It is the same of every year. Key West dies for the month of September. Multi number of reasons. Excessive humidity/heat, people blew their vacation monies over the summer, parents tapped out buying clothes, etc. for children returning to school.

When I first began visiting Key West 30 years ago, it was said you could throw a bowling ball down Duval in September and hit no one. A bit better. Now, a few tourists. Not enough however to economically support local businesses.

It is the quiet time.

Actually, I enjoy it. Sidewalks empty to walk on. No bumping into people. Little traffic. Parking spots all over. No restaurant reservations required. Cheap prices. Just about everything half price.

Terri was singing last night. So I stopped into Blue Macaw. Bar and restaurant only half full. An example of this time of the year.

Earlier in the day, I enjoyed a manicure and pedicure with Tammy. Her place deserted. Only 3-4 customers while I was there.

Fortunately, Tammy and her husband Ricky have a booming business the other months of the year. I walked into their salon yesterday and was greeted with tons of new equipment. New pedicure set-ups, seats for workers, etc. Money spent. Place looked terrific.

I am regularly impressed with veteran recognition/appreciation in Key West. Tomorrow night an example. A POW/MIA Recognition Day ceremony scheduled for 6 at the Veterans Memorial Garden in Bayview Park.

Many vets and their families will be in attendance. Most of the vets wearing their veteran caps. All serious. Proud to be there.

The crowd will be huge.

Key West has some of the finest chicken anywhere. Dion’s. The best!

A new chicken operation is coming to town. Popeye’s. I enjoy Popeye’s whenever I can get it. Strange. In Key West, I get my chicken at Dion’s. Outside Key West, Popeye’s. Now both available at one time. Wow!

The new Popeye’s will replace the Burger King on the Boulevard that was beat up by Irma. Renovations underway. Expected to open in 6-12 months.

The price of everything astronomical today. I can recall gasoline $.16 a gallon. A loaf of bread $.05. A good sized ice cream cone $.05. Double dip $.10. On and on. Salaries the same size. I recall working in a supermarket in high school for $.16 1/2 an hour.

There was a motel war in Key West in September 1955. Motels near South Street. One motel charging $2 per room double occupancy.

One of the motel owners called a meeting of his fellow motel owners. Lets stop this before we are all out of business.

Today, you can’t even park your car in Key West for $2 an hour!

The Kavanaugh/Ford situation a mess. I think the Senators are acting like asses. Be that as it may, both will probably be listened to monday. Listened the operative word. Ford will not be heard. The outcome a fait accompli.

The only thing that could change the outcome were if 1 or 2 other women came forth claiming sexual abuse by Kavanaugh.

I have written and spoken re Syria the past week. Russia and the U.S. are brushing up against each other. The world is divided in Syria. Russia and Iran on Assad’s side. Saudi Arabia and Israel on the U.S.’s.

Forces on each side building up. The U.S. and the Syrian rebels (al-Qaeda) the U.S. supporting engaged last week in live fire and ground assault drills. The message to Syria, Russia and Iran…..Don’t screw with us!

Came across an interesting piece of American history. There have been 2 occasions where the U.S. had 3 different Presidents served in the same year. Completed terms, deaths, elections contributing.

In 1841, it was Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, and John Tyler. In 1881, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, and Chester Arthur.

Syracuse/Connecticut saturday. Syracuse a 27 1/2 point favorite. Expected. Syracuse will be 4-0 following the victory.

It is the following week that is of concern. Syracuse plays mighty Clemson. Going to be interesting.

Have to hustle. A haircut with Lori later in the morning.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I wouldn’t be too concerned for Dr. Ford. Her book deal will make her a wealthy woman.

    And if you dig deep enough (the media’s job but they won’t do it) they may find financial backing from George Soros or some other opposition group.

    Sad state of affairs for any conservative judge nominee now days. All anyone has to do is yell unsubstantiated “rape” and their career is over. Most logical-thinking folks see right through this BS.

    • It is said that Kavanaugh’s mother was the judge who ruled on the foreclosure of Dr. Ford’s parents home. It is just payback time.

      • Could be, but then again maybe not! That’s a smear type kind of accusation that needs to be substantiated with at least hearing, and perhaps an investigation.

