SHORTY’S CAFE KEY WEST 1970’s-1980’s

Shorty’s Café was located at 215 Duval Street in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Same block as Sloppy Joe’s. Just a few doors up the street.

Today, Shorty’s Market. Different owner, different type business. An open front market and deli.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, a popular café. Steve Thompson a daily visitor. One of Steve’s taco stands across the street.

As Steve wrote…..

Shorty’s Café opened early each day. The most punctual place in the keys I would say.

It had a counter around the perimeter of the place. Horse shoe. So you were facing every other hung over face.

A.J. ran the place like a ship at sea. Stainless galley as clean as could be. 

His mother ran the cash register and kept a sharp eye. If anyone pulled anything you just knew they would die.

We all went there every morning, it wasn’t far. Some mornings it looked like a star-wars bar.

A.J. owned the conch house next to Sloppy Joe’s. When he sold it, we were sure sad to see him go.

Remember the leak of the Dobbs case! The Supreme Court finally issued a report following what was described as an investigation as to who leaked the case. The report advised the identity of the leaker could not be determined.

The report was issued yesterday.

The investigation was conducted by the U.S. Marshall in charge of the Supreme Court. The investigation, or any type investigation for that matter, is not part of the job description for the U.S. Marshall, nor did the Marshall have the investigative experience to conduct such an investigation.

No Justices were questioned. At the very least, Alito and Thomas should have been. Actually, all the Justices. Plus, Jinny Thomas.

An overall lousy investigation. A white wash.

There is a growing lack of confidence in the Supreme Court. Any wonder!

A local New Mexico prosecutor advised yesterday that Alec Baldwin would be charged with 2 counts of involuntary manslaughter.

I consider the charges bush league made by an inept prosecutor who appears to be seeking fame and glory.

Let’s see how this plays out in the final analysis.

Donald Trump has used and abused the judicial system for years now. Like it belongs to him. His court room failures speak well for the type of cases he brings. Mostly to delay, buy time.

A federal judge sitting in south Florida has finally said…..ENOUGH!

The Federal Rules of Procedure are clear. If an attorney or client bring a baseless lawsuit, they can be fined for wasting the court’s time and taxpayer monies. The type lawsuit is described as “frivolous” and the fine is labeled a “sanction.”

The judge was in charge of Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

The sanction just under $1 million, to wit: $937,989. Trump and his attorneys must personally pay it.

The judge wrote in his opinion re the sanctions: The lawsuit’s “inadequacy as a legal claim was evident from the start.” The judge further chastised Trump for his “pattern” of misusing courts for his political agenda.

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  1. There was a reason a US Marshal was put in charge of the SCOTUS investigation, Lou. You answered that yourself – a Marshall does not have the investigative experience to conduct such an investigation. Let’s not forget that this Supreme court is a Republican SCOTUS and the stench of current Republicans INCLUDED this SCOTUS!

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