What word best describes what occurred yesterday to the Jordanian pilot? Sick? Perverse? Horrific? Gruesome? Disgusting? Probably all.

I watched the video last night. It appears I have lived a sheltered life. Never have I seen such horror! Burning a man alive! His screams could be heard. At one point, the skin falling from his face could be seen.

ISIS are not only a bad people, they are crazy! They are vermin that must be sought out and destroyed. No matter how difficult the task.

I admire Jordan’s swift retaliation. Two ISIS prisoners hung at dawn. The way to do it. No time wasted. Let the bad guys know there is a price to pay.

I was impressed with the speed of the Jordanian retaliation. If it were the United States, we would still be talking how, when, etc.

Exercise was on tap yesterday. I walked Duval from one end to the other. Started at the Pier House and walked to the Atlantic. Then back.

My blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The topics eye opening and exciting.

Based on post show comments, the one garnering the most interest was Venezuela’s Maduro claiming that Joe Biden was planning a bloody coup against Maduro’s government. Maduro was so upset that he was going to tell Obama about it, who he felt had not been made aware of Biden’s plans.

The guy is a nut case!

I missed the first 12 minutes of the Syracuse/Virginia Tech game because of the show. What I saw was interesting. About three quarters through the second half, Syracuse was losing. Syracuse was behind 13 points with 6 minutes to go. Syracuse won 72-70.

Syracuse’s defense was outstanding in the final four minutes. Six times Syracuse trapped the ball. Those defensive plays were exciting!

Then followed with the winning shot with one second to go!

The last four minutes classic basketball!

A statement on the internet caught my attention yesterday. I do not recall specifically where I found it. Perhaps, Facebook.

The statement…..Only in America do we accept predictions from a rodent but deny climate change evidence from scientists.

The rodent referred to was a groundhog. Groundhog Day was this past week.

Jimmy Buffett is returning to Key West for a one night show. He is doing a free concert for 200 at the San Carlos on April 1. The whole world will want to attend. Tickets will be made available free via a lottery.

My column in this week’s KONK Life is Greece In The Driver’s Seat. It publishes today. Read it, if you have a chance. The column will be available via my Facebook page starting tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


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    • I never measured it. I would assume a bit under two miles. Whatever, it takes me 40 minutes. twenty each way. I enjoy walking duval because I can people watch. always interesting. I stop and chat wwith locals i know. Yankee Jacks sings afternoons at the Bull. I drop in on him occasionally. The other reason is that if it is hot and humid and I am feeling the weather, I can stop in an air conditioned store for a couple of minutes to recover..

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