      • HOLD ON! That’s a totally false claim, brought by FOX news and other right-wing smear farms. There was a 1996 claim with all of these characters, but was settled amicably at the request of the plaintiff (not the Blasey’s) and Christine Ford’s parents did not loose their house. Just part of the smear from the right to influence this politically.

        • There was some reporting concerning the foreclosure ruling against the Ford family. However Fox news stated a couple days ago that the judge ruled in the families favor.

          Let us see what Dr Ford has to say on Monday.

          • “Some reporting by Fox News concerning the foreclosure ruling against the Ford family. etc.” is a totally false and shameful and prejudicial response to my post.

            The TRUTH is the case was dismissed in February 1997 at the request of the plaintiff. Judge Kavanaugh made no ruling, apart from a routine dismissal and the whole thing NEVER even involved the Ford family.

            Why should Dr. Ford even have ANYTHING to say about these false accusations and why would anyone even ask about this other that to smear her with something that cannot even be remotely construed to have any baring on her involvement with Bret Kavanaugh

            Your post and responses are nothing but obvious and dishonest Trolling.

  2. …or, it could all be true and a real insight into this guy’s character.

    Your supposition about the sad state of affairs for any conservative judge nominee now days, and anyone yelling of unsubstantiated rape, etc., etc., is way out of line. I can’t remember ANY other case of that ever happening and we have had quite a few nominations for candidates in the past several years since judges have identified themselves as conservatives, where it could have. And your claim that “Most logical-thinking folks see right through this BS.” is itself straight BS, just on the face of it.

    And your claim that the media won’t dig deep enough it find out if someone like George Soros isn’t behind her, is also total crap. They’d do that in a heart beat if there was even the slightest smell of it. In fact parts of the media is likely to do that even if there’re no real facts to support any such smell. After all, it was the media that exposed the funding behind Linda Tripp and Paula Jones and it was also the media that exposed Trump had funded those same ladies to attend one of the recent debates.

    One has to think your post is nothing but a bomb throwing attempts at trolling, just to try and start a fight.

    • …everybody knows who Clarence Thomas is and everybody knows (but apparently not you) that Anita Hill never claimed rape. You seem so eager to twist things for trolling purposes that you can’t get your hate straight! Stop Trolling.

  3. Key West dies for the month of September. Multi number of reasons. Excessive humidity/heat, people blew their vacation monies over the summer, parents tapped out buying clothes ….and maybe hurricanes.

  4. Kavanaugh provided all one needs to know about his true character when he wouldn’t shake the hand of the parent of the parkland victim. I’m sure he has no problem shaking the hand of every willing politician he could find. The worst part was the look of contempt/disgust on his face.

    As for the allegations, the accuser must provide testimony or he goes forward by default.

    • It looks like Kavanaugh will gain his life time appointment to the Supreme Court, not so much on merit or character, but because he can provide a reliable vote for those that are slamming through his appointment, with reckless disregard. These are the same people who are blindly protecting a fraudulent and corrupt, say nothing of incompetent, POTUS. The last time we all anything like this, was ironically with Clarence Thomas. History will show that he, Clarence Thomas brought nothing to the Supreme Court, accept a reliable vote for his handlers. Once more, this is NOT the way to make America great again, quite the opposite.

    • Quilty. All that means is that Kavanaugh is chilly.

      Feinstein knew of Fords statement in July and stabbed her in the back. This is pure partisan politics. But, the republicans are trying to find the truth. It shouldn’t be delayed.

      • Strange post, If Republicans were really trying to find the truth, this confirmation SHOULD be delayed and this allegation properly investigated, not the other way around. They are the ones who seem to be playing politics. And if it was Feinestein’s intention to “stab her in the back” wouldn’t it have been easier just to ignore the information and never introduce it? Please think these things through before you post, you’re ruining my morning coffee!

        • To bad about your coffee. Ford did not want the info brought out, Feinstein threw her under the bus by making it public without her [Ford] consent.

          The republicans are doing everything they can to make Ford comfortable with testifying . Ford is now having memory problems. If she is making accusations then she needs to make them public and testify on Monday. She needs to make her case then Kavanaugh can make his, thats how the system works.

          • Boy, it sure sounds like that crybaby who said he wasn’t going to write anymore on this blog, is back posting his false and misleading garbage under a new name, just to start arguments?

