxed regulations and delivered troops and resources in advance of landfall. Then assisted Texas quickly and efficiently after landfall.

A similar scenario with Florida re Irma. Relaxed regulations and delivery of troops and resources in advance of landfall. Quick and efficient assistance following landfall.

Puerto Rico was hit by category 5 hurricane Irma a week before. Then by another category 5 Maria one week later.

As Maria headed to the Caribbean, the White House did little in advance. Nine days after landfall, 3.4 million American citizens were waiting for food, fuel and drinking water.

Eleven days post landfall, San Juan’s Mayor  asked for “meaningful assistance.” Advising many could die without it.

Thompson answers the question why from a political perspective.

Texas has 38 electoral votes and supported Trump. Florida has 29 electoral votes and supported Trump. Puerto Rico has zero electoral votes and supported Clinton with its popular vote.

I do not know whether Thompson is correct. However, his position is food for thought.

As you are aware, I considered Florida’s Governor Rick Scott a terrible Governor. Till Irma. His attention to Irma and its people problems perfection. He covered all the bases getting ready and during the hurricane itself.

His attention to and anticipation of post Irma problems right on, also. One example being displaced Puerto Ricans who will be fleeing to Florida. Anticipated on an emergency basis to be in excess of 100,000.

Scott announced yesterday Florida is ready for them. The displaced Puerto Ricans will be welcomed with open arms. Every assistance will be provided them.

Scott has permitted State agencies to take extraordinary measures to assist families that will soon arrive in droves to cities like Orlando and Miami. The two cities have large populations of former Puerto Ricans. State agencies will be allowed to waive regulations.

Disaster relief centers are being opened today. Two each at Orlando and Miami airports. To welcome and offer every available resource from the State.

Scott is determined that the displaced Puerto Ricans are matched with available State resources to insure families are given the tools needed to work and provide their children with great educations.

Right on, Governor Scott! You are the man! You are welcoming people  to our shores rather than trying to keep them out. People in need.

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  1. Lou – “PUERTO RICO IGNORED INTENTIONALLY?” – Boy, Patrick and his repressive friends aren’t going to like that – can’t blame the victims!

    • Absolutely, after all Trump is Making America Great Again starting with Puerto Rico and Las Vegas. Boy, with how things are already going I can’t wait for the next three years of Making America Great!


    • No one said he caused the disasters, but he sure ain’t helping with his tweets and useless, self-congratulatory and delusional statements.

      I assume you are all for the new Republican Bill to make sure every killer and terrorist has access to a gun silencer right? After all, we can’t have noise during our mass shootings and murders can we, goes against the Second AMendment rights for mayhem.

  2. First of all Lou you did run, right? Second of all President Trump does not control the weather. Third, why do puertoricans have all the priveldges of real Americans but always vote down statehood. Perhaps they should get off their lazy asses and get to work? No, too much work, easier to collect welfare. Fuck ‘um !

  3. OH, there are some other far left lunatics blaming Mr Trump.

    Silencers, I like them. Saves me from having to use ear protection.

    • Patrick – never fear, ear protection will NOT keep YOU from being tone deaf. Insensitivity at this particular time, does give us a full frontal view of your character.

  4. There’s a fatal flaw in Mr. Thompson’s (and all libtards, btw) argument.

    From your post above “Texas has 38 electoral votes and supported Trump. Florida has 29 electoral votes and supported Trump. Puerto Rico has zero electoral votes and supported Clinton with its popular vote”

    This is precisely why Trump would want to help PR as expediently as possible. Believe me, the last thing Republicans want is an huge influx of democrats (Puerto Ricans) into Florida. It is in President Trumps best political interest to keep Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico. We like our state Red, thanks.

    Try using those little brains God gave you.

  5. There are ton’s of people blaming Mr. Trump, who are neither lunatics, or are even not on the left. After all, if the shoe fits ……..

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