          • I have read no evidence anywhere that Senator Diane Feinstein threw Christine Bleasey Ford “under the bus by making it public with out [Ford] Consent. Could you please illuminate such a damning claim, or is this just more smear?

  5. Once again you are tossing a grenade rather than telling the truth. The effort on one side has been to try and determine any guilt, where the effort on the other side has been to jam things through without any effort to determine the truth.

    • The grenade thrower is Diane Feinstein, for sitting on this information when she could have started an investigation long ago.

      Another grenade thrower, Matthew Dowd, a “respected” journalist from ABC. Here is his comment just a few days ago:

      Matthew Dowd

      · Sep 17, 2018

      It was despicable and outrageous what happened to Anita Hill more than 25 years ago, and a sexual predator was given a lifetime seat on the SC. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself in 2018.

    • Yours is all talk and right wing “push” speculation. Furthermore Republicans are making it difficult for her to make her case with mostly uncompromising and gratuitous “accommodations” strictly to “look” like they are being helpful, while constantly smearing her on the down low. All the while forcing thru the confirmation of this guy Kavanaigh.

  6. Even with plenty of parking spaces down town I am not supporting the businesses which have a parking meter in sight! Shop Free Parking.

  7. Ford did not want her allegation to be made public. Feinstein waited for 2 months and brought her statement public just before the vote in order to delay it.

    Ford may now testify on Thursday. This is being made possible by republicans. Democrats are doing what they can be continue to delay.

    Why is there no outrage toward Keith Ellison.

    • Where, apart from the fringe right wing news, have you EVER heard that Christine Ford did not want her “allegation” to be maid public? That’s total hogwash and not even logical on the face of it. What she did ask was that her identity (name), not be made public. Your version of this is a pejorative distortion (lie). And Feinstein’s timing of it’s release is immaterial and only your opinion.

      Your ever changing opinions on what will happen next all make you look like just another spin apologist trying to blame the victim rather than address why Republicans are ‘slow walking’ Ms. Ford and at the same time trying to jam Kavanaugh’s approval through, post haste

      Furthermore your Keith Ellison question is just one more example of your always wanting to change the topic.

      Stop trolling

      • Slow walking?? Republicans want this over with. Where do you get slow walking Dr. Ford’s testimony?

        Keith Ellison issue points to those claiming that a woman’s accusation must always be believed and heard. It’s right on topic. Where are all of you, regarding Ellison’s accuser….crickets chirping.

        Just because YOU have a different opinion doesn’t mean that someone else is “trolling”. And you are not the moderator of this site. Stop trying to lecture people. We can all have opinions and post them as we wish. If Louis doesn’t like it, he can close it down.

          • well said? kind of garbled and not very accurate, if you ask me. republicans refused to even discuss a judge obama nomination for nearly a whole year, ignoring their constitutional mandate, and now they want to push through a seriously questionable nomination as quick as possible, ford’s accusations have only been public a week. keith ellison (who’s he), how about revisiting maybe Heather Lind, thats just as relevant, why not Lewandowski and Hope Hicks, if alls you want to do is change the subject

            No not well stated, just a totally poorly thought out diversionary post. you should look up the definition of trolling

  8. Oh, sex abuse allegations is only a liberal topic. Such allegations can be pointed toward republicans. Liberals are exempt or as history shows it is accepted.

  9. what are you talking about, this is a very confusing post and makes no sense, just more crybaby stuff from that guy who said he wasn’t going to post any more?

  10. Stop responding to this troll about this whole Christine Ford thing with the confirmation of SCOTUS nomination of Bret Kavanaugh. It is just Patrick and he’ll twist and shout about anything he’s challenged on anyhow, truth be damned.

    Republicans are paranoid about this Christine Ford person, it just further exposes their manipulations, not just with this Kavanaugh character himself but especially their vulnerability with all woman’s issues and their handling of anything to do with SCOTUS nominees. Truth is they have everything they need to slam this one through, but they know how bad it looks, not just on this Ford issue, they are petrified at how this all will effect them long term. And they should be. It is reprehensible.

    and Patrick is just making himself look more like a jerk than anything productive. He’s almost always wrong on any subject and generally doesn’t grasp the subject he cares to pontificate about. Let him be, in the end, he’ll only complain about being persecuted anyhow.